Best Maternity Pillows 2022 – Consumer Reports

During the pregnancy time, it is vitally important for women to protect themselves and the baby very well. Very little mistake can result in a tough situation. However, having a safe and good sleep is an important need for health and well being for the pregnancy women. As the belly becomes bigger and bigger by time, there needs a help to still sleep well and safe, and what you know you will need is the maternity pillows. Still, many best maternity pillows on the market come in different designs, and still you will have to select your most favorite one. For the list below, 10 best of them have been compiled for you to see. Let’s do so now.

10. The Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow


The Schmoozi pregnancy pillow is made in USA, so its high quality is ensured. Created of domestic polyester, it is long-lasting and able to provide the maximum softness and comfort. Plus, the outer shell is removable and zippered for high performance. Furthermore, it features the quilted connector for leg and belly supporting part, so you can sleep well a whole night without snoring or heartburn suffer. Importantly, designed with great innovation, it comes with back pillow attachment that is able to soothe painful back. You are still able to use your own neck pillow for more convenience. Finally, you will be offered 5 year limited warranty.

09. C Shaped Maternity Pillow by Web Linens Inc


This product of Web Linens Inc features the zippered cover that is removable for cleaning. Its special design allows you to sleep in the right position with back and belly support. Plus, it can help you to prevent heartburn, sciatica, and nasal congestion. Moreover, it comes with two contoured legs for footrest. Finally, the price is very affordable, so you should try this pillow for pregnancy health.

08. J Shaped by Web Linens Inc


This mode of Web Linens Inc features the belly and back support for high comfort and full relaxation. The zippered protector is provided for its durability. Besides, it is able to prevent sciatica and carpal tunnel effectively. With size of 60-inch length, 27-inch width, and 7-inch height, it is big enough for your blissful sleep; furthermore, it also tucks well between your knees to reduce the back pain and maintains cool temperature.

07. U Shaped by Web Linens Inc


This product of Web Linens Inc is designed in U shape which comes with one removable protector equipped with durable zipper. The pillow is built with inner contours which is suitable for your curved body shape to relieve the pressure of pregnant belly. With the great support on your back and belly, you will relax peacefully without any pressure. The dimension is 60-inch length, 35-inch width, and 7-inch height which is big enough for whole body support.

06. KHOMO @ pillow


KHOMO pillow is designed in U shape for high comfort and supports the curve body shape properly. With the innovation of pregnancy pillow, it is able to relieve the pressure on your pregnancy belly. The soft cover is removable and equipped with easy-to-pull zipper. In addition, it comes with the right size and weight for easy and snug cuddle and hug.

05. Body Support Pillow from Moonlight Slumber


Body support pillow from Moonlight Slumber is made from top-grade cotton for high softness and comfort. Furthermore, it is filled with fiber which is innovative synthetic which enable the air to blow freely. It is oversized, so you can stretch out easily. U-shape design will enable you to sleep in right position by keeping your shoulders, neck, back and hips aligned in a whole night. Importantly, it is able to reduce turning and tossing, so you can sleep tightly. Last but not least, its construction can prevent clumping, flattening and lumping.

04. Leachco Snoogle Mini Sleeper


Leachco pillow is able to provide comfortable support for your sleeping during pregnancy. Plus, it is designed with proper shape that can fit well with your body. Importantly, it can prevent the neutral joint positioning effectively. Also, sleeping with this pillow, your back will be support comfortably. Finally, the cover is removable and washable for hygiene.

03. Today’s Mom Pregnancy Pillow


Today’s Mom pregnancy pillow comes with shoulder comfort system which can soothe your tired muscles. Also, the inner curve allows your belly and back to lie in the perfect position. It is able to fit well with the natural curve shape of our body. Importantly, your body will be cradles entirely for the maximum comfort and warmth. Finally, it is espresso finish, so it is suitable to use with every sort of bedroom decor.

02. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Body Pillow


This product of Leachco is created of polyester 65% and cotton 35% for durability and softness. Plus, its design can provide support to the back and tummy simultaneously. Sleeping on this pillow, you can turn from side to side conveniently and you will sleep blissfully without night repositioning. Finally, the hour glass inner offer you warmth and good support to belly and back.

01. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


This body pillow of Leachco is the best selling US-made product due to its premium quality. Its great design can support back, neck, tummy and hip very well for peaceful sleep. This pillow is breathable, so you can cuddle it tightly without heat increase. Finally, its cover is designed with sham-style, so it can be washed with machine safely.

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