Best Memory Foam Pillow 2022 – Consumer Reports

There are a lot of pillow options out there that people can get for their everyday use. However, nowadays memory foam pillow has become a very popular type of pillow that many consumers tend to opt for. This kind of pillow offers a very nice and comfortable sleeping experience, with sufficient supports for your head, neck and shoulder. Below list will thus present ten of the best memory foam pillows you can get in the market right now.

10. Sleep Innovations Contour Travel Pillow


Kicking off the list at number ten is the Sleep Innovations Contour Travel Pillow. This memory foam pillow is indeed a very high-quality product that offers soft and gentle support to head and neck, which thus help relieve any unwanted neck pain resulting from sleeping disorder. It is designed with a contoured shape that provides a comfortable and proper spinal alignment for your body. It also comes with an terry velour cover which is very convenient to care.

9. Z Shredded Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow – Standard


Standing at number nine of this top ten list is the Z Shredded Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow. This memory foam pillow comes with a so-called Gel Dough infused feature which offers a very soft and cool feeling to support your sleeping experience. Very easily washable, this pillow is covered by bamboo velour that gives soft rayon for highly comfortable and superb breathability quality.

8. Sleep Innovations Reversible Memory Foam Pillow with HD, Standard Size


Ranked eighth of the list is this Reversible Memory Foam Pillow with HD from Sleep Innovations. For those people who are looking for a memory foam pillow that helps support and better their sleeping routine, then this great quality product from Sleep Innovations should be an ideal option to look for. This memory foam pillow is specially designed with an open-cell technology that effectively enable air flow and maintains ideal surface temperature for comfortable sleep.

7. Sleep Innovations King Memory Foam Classic Pillow


Another high quality product from Sleep Innovations also make its spot in this list is the King Memory Foam Classic Pillow. Come with a traditional shape-looking design, this pillow has amazing qualities that let you sleep so comfortably. For its build design, this pillow is a purely polyurethane-made pillow that will never easily go flat. The SureTemp technology that comes equipped with this pillow also provides great quality to maintain the shape of the pillow, and thus allows maximum comfort of sleeping throughout the night.

6. KNEE T | Best Side Sleeper Pillow


Another decent option you may also seek for is this Best Side Sleeper Pillow from KNEE T. This pillow is made of a mixture between cotton (94%) and spandex (6%). It has a really nice build structure that helps minimize back pain and neck pain while sleeping. This premium quality memory foam pillow is also designed with a hypoallergenic certified HR foam which thus makes it usable for everyone. Perfect for those side sleepers, this pillow is a pretty nice deal to seal.

5. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Aloe Vera Cover by VIVE

Best Memory Foam Pillow

Standing in the middle of the list is the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Aloe VEra Cover by VIVE. The cover of this memory foam pillow is infused with aloe vera which is such a natural herb for improving your sleeping health. Moreover, this pillow also features a cool foam shell that allows the memory foam to stay at a very ideal temperature for maximum comfort. This pillow is also allergic-friendly, thanks to its hypoallergenic resistant feature.

4. Travel Pillow Comfort Set | Top-Quality Luxurious Crystal Velvet


Standing at number four is the Top-Quality Luxurious Crystal Velvet from Travel Pillow Comfort Set. This top quality memory foam pillow comes with an ergonomic head design and neck support. Covering this pillow is a luxurious velvet cover that offers a very user-friendly experience. What is so special about this pillow is the fact that it is designed with a compact drawstring bag that allows you to bring it along whenever you travel.

3. Z Zoned Memory Foam Pillow with Velour Removeable Cover


The third best memory foam pillow in the market right now is the Z Zoned Memory Foam Pillow with Velour Removeable Cover. The are three special sizes designed for this pillow: Queen, King, and Standard. Regardless of the different sizes, this pillow is made for superior advantages in comparison to other standard models. It has a pin-core design that helps support the pressure of the neck. Moreover, this premium pillow is also good at reducing neck or shoulder pain for those who are struggling with sleeping at night.

2. Comfort Control Shredded Gel Memory Foam Pillow with Organic Cover


Ranked second of the list is the Comfort Control Shredded Gel Memory Foam Pillow with Organic Cover. This high-end pillow is a special edition designed and handcrafted in the USA. Overall, this pillow features a nice shredded gel visco elastic memory foam that is covered by comfortably soft and cool gel polyester fibers. This therefore offers a really comfy and breathable quality that every type of sleeper needs.

1. Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow By Oventure


The best of the best memory foam pillow is this Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow By Oventure. This model is indeed the best memory foam pillow you can get for traveling or outdoor uses. It is made with very high quality memory foam that offers superb comfort and flexibility. The shape of the pillow is also spot on, allowing for a really deep and nice sleeping experience with no pressure or neck pain.

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