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If you own an expensive TV or your TV is placed outdoor, then a cover is recommended for prolonging its beauty and life. Since you already own a precious TV, you wouldn’t want to risk it out there to face with rain, dust, particles and especially the insects getting through it. Take a good care of your TV with our top 10 best outdoor TV covers listed below. They are produced with good quality and features to greatly protect your outdoor TV to the best. Let’s check them out down here.

10. Original Waterproof Outdoor Tv Cover Swing Arm Mount


The Custom Wraps TV’s cover is a waterproof fabric which you can use to cover your outdoor TV when it is not operating. It will protect your indoor and outdoor TV from dust and moist that cling onto the TV after sometime. Also, it offers a place for putting your remote control at the back of the cover, preventing misplacing the remote. To the customers’ popularity, this item is among the best ones, and many buyers have reported they are extremely satisfy with its quality.

9. HWG’s 42″ Outdoor TV Cover


This HWG’s 42-inch TV contains double zippers which will give the ease of full covering on your outdoor TV. Rest assured after you cover it on your TV as it is made to be waterproof, and it can protect your TV from any kind of weather including raining and storm. Additionally, it weighs lightly and is very easy to use. In addition to its amazing protection performance, the material used to produce this TV cover is of a high quality, and you can trust its quality to a good extent.

8. 60 Inch Outdoor TV Cover – 12 sizes available


Feeling lazy that you have put on the protection on your TV every time you’re finish watching? The CoverMates’ TV cover is available in 12 sizes that can be lift up when you need to watch the TV and return it back down after your show end. To make it a durable cover that offer complete protection to your TV, it uses soft 300D stock-dyed polyester to make it withstand any harsh weather. With these built-in features, it is going to be a great protection for your TV.

7. Premium Outdoor Tv Cover


This is the quality outdoor TV cover brought to you by TV CoverStore. With this model, it supports covering 32 inches flat screen as well as LCD TVs. Wherever your TV be, just place this TV cover on your precious TV and the fabric will resist water, dust, or moist, preventing them from going anywhere near the TV. At the same time, it sells at just a good price. You will be surely be happy with the deal and satisfy with the cover.

6. Large Flat Screen TV’s Marine Grade Nylon Dust Covers


For the outdoor TVs that are displayed in public places such as in a restaurant, marina, hotel or poolside, this Viziflex will fit and blend in perfectly. Built strongly out of a premium quality nylon to cover the flat screen TV from any weather. You can select any side you want to fit the TV as it comes with variety of sizes. Indeed, this is one of the best TV covers available.

5. James Mounts and More – Outdoor Indoor TV Cover for 39-42″ inch TV’s For swivel style mounts


James Mounts’s cover for outdoor TV is very compact due to the double layer of fabric for moist and scratch resistance. Enclosed your TV with the dual zippers and Velcro of the cover that will keep insect, dust, and moist away from going near the TV surface. In addition, it is hardy cover which is perfect to deal with the high temperature like freezing cold or scorching hot. Simply, you just can trust the quality and design of this TV cover to the max.

4. 38″ Outdoor TV Cover


This outdoor TV cover has a superior feature that will protect your TV from extreme heat besides the waterproof. Even though it is 40ish degree outside, your TV will be secured in this cover. Regarding to the inside build, soft material is used to prevent scratching the TV’s screen. As a result, you don’t have to worry anymore about the weather and scratches after putting on this cover to your TV. Bring this TV cover home, and have the best protection for your outdoor TV.

3. 50 Inch Outdoor TV Cover – 13 sizes available


The cover is designed by CoverMates for 50-inch flat screen TVs and it is suitable for both freestanding and mounted TVs. With the Velcro on the rear, this outdoor TV cover will completely surround the TV as you can adjust it for a perfect fit. Plus, a pocket is sewn at the back for placing the remote control. This is a tailor-made TV cover, and it also have the exact fit your TV to fully protect your TV. In short, you will love this TV cover to the max.

2. Stronghold Accessories Weatherproof Outdoor TV Cover


Built from a durable and long-lasting fabric, the Stronghold Accessories’ outdoor TV cover will deny any particle, insect, and water from getting close to the TV. It uses the same material of a boat that will be safe when to protect the TV from water. Furthermore, the stitches around the cover is tripled to optimize the water resistance. In brief, this outdoor TV cover is a long-lasting product, and it will definitely make your TV at its great condition for a long time.

1. InCover 42″ Outdoor TV Cover – Fits over most TV Mounts and Stands

Best Outdoor TV Covers

The InCover outdoor TV cover is the most ideal choice for all types of TV mounts and stands because of its 3 rear flaps. Overall, it is constructed with improved stitches and soft material that will never allow water and dust to get inside. Your TV will be protected safely as it won’t be bothered by scratches and wetness. It keeps your TV safe, and it has the best and durable design to stay there for so long. And, you will feel less worry about your TV, mounting outdoor.

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