Best Portable Air Conditioners 2022 – Consumer Reports

Generally, air condition is very effective in dealing with high temperature, and it is usually installed on the wall or ceiling. However, there are air cons which are used on the floor and can be moved around, namely the portable air conditioner. Though not many people know about this innovation, portable air cons have been used widely in the area where installation of air con is impossible. Here we’d like to present the top 10 best portable air conditioners which might interest you the most while their qualities are already among the best.

10. Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


Frigidaire is a well-known company for producing premium quality home appliances. Besides, it also produces portable air con in decent quality for cooling down your room. With this model, it features the swinging function which covers the room up to 216 square feet. Along with the anti-microbial mesh filter and the easily-accessible filter, you will stay cool and always have good air quality in the room with the warmth you need for a good sleep.

9. De’Longhi PACAN140HPEWC Whisper Cool Portable Air Conditioner


The De’Longhi is also a portable air conditioner which can produce 14,000 BTU for cooling your space of 500 square feet. It features the “Real Feel” mode to preserve the temperature in the room and prevent the temperature from rising. If you need a quiet environment, you can always lower the noise by half with the “Whisper Cool” function. There are also other amazing modes you can explore such as the Cooling, Dehumidifying, Fan as well as heating mode. Also, you can deal with this best portable air conditioners conveniently with its easy operation.

8. Shinco Portable Air Conditioner Cooling/Fan with Remote Control in White


This portable air conditioner is brought to you by Shinco which can be bought at just 299.99 USD. It uses a powerful fan which has 2 cooling speeds available to generate the 10,000 BTUs cooling power for your surroundings. Blowing air in 4 directions, the Shinco portable air con manage to cover up to 300 square feet of the room. Moreover, it can save you a lot of electricity thank to the self-evaporative system. These features drag this model of this best portable air conditioner to be one of the favorite choices of the users.

7. Whynter 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, Frost White


Available in an elegant frosty white color, the Whynter portable air con is equipped with two hoses for generating the airflow. At 12,000 BTUs, it can blow the coldness to the area up to 400 square feet to provide you with maximum comfortability under the scorching weather. You won’t have to worry about water leaking on the floor because its “Auto-drain” technology is made to deal with that. In addition, the Whynter portable air con is designed to be CFC-free, and it consume a lot less energy compare to other on the market. These features are going to make you extremely delighted with the decision to bring it home.

6. NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


Engineered for portability, NewAir AC-10100E has a variety of functions you can use, such as cooling, ventilating, and dehumidifying. The space that this portable air con can cover is approximately 325 square feet, and it doesn’t require much energy. It can also withstand the long time usage which will never leave a single drop of water behind after using. Moreover, you can adjust the cooling temperature, program the timer and set sleep mode to your preference. That is simply, and that is how this portable becomes superior to the rest.

5. SPT SF-609 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Ionizer


Being among the budget air cons, SPT SF-009 is known as an air cooler that has many functions with portability. It can be used as a fan, an air conditioner, or even a humidifier. The interior comprised of a 10 liters container to stock the water which is essential for purifying healthy air for you. Having this in your room, you can have a much comfortable temperature as well as the healthier room environment to stay in.

4. Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner


This Whynter 14,000 BTU is an environmentally-friendly portable air conditioner which doesn’t consume much energy. There are three functions to select including fan, air conditioner and dehumidifier. It uses two hoses for producing air flow: one for sucking in the air, while another is for blowing out the fresh and good quality air for your room. Above it all, you can precisely set the temperature of your room on the nice-looking air con’s display. With its reasonable selling price, many users are happy with their decision to bring this home.

3. Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control


With the coverage up to 450 square feet, the 12,000 BTU portable air can bring the room’s temperature down without the need of water tank. More amazingly, its airflow can reach up to 450 square feet of space making it suitable for almost any room in your house. The Honeywell MN12 CES will run quietly, yet it will produce strong air current which brings the optimal cold and comfort.

2. Keystone KSTAP14A  Portable Air Conditioner with “Follow Me” LCD Remote Control


This Keystone portable air conditioner comes with a one year warranty on its part and labor. It requires 115-volt electricity which will generate the cooling and heating level up to 14,000 BTU in the surrounding of 700 square feet. The “Follow Me” innovative technology will keep you cold no matter where you stay. In particular, this portable air conditioner will sense your location in room and blow the cold air there. Also, it is very easy to move around due to the castors wheels on its bottom.

1. Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

Best Portable Air Conditioners

Marked as the number 1 best-seller, the Honeywell MN10 CESWW is the most popular portable air con within the market. It is claimed to be an energy-efficient air con which produces 10,000 BTUs across the space of 400 square feet. In addition, the control is very fast, responsive and convenient to use. Simply adjust the speed or set the timer on by gently touching the air con’s touch display or just using the remote control.

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