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Travelling is fun and very popular among today’s society. People seem to travel a lot more comparing to what was in the past. As traveling has become such an essential part of today’s lifestyle, there is also a notable increase in various traveling accessories that people bring along when they travel. Among the many things out there in the market, money belt is such a vital accessory that everyone loves to use as they travel. Below list will thus present ten of the best money belts for travel you may find right now.

10. Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Money Belt


Kicking off at number ten is the Eagle Creek Travel GEar Undercover Money Belt. This money belt has one of the best build qualities that offers both durability and convenience. It is made of 70D nylon ripstop that features Wicking Knit Tricot backing. It is a zipper closure design that two high-quality zippered pockets that provide sufficient rooms for storing your important belongings. The back panel of this money belt is designed with breathable mesh that gives maximum comfort as you move around.

9. The Ultimate Travel Money Belt, Secure Waist Pouch


Another highly recommended money belt in the market is the Ultimate Travel Money Belt by Rocky Mountain Travel Gear. This amazing money belt ensures maximum security for your personal belongings while traveling abroad or on a daily shopping around the town. More than money and passport, there is also enough room for storing other gadgets like your smartphones or iPod as well. This thus gives great convenience while traveling on a long trip.

8. Lewis N. Clark Rfid Waist Stash


This is the Lewis N. Clark Rfid Waist Stash that is a perfect companion for your next trip. It helps in organizing your vital belongings like money or passport, as well as keeping them safe from potential thefts in public crowded area. What is even more special about this money belt is the fact that it is designed with a protective built-in technology that ensures no electronic pickpocketing or identity theft can happen to you.

7. Money Belt For Travel Best Non-Itch Travel Wallet


Ranked at seventh place, this is the Money Belt For Travel Best Non-Itch Travel Wallet. This money belt is greatly known for its superb flexibility and extreme comfort. Because many other standard money belts always make the users feel so itchy and inconvenient due to the poor quality fabric, this travel wallet from Ody Travel Gear comes with a top-quality anti-itchy fabric material that guarantees soft and moist wicking back that will never cause any inconvenience.

6. Travel Document Organizer By IGOGEER


Standing at number six is the Travel Document Organizer – Deluxe Money Belt by IGOGEER. This money belt is very well known for its soft, flexible and water-resistant feature that is very convenient for traveling purpose. It is also built with RFID blocking security system that provides great protection from identity thefts. The extra-long belt design also gives a great versatile feature that can be used by any body type.

5. Shacke Pocket Vault – Hidden Travel Belt Wallet w/ RFID Blocker


Shackle Pocket Vault – Hidden Travel Belt Wallet is also another popular traveling accessory that many people like to bring along when they travel. It is designed with a light and durable material that offers a very soft backing which is very comfortable for the waist during long-period traveling. It is designed with a very unique structure compared to other standard wallet belts, which makes it even more sleek to wear as a styling accessory.

4. Travelwey Travel Money Belt, Beige


Ranked fourth of the list is the Travelwey Travel Money Belt. What is great about this money belt is the fact that it has a beige finish that fits perfectly with your natural skin tone. That way, no one would easily notice you are wearing a money belt when you travel. In terms of the build quality, it is also designed with a nice, breathable and soft fabric that offers a satisfactory wearing experience.



At number three is the Travel Wallet Money Belt from the Guardian Accessories. Looks perfectly great on both men and women, this money belt lets you travel with great organization and security over your valuable belongings. It is made from 70D nylon silk fabric that offers a highly comfortable and non-itchy feel to your waist. It also has an RFID blocking sleeve that helps protect your identity cards or credit cards from identity thefts.

2. Alpsy Travel Wallet Undercover Premium Money Belt


Standing at number two is the Alpsy Travel Wallet Undercover Premium Money Belt. Regarding its build structure, it is a purely ripstop nylon money belt that offers a highly breathable, durable and water-resistant quality for maximum convenience purpose. It has a dual zippered storage compartments that allows for extensive room to store all your vital belongings such as passports, credit cards, and cash.

1. SevenBlu – Premium Breathable Travel Money Belt and Passport Holder

Best Money Belts for Travel

The best of the best money belt for travel in the market right now is the SevenBlu – Premium Breathable Travel Money Belt and Passport Holder. This money belt is highly known for its superb build quality and comfortable using experience. It is made from top-quality ripstop nylon fabric that strongly prevents easy rips from external impacts. Great for long-period trip, this money wallet does not only provide sufficient room for storing personal belongings, but also function as a great styling accessory to have around.

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