Best Pizza Oven and Outdoor Pizza Oven 2022 – Consumer Reports

For many families, they enjoy cooking pizza and gather outdoor very much. It is really a fun time for them. As you are here, you may be one of them too while it needs the best pizza ovens to help you cook great pizza for everyone. If we look into the market of those oven, we would see a few of the products are great. And, for this list, we have collected those best pizza oven and outdoor pizza oven reviews for you to consider, just in case you are looking for one of them to prepare your pizza party with your family. You can also check out the design of each one below here.

10. Pacific Living PL8430SSBG070


Pacific Living outdoor pizza oven features the 16,000BTU/LP burner which has the high capacity to cook homemade pizza properly. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this appliance is able to cook the maximum pizza size of 16 inches. Moreover, it is designed with large window equipped with temperature gauge for your convenience. Furthermore, two side shelves are foldable, so you can put any accessories or ingredients easily. In addition, a lot of useful features are included like built-in lights, 3 racks, storage drawer and casters. Finally, the heat-resistant handle is provided to ensure that you use cook your pizza with ease.

09. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven


This Camp Chef product comes with double layered ceiling for maintain heat power like brick oven does. It comes with preheat function that enable you to cook in just 15 minutes. Besides, the high-quality ignition allows you to adjust the heat dynamics easily and safely. Moreover, the valve is able to control the flame effectively. The temperature gauge can control the air temps. Finally, the cool touch handle is equipped with door for convenient opening.

08. Wisco 425C-001


Wisco 425C-001 is built with the dimension of 3-inch width and 13-inch length which is large enough to make pizza for family dinner. The out tray is removable for high sanitary. Furthermore, the appliance is equipped with dual thermostat from 350F to 450F for high heat power. Importantly, the calrod heating materials are long-lasting and high-quality. Besides, the handle is designed in flip-up shape for convenient storage.

07. Presto 03436 Pizza Oven


Presto 03436 is the stainless steel product that can bake from 7 to 12 inch pizza. You can choose heating elements from upper, lower or both sizes. Additionally, timer alert is included to avoid overcooking. The signal light will tell you when the oven is ready for cooking. And, the rack is able to be removed easily for cleaning. The rack is also attached with the foldable handle which is heat-resistance and can save space. With its stunning design, it will fit any types of kitchen well.

06. Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500


This Pizzacraft machine is the innovative appliance which is designed with pre-heat function and enables to cook in 15 minutes. It uses the propane-fueled gas. This appliance is steel construction for durability. The 14-inch cordierite stone is added for high performance. With the compact shape, it can be used for camping, tailgating and adventure with ease. Finally, the price is very affordable and it will provide you a delicious pizza whenever you want.

05. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR


Betty Crocker pizza cooker is designed in red color to compliment all types of kitchens. This machine comes with the combination of fun, and energy efficiency. You can cook 12-inch pizzas quickly, so why you need to go to pizza shop. The baking plate is coated with nonstick for easy clean up and perfect cooking. Importantly, you can cook pizza with the delicious toppings without opening the oven.

04. Cuisinart CPO-600 Outdoor Pizza Oven


This Cuisinart product works with 15,000 BTUs to provide you the tasty pizza in just 5 minutes and it is able to save your energy consumption. It also operates with high air temperatures for cooking surface. In addition, this appliance is lightweight and compact for easy portability. The pizza peel and cordierite stone are high quality to ensure better performance. Furthermore, the sturdy tray and smoker cup are included for easy cooking.

03. New Wave Multi Pizza Maker


New Wave pizza maker is able to cook with frozen pizza and crispy pizza in about 5 minutes only. It can provide you the pizza of restaurant quality. Importantly, it use the stone base technology for cooking every types of pizza and is able to provide the heat dynamic like the brick oven does. Also, it is made in compact shape which can fit well on your counter.

02. Pizzacraft PC6000


This Pizzacraft outdoor oven is constructed with the side of 19.5-inch length, 12.2-inch height and 18.7-inch diameter. Moreover, it is able to provide the heat power up to 700F which is the suitable temperature for cooking a delicious pizza. The preheat is operated in just 10 minutes and then your pizza will be completely cooked in 5 minutes. Finally, this premium product is perfect for camping, picnic, and tailgating.

01.Presto 03430


Presto 03430 is built with special-design tray turning continuously for proper baking. The heating elements are equipped at top and bottom, so you can choose heat power from one size or both sizes up to you. Furthermore, it features signal timers to allow you to set timing for good cooking and to prevent overcooking. Besides, it is efficient product in saving energy. The non stick pan is able to be removed for easy cleaning and storage.

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