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Indeed, for some people, they enjoy their exercise a lot with the power rack. And, as you are here, you may be one of them. Even more, you might be looking for the best power rack to bring it home. If so, this article might help you a lot. We have collected and compiled the top 10 best power rack reviews here. They come with different designs and features while the prices are generally great for the deal. Thus, some best power rack in the list below may help you to find your power rack in minutes.

10. Titan Power Rack Short


Titan can carry 700 pounds of weight capacity. It has 1-inch round steel J-hooks and 2-inch steel tubes. And, the total height of Titan is 71.5 inches with opening of 44 inches. The cross bar that is used for chin-up exercise has its diameter of 1.25 inches. Titan weighs 93 pounds. Additionally, Titan can consume space of 48 inches by 58 inches. The whole part of Titan is made of steel. The J-hooks can ensure the stability and non-slippery of heavy barbell.

9. Deadlift HD Lift Cage Titan Power Rack


Titan Squat Deadlift is made of steel; and it weighs 107 pounds. It can carry up to 700 pounds. It has 1-inch steel J-hooks and 1.25-inch-diameter chin up bar. There are 2-inch steel tubes. You can adjust your appropriate height of your barbell by adjusting reinserting the J-hooks or the tubes through the holes on the vertical bars. It is 83 inches high and has space from back to front of 26 inches width 48 inches of depth. You should reserve at least 48 inches by 48 inches to place Titan Squat Deadlift on its vertical position.

8. Lift Cage Bench Squat


Titan HD has a very strong weight capacity as of 1,000 pounds. It has HD steel J-hooks. The hooks are added with extra layer that keep the hook from getting worn out quickly. The steel tubes are 2 inches by 3 inches with holes punched on them. There are two pull up bars, one measures 1.25 inches of diameter and the other one measures 2 inches of diameter. Its total weight is 230 pounds and is 90 inches high. The inside width is 42 inches, inside depth 30 inches. Make sure that your ceiling is higher than 92 inches, and there is enough floor for 46 inches by 36 inches.



Power Rack 72 is comfortably adjustable power rack with 25 holes, each one has a diameter of 2 inches with numbers bolded for easy recognition your favorite height. There is 1-inch steel safety pins and J-hooks. There is a professionally knurled chinning bar on the back. It is 72.5 inches high, 57 inches wide and 94 inches in diameter. It weighs 120 pounds. The excessive part of the horizontal support bars make this rack very sturdy and stable. The bolts on the bottom of the support help avoid damage on your floor.

6. Cap Barbell Deluxe Power Cage


Cap Barbell Deluxe offers with various exercises for upper workout. Its look is really slim with only two vertical bars, one cross bar and U-shaped support bar. On the sides of the support bars, you can find three extra handles used for attaching elastic rope to the barbell to make your workout more challenging. The barbell support bars are adjustable. On the sides of the vertical bars, there are handles used for storing weight plates. Cap Barbell Deluxe is comprised of 12 and 14 steel gauge thickness; and the 3-step powder coat finish makes the product durable. It is recommended to carry 300 pounds for bar catches and 300 pounds for capacity on the upper workout bar.

5. Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack


You can customize your exercise to become a cable-driven exercise with Powertec. In and out catch lock can easily be accessed by Innovative Gravity Lock catches, so the safety can be ensured at all times. You can use Let Tower Option to expand the Power Rack. Powertec can handle weight capacity as up to 400 pounds, and the chin up bar can carry up to 400 pounds as well. Powertec provide you with some quick adjustments. This rack is not too high for most users.

4. Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand


Cap Exercise Stand is made of steel and consists of 12 and 14 steel gauge thickness. The design is very simple, but it can offer more associated exercise. Two vertical bars supporting one cross bar stand in the middle of the bottom bar of U-shaped. The associated exercised can be named as barbell lifting, chin-up, pull up, legs muscle using elastic rope, and many more. The stability and durability is reinforced by double gusseted structure uprights and 3-step powder coat finish. It has 85-inch height.

3. Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment


Power Rack with Lat is a product of Valor Athletics BD-7. The main frame is made of steel and is measured 2 inches by 2 inches. There are four 8-inches pegs for storing plate. There are 4 weight bar supports that are made of steel chrome and are adjustable. For your safety, 2 squat safety bars are constructed using solid steel. In addition to barbell lifting and pull up exercises, Power Rack with Lat is designed for lat pull attachment, which is a popular workout. This rack weighs 89 pounds.

2. PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack


PowerLine is a power rack that is designed to highly ensure the safety and efficiency of the weightlifters. You will enjoy moving your body from side to side during your exercise because it offers wide walk-in design. Powerline is recommended for squats, incline presses, flat bench and shoulder shrugs. It measures 84 inches height. 2 heat-tempered liftoffs and 2 safety rods are provided for tracking your exercise routine. Upon PowerLine purchase, you will be offered 10-year warranty on frame. It weighs 57 pounds.

1. Chrome Safety Power Rack NEW


New Squat Deadlift is a remarkably strong and stable rack that gives you confidence in workout. It made of heavy-duty steel, which can handle weight capacity of up to 800 pounds. It weighs 137 pounds. New Squat provides more workout space and features, so you will have more freedom to customize you own proper way of workout. There are 28 holes on the vertical bars for adjustment. For your safety, New Squat is designed with 1-inch round solid steel safety pins to lock the joints.

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