Best Ping Pong Tables 2022 – Consumer Reports

If you really want to play tennis, you may not need to waste money by going to tennis club with your constraint of time. The best solution is to buy one Ping-Pong table for at-home use and then you will save time and money; moreover, you can enjoy it with your family members especially your little kids or your neighbors. To make your happiness flourish in your family, we have collect some product information to help you choose the perfect and best ping pong tables for your exercise and fun play.

10. Kettler Stock Pro Outdoor Tennis Table


Kettler tennis table is the product of Germany, so its performance and durability is ensured. The playing surface is made of sealed aluminum composite plus ALU-TEC climate control underside to make this product waterproof and durable in weather change. The outer edges are equipped with 1 inch aluminum apron to prevent warping and scratch. The patented fold is attached with dual lock to make sure that the table will not be closed or open accidentally. As noted by many players who have bought the table, they expressed a high satisfaction over this tennis table.

09. World Outdoor Products Ping Pong Table Set


World Outdoor Products table tennis is designed innovatively with MDF on top to ensure that the ball can bounce accurately. The net is retractable and removable, so sometimes you can use this table for other purposes. With the size of 57-inch length, 31-inch width and 27-inch height, you can enjoy playing this sport happily. It also includes a package with two paddles and two balls, so you can play at once after buying this table. And, for the price, you will be surprise of how affordable it is. Importantly, you are going to have a happy play with this table.

08. STIGA Legacy Tennis Table


This product of Stiga Legacy is design with compact shape which is very suitable for indoor playing. The black top playing surface is 0.5 inches thick and covered with silk-screen striping. To ensure the balance and mobility, the table is built with sturdy 1.25 inches round steel legs plus four casters. At the corner of the table, it is equipped with the yellow protectors. You will be offered durable 66 inches net and post set as the bonus. Comparing this to many other best ping pong tables, this is undoubtedly one of the top rated which users can trust with full confidence that it is going to work great for your game.

07. Franklin Sports Tennis Table


This mode of Franklin is the conversion top table tennis that can be used on almost tabletop surfaces with ease. With the size of 9 by 5 inches, you will enjoy playing on 15mm play surface happily. In addition, this table is easy to assemble and store. In the package, you will get net and post set too. The price is very affordable for at-home usage. This suggestion is best when you need only the tabletop surface. However, if you need the complete set of the table tennis, you can consider other choices in this list above and below.

06. Park & Sun Mini Table Tennis Table


Park & Sun tennis table is designed with mini size but all materials are equipped like regulation tables. The playing surface comes with 0.375 inch medium-density fiberboard plus laminated blue top, so the ball can bounce accurately; no matter how long you use this table it is still prevented from scratch. One-inch frame is built with sturdy steel and it is also attached with black powder-coat finish for more protection. It is foldable for easy storage and portability. Besides, the carrying handle and Velcro lock are equipped to ensure that you can take it on the go conveniently.

05. Butterfly Personal Rollaway Tennis Table


Butterfly tennis table is foldable for convenient portability. It features durable 0.75-inch wood table top. Moreover, the 5-inch casters are all high-quality, so you can roll and move this table to every place you want to play. Plus, it measure 74-inch height and 27-inch width when folded. Finally, this product can be backed by a three-year warranty. That is to give more of the confidence to the user’s order.

04. STIGA InstaPlay Tennis Table


STIGA InstaPlay Tennis Table features 0.75 inches thick table top with black color. The top surface is covered by silk screen striping. 3-inch mag wheels are equipped with locks to prevent unintentional movement while playing. Also, the 2-inch legs are built carefully for amazing balance and durability. The corners protectors are added with 2-inch steel aprons. Finally, 66-inch and post set are provided for comfortable indoor play.

03. Viper Table Tennis Top


Viper Table Tennis Top comes with the unfolded dimensions of 84-inch length, 42-inch width and 0.25-inch diameter. The size is big enough to play in tournament or standard play mode. This product is designed ergonomically for easy setting up on almost every surface including your dining tables, pool table, Kitchen Island, and so forth. This portable table top can be folded in three parts and you can assemble it with ease in just few seconds. Some necessary materials are included like a net, tennis balls, 2 paddles, and a carrying case.

02. JOOLA Midsize Tennis Table


This mode of JOOLA is designed in midsize, but you can play it easily and get the joyful experience of playing tennis like playing on the ordinary one. Furthermore, the table can be separated in two foldable halves, so you can use them with other purposes. Plus, it comes with regulation height of 76 cm and it is folded easily for convenient storage. Last but not least, the price is very acceptable for at-home entertainment meaning that you have not to waste money on the standard table.

01.JOOLA Inside Tennis Table


For first time using, you may need to spend just 20 minutes at most to assemble JOOLA Inside tennis table. With 16mm table top, you will enjoy playing it consistently. In addition, locking devices are included for the safety of two halves. Each of 2 separated parts comes with 4 wheels to ensure that you can move and store it easily. Finally, you will be provided a set playing material including paddle, ball and net.

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