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No matter how smart our phones are, their batteries are still at a low capacity. Even worse, the better the phones are, the worse the battery is because better phones would consume more of the power. And, then, running out of battery during the day often happens. Either for work or entertainment, that is a big interruption. As the battery technology advancement is not that strong quick enough, there is no solution besides having an external portable chargers or the portable power banks which you can use to charge your phones any where any time. This might be the reason why so many of them have been produced and sold on the market. From our search around this product type, we have found the 13 best models from different brands which are highly reliable for the quality white they are sold at a good price. To check out those best portable power banks, you can scan through the list below.

13. RAVPower 8400mAh Deluxe Portable Charger


RAVPower is unquestionably one of the interesting portable chargers with amazing charging capacity of 8400mAh. Produced best to work to charge smartphone and built in a stylish design, the RAVPower has many qualities and features to be among the best portable external chargers available on the market. Oftentimes, it takes around 8 hours to fully charge this portable power bank, and it could charge your iphone up to 3 or 4 times. Overcharging prevention feature has also been equipped, and this power bank is also very safe to use.

12. myCharge Amp Max Rechargeable 6000 mAh Battery


Uniquely produced with the flash light, another highly recommended power bank is the myCharge Amp battery with the built-in capacity of 6000mAh. Interestinly, as proven, the myCharge power bank could perform a greater and faster charge to many smartphone. Additionally, 4 LED lights have also been attached to its design for the battery status. As well, this myCharge product seems to have a very superior design, producing good attraction to the users.

11. Power Bank Portable Charger 2800mah Sentey


Cheaper, simpler and smaller, it is the Power Bank from Sentey, made in 2800mah charging capacity. Yes, as it is that small, you can tell it was mainly built for the portability and to bring with for charging your smartphone on the way. Importantly, it works perfectly with Iphone 6, Iphone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and many other brands. On the other hand, its lipstick design is also quite attractive in addition to the fact that it has a few safety features such as the overcharging prevention function.

10. Power Bank, TechMatte 10000mAh Dual-Port External Battery Portable Charger


If you are looking for a much stronger power bank for more times charging your smartphone, then this TechMatte should be a brilliant option to consider. It comes with the 10000mAh charging capacity. This Tech Matte portable power bank is said to work ideally with iPhone, Samsung, HTC, iPad, tablets and many other devices. Its compatibility is just great while its slim, sleek, white design is also very fashionable. High speed charging performance is another great feature of this portable power bank in addition to its dual port for two devices charging at the same time if you need to.

9. KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 Dual USB Portable External Extended Battery


Also coming in a dual port for simultaneous charging for two devices, another awesome portable external charger is the KMASH, and powerfully, it is built with the 10000mAh charging capacity. At such a low price just around 13 dollars, this KMASHI can do even a better charging job than many other portable power banks on the market. That is why it has been selected to review and recommend here in the list. Its ultra design is also another great feature to mention. Powering up your smartphone in public in style is what this power bank will offer to the users.

8. Power Bank,URPOWER 12000mAh Portable Power Bank External Battery


Next is the URPOWER turn, and this model comes with 12000mAh power. With the sleek, elegant design in thorough white, many users have placed positive review and feedback over this item to express their good satisfaction over the product. And, this has confirmed even more to other users that this portable power bank is reliable and worth a try. Additionally, for the safety issue, the protection system has been built in such as the over charging protection function.

7. UNIFUN 10400mAh USB External Travel Battery


Brilliantly like many of the rest in the list, users can also trust the quality and durability of the UNIFUN which is a travel battery charger with the power of 10400mAh for your smartphone charging as well as other devices such as iPad and tablet. Even more special, besides the trendy design in orange, the portable power bank has been made waterproof so that in a case you get wet, it is still safe to use for the next charging. A flash light has also been incorporated, and it is best for hikers, campers or even construction workers.

6. Aibocn Power Bank 10000mAh External Battery Charger


The Aibocn power ban is also a powerful 10000mAh portable external charger. Though it sells at a good cheaper price, this external battery charger has many qualities to be considered as one of the amazing products. Needless to say for its design, everyone would say this is simply awesome. Either if your smartphone is operating in the iOS or Android, this battery charger will still work best to charge your phone. To ensure the quality, 30 day money back warranty has also been the inclusion to the package of this external battery charger.

5. GJT20000mAh Power Bank 4 LED Light Backup External Battery Portable Charger


Even built in a more powerful capacity, the GJT is made in 20000mAh. In case you have to go somewhere remote for quite a long period of time, this portable power bank might be a better choice for you. Important also, it works quite well with a variety of smartphone models and brands. The 4 LED lights has also been attached to the design for the current status of the battery power. As tested, for Iphone, this power bank can charge it up to 6 times while it is 7 times if to charge with Samsung Galaxy S6.

4. EasyAcc 9000mAh Power Bank Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof Travel Charger with Compass Carabiner


Coming in a unique design and powerful quality, it is the EasyAcc which is selected to review for your consideration. As well, many of the users have loved this portable power bank so much, and they have rated this item as the 5 star battery charger. This adds more confidence to the purchasing decision of many other users. Furthermore, the portable power bank has been produced with water, shock, and dust resistant feature, making it even more protective and durable to use.

3. Power Bank, Vinsic 20000mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank


Among one of the few most powerful power banks on the market, the Vinsic is one, and its charging capacity is 20000aAm. Regarding the design, its has a sleek elegant appearance with two ports available for simultaneous charging if you need to. For the moment, four colors including pink, silver, gold and shining black are available for your selection. Related to the safety features, this Vinsic power bank is also best. It possesses the over charging, over-voltage, and over current prevention. To get to know the remaining power of the charger, LED lights has been integrated to indicate the status.

2. AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank – 10,000 mAh


For the second last most recommended portable power bank is a product of the AmazonBasics. As this brand has long been ensured for its quality, it happens the same to this portable power bank. And, for its capacity, it is 10000mAh which will allow you to charge your iPhone or Samsung up to 4 times. For a more usefulness function, two ports are attached for charging more devices at the same time. A year warranty has also been included to your order of this item.

1. Poweradd Ultra Slim 2600mAh with Flashlight Portable Charger External Battery

portable power banks

The last and very best power bank you should not miss to consider is the Powerads ultra Slim. Built in with the flashlight, the portable power bank has a charging capacity of 1600mAh. At this capacity, it is more likely that it was produced for great portability to bring with in your bag or pocket at any time and place to charge your smartphone. This makes it perfect for the daily use. Also, its design is just attractively beautiful in a lipstick shape and size.

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