Best Plumbing Snake 2022 – Consumer Reports

To deal with your toilet, you would some time need the plumbing snake to help you. Through the testing and actual experience of the users, a few of them have been more recommended while plenty of them are available to be bought on the market. In case you do not want to spend a lot of time looking for the best ones, this list below has 10 of the best plumbing snake reviews for you to see and consider. While its pricing is good, the quality of these items are highly reliable. For details and design of each one, you can check the list below.

10. Plumb Craft 7730010


Plumb Craft 7730010 is designed to unclog your toilets or any types of pipes effectively for high sanitary. The cable is solid steel construction with high flexibility which can allow you to handle with stubborn clogs with ease. Furthermore, the handle comes with the safe guide tube. With the size of 0.375-inch diameter and 3-foot length, it is compact size for easy inserting into small drain. Finally, it is affordable and can be use easier than the ordinary plumbing.

09. FlexiSnake Drain Millipede


This mode of FlexiSnake comes with the patented hook and loop features which have the strong capacity to deal with hair drain effectively and instantly. Plus, the full length is 18 inches that allow you to remove all drain in the tubes. Importantly, hook and look are tough and durable. Due to its special design, it can be used with most toilet drains without dismantling the stopper.

08. General Pipe Cleaners R-25SM by General Wire Spring


General Wire Spring is built with stamped steel drum for high performance. It comes with 25-foot cable that allows you to clear the tube effectively. Plus, the handle is designed in T shape for easy use and carry. The cable is held in place with innovative thumb screw and it is light-duty for high flexibility. Last but not least, the price is affordable compared to other plumbing modes with similar function in the markets.

07. Superior Tool 03819


Superior Tool 03819 is made of nylon which can ensure the durability and rust resistance. It is tough and can rinse fast. The head can be turned with ease in various angles with flexibility. This plumbing snake is made with non-chemical materials to maintain the environment. Due to its ergonomic design, it is able to remove hair and goop with instant relief. Its compact size and light weight make you convenient in control the cable.

06. Cobra Products 61000 by Cobra Enterprises


Cobra 61000 features 0.75 inches by 100 feet spring wire which has strong capacity to remove hairs and debris from tube quickly. It is constructed with spear-point ball head for easy control. It comes with 2-piece grip handle that can be adjusted for your convenience. Plus, the oil tempered, sewer tapes, and spring steel are features as well for high performance. Finally, its design fits all sizes of sewer drain pipes.

5. Cobra Products 10250


Cobra Products 10250 features the heavy-duty carbon spring wire for high performance. Also, the wire measures 14 inches by 25 feet to provide more strength to unclog the stubborn debris. The handle is designed with Galvanized torque twist technology to ensure that you will use it easily. Besides, the storage tote is reusable without any problems.

4. Ridgid 59787


Ridgid 59787 is vinyl construction which can be used with porcelain without scratch leaving. The cable is steel construction for durability and rust resistance. It comes with two large grips that allow you to hold firmly, and to transfer the strength to the bulb head to unclog the drain effectively. Besides, the steel material is compression wrapped with 0.5 inches thick that ensures kink resistance even you use it with water-saving toilets.

3. Plumbing Snake by WaterDrills Drain Opener


This product of WaterDrills Drain Opener is the powerful tool that can be used with sink/slow drain, bathtub, jet tub, and trap with ease. Using this plumbing, it is able to clean up bad odors because even the small debris in the tubes is removed clearly. Without any risky chemical substance, it is environmentally friendly to prevent health risk. Additionally, you can simply attach this plumbing to the faucet, insert in the drain, and turn on the water, and then the water will blast away the stubborn clogs and soap build up effectively. Finally, to reassure its high quality, it will be backed with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. Ridgid 41408


Ridgid 41408 is the versatile product to use for drill or hand power function. The cable is made of durable steel with the dimension of 0.25-inch thickness which is able to bear with high pressure of drill. The drill can operate up to 500 RPM to clean most pipes clearly. Besides, it features a trigger lock that can ensure non-stop performance. The handle also comes with grip for high comfort.

1. Cobra 85250


Cobra 85250 is built with 0.25-inch by 25-foot top-grade carbon spring wire which ensures the high capacity to clear all tough clogs in every tube. It is also designed with heavy-duty polymer with screw construction for durability and better performance. It is able to clean the drain with the maximum height of 25 feet. Plus, the lever cam lock is included for quick release and easy adjustment. Last but not least, the pistol grip is designed for easy controlling and great balance.

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