Best Massage Chair Reviews 2022 – Consumer Reports

You may feel tired after coming from work and if there is anyone available at your home to massage for you, it maybe the great gift from god. However, nowadays you may not need real hand massage anymore because technology provides you the convenient means to deal with your fatigue and slight pain by creating the massage chair. Hence, you can find an effective one for at-home use by just reviewing some best quality products below. They are undoubtedly the best massage chair reviews for your order.

10. HomCom Deluxe Massage Recliner Chair


This HomCom product is made of PU leather with the high quality smooth cream finish. It is built perfectly for your convenience to move, recline, or spin in 360 degrees. Besides, it also offers you heat for you to rest healthily after stressful work in full day. With 5 settings, it provides you the vibrating function, so you can limit the vibrating level up to your desire. The remote is attached for easy to use setting. Compared to many other best massage chairs on the market, this one has had many superior and interesting features as mentioned earlier.

9. Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair


Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair comes with full package including sternum pad and soft case which enable you to protect you chair safely in long time. This product features the rust-resistant aluminum frame which is very light and durable. Moreover, it is equipped with latest technology oval tube for your great comfort. In addition, the chair is designed ergonomically for every people to use, fold and tote with ease. With its weight of 15 lb., this powerful product is able to ensure the work load up to 300 lbs. Finally, two years warranty is offered for the cushions. Having one of this at home will bring you the comfort and refreshing any time you want.

8. BH ideal Massage Chair


This mode of BH ideal comes with four programs: Activate, Relaxation, Upper Back, and Lower Back which are able to provide you different level of the massage strength for your need. Additionally, four wheels are equipped to allow you to move in vertical direction; you can adjust the vertical position to any point that is comfortable with your back. Importantly, it can provide you heat as well which is the great therapy to make you release stress and some pain in your muscle. With its innovative design, this chair can offer you the shiatsu, kneading and vibrating which is powerful therapy to massage your body from toes to head to help you feel relaxed. These features make it a super good massage chair for you.

7. HomCom Executive Massage Chair


This PU leather of HomCom massage chair is designed with special vibrating function that can reduce pain and offer user with the feeling of real hand massage. Plus, the heat provided is in the appropriate level to make you feel warm and relaxed. The seat position and height of the chair is able to be adjusted in lower back, upper back, and leg options. This 300 lbs. product includes one remote control as well for easy changing the massage settings. In brief, this is really an incredible product you can trust for its quality and effectiveness to bring you the relaxation.

6. Comfort Products 60-078011 Chair


Comfort Products 60-078011 features the eight motors for vibration function which is able to work on the mid/upper back, calves and thighs. To provide you more convenience, this versatile chair is designed with 9 pre-programmed modes and 5 intensity levels. In addition, the heat treatment in lumbar area will soothe your body well. To facilitate your back relaxation, it can recline and swivel. Last but not least, it is covered by vibrant chocolate color upholstery with wood base.

5. BestMassage Chair EC-69


This mode of massage chair is able to move up and down, to knead and to provide shiatsu outcome. These three important functions can reduce muscle pain, release stress, and reduce your tiredness. Furthermore, it is designed with compression, so it is very comfortable with posture of the legs and provides more flexible position. This chair can be reclined as the recliner bed for comfortable relaxation. Finally, it features tapping and flapping function which can stimulate nerves to refresh your mind. Also, the massage in this review has had a very nice price which is reasonable to the majority of the users.

4. BestMassage Electric Massage Chair 06C


The BestMassage 06C will is the electric chair that provides you the great experience of massage like hand massage. It is designed with foot rest for utmost comfort and right leg posture. Heat is also provided for warm relaxation to eliminate fatigue. In addition, it provides the shiatsu effect to release stress and pain but help you to refresh your mind and body. Plus, other important functions like compression, tapping, percussion, and flapping are also included to soothe your body, and make you feel relief. Finally, full coverage of all parts are backed with one year limited warranty. You will like this to the max like many users do.

3. T&D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG Massaging


This massage chair is designed with double padded cushion for back and seat to provide you comfort while you are stressing and hurting. It is covered by black leather wrapped base which is soft and durable. It is the great recliner coming with ottoman. Additionally, it features the foot rest and remote control for more convenience. Last but not least, the right side pocket is included too, and it can hold things such as your mp3 players easily. You want a relax massage at home, bring this massage chair there.

2. Comfort Products 60-425111


Comfort Products 60-425111 is designed with soft brown upholstery with premium leather which is scratch-resistance and durable. In addition, the chair comes with 8 vibration motors to soothe and reduce your stress. The chair shape is built carefully with great innovation to help you relax the mid and upper back, thighs and calves. Besides, the reclining tension is adjustable, so you can choose the level that suits you the most. It also provides heat to reduce the pain in your muscle and make you feel a lot better.

1. Premium BestMassage Portable Massage Chair


This high-quality product of BestMassage is covered by completely soft PU surface to provide the wonderful experience of massage. With the adjustable seat, this chair comes with head rest and hand rest for you to relax comfortably. With the size of 29-inch length, 48-inch height, and 18-inch width, it is big and large enough for you to release stress and pain from your mind and body. Importantly, this portable product includes one special carry case to keep your product safe as well.

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