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Massage is the important therapy to help you relax and release stress and pain from your mind and body. Besides the effective therapy techniques, massage table is very important element to let you experience the real feeling of massage. Choosing the right one, you will rest peacefully at your free time to take care your health. Look at some top quality and best massage tables for sale below, you will find the suitable one for your need. They are brilliant for both the design and the quality while you will also like its pricing.

10. American Pillowcase Massage Table


This three-piece massage table is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester which make it wrinkle less than cotton. Moreover, it is also built from top-grade materials to make this table durable no matter how many times you wash it. Plus, it fits well to any size of tables and face cradles due to its non-latex elastic. The table is lightweight and especially it is able to make the users feel comfortable and warm. Finally, it comes with flat sheet, fitted sheet, and fitted face cradle cover.

09. Merax Massage Table Facial SPA Tattoo Bed


Merax Massage Table is designed with great convenience and portability. It comes with 72-inch length including face cradle and 1.6-inch high density foam which is padded with Beech Wood construction which is strong and durable. Furthermore, the cover is made of soft synthetic leather to reduce your back pain and make you rest comfortably. Importantly, the height is adjustable from 26 inches to 36 inches with the load capacity up to 550 lbs. This is just superior to many similar products as among the best massage tables for sale.

08. Master-Massage Massage Table


This Master Massage product comes with cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam with 3-inch thickness; importantly, it is PU material which is water and oil resistance and CFC-free with warm walnut legs. In addition, aircraft grade steel is equipped to ensure its durability. With the dimension of 30-inch width, 72-inch length, and 24-inch height, this portable table is big and large enough to relax. And, the height is able to be adjusted up to 24 inches. This table also includes the hard European Beech Wood with Dura-Seal finish. Finally, the package contains of some main features like face cradle, cushion, carry case, half round bolster and armrest shelf. Unquestionably, this is one of the best massage tables for sale of your choice.

07. Ironman Astoria Massage Table


Ironman Astoria Massage Table is built with utmost stability which comes with the cradle lock cable system to prevent the side wobble or rocking. The aluminum frame is equipped with adjustability. In addition, it features the heating pad to make you warm and reduce pain. The upholstery is made from PVC leather material plus multi-layer foam. The armrest is covered by adjustable foam to make consumers more convenience. It is these features when combined, it makes this is one of the brilliant quality and best massage tables for sale on the market for the moment.

06. Saloniture Professional Massage Table


Saloniture product is built with hardwood frame which is equipped with steel support cables. In addition, the upholstery is the high-quality leather with 2-inch thickness foam cushioning which is soft, durable and liquid-proof. Plus, the headrest, arm sling and armrests are all included for your comfort. This product is easy to be folded and the carry case is also included, so it is very portable. Importantly, it has the best quality for you and the comfort for your customers who have to lay down on this table for their relaxing massage.

05. Earthlite Massage Table Package


Earthlite Massage Table features the mid-brace Cradle-lock cable system which makes the table stand stably. The leg is made of heavy-duty forest maple for great durability. Plus, the Birch decking is lightweight and aircraft class. Due to its strong capacity, it provides you the maximum working load of 600 lbs. In the package, it contains of adjustable face cradle, and carrying case. Last but not least, Foam and upholstery is assured with three-year warranty. This is great, and you can purchase the table with a big confidence that you will get the right product.

04. BestMassage Massage Table Package


This mode of BestMassage is created of top-grade beech timber for amazing durability. Furthermore, the 2.5-inch foam deck is high density. This table is comprised of facial cradle, armrest and arm support for convenient sleep with appropriate posture. The sheet is made of cotton 100%. Importantly, the cushion is designed perfectly for water and oil resistance, so no matter what type of massage you require, it still can perform with ease. Some important accessories are added such as oil pouch, semi-circle bolster, and towel hanger. This BestMassage table is going to worth every dollar you spend on it.

3. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Massage Table


This portable product of Sierra Comfort comes with the size of 72-inch length, 28-inch weight, and 33-inch height, which is the recommended size for any therapy massages. The arm support, and armrest are included for comfortable arm position. Furthermore, beech timber is the premium material to build this versatile table. The upholstery is designed perfectly to be durable, waterproof and oil-proof. The removable cradle, semi-circle bolster, towel hanger are added for your convenience.

2. Sierra Comfort Professional Massage Table


This massage table features the PU leather which is durable and allows you to get massage experience with water and oil conveniently without any damage to the table. In addition, it measures 72 inches long and 28 inches wide; surprisingly, you can adjust the height at your convenience from 23 to 32 inches in seconds. The foam of table comes with 2.5 inches with high density. Additionally, the face cradle and arm shelf are equipped to make this product the best place for relaxation. Besides, to make this product easier to use, all necessary materials are provided: carry bag, semi-circle bolster, and disposable face sheets.

1.BestMassage Burgundy Portable Massage Table

Best Massage Tables for Sale

With burgundy, BestMassage table features the padding of 2-inch thickness. The face cradle is removable and adjustable to make you enjoy the different massage therapy easily. Moreover, it comes with Birch hardwood construction for the great durability. This table measures the 72-inch length, and 27-inch width which is the common and recommended dimension for professional massage. It is easy to fold and assemble for portability. The carry case in added free.

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