Best Makeup Brushes 2022 – Consumer Reports

Having some makeup is very common for many girls, and the best makeup brushes could help a lot for the makeup experience. For the moment, there are just so many of the makeup brush sets on the market, and it is not easy at all to differentiate the best ones from the rest because there are too many brands which are providing the products. However, from our research with this product type, some of them are cheap makeup brushes, but their are still great while some of them are made as the professional makeup brushes. By the way, for this article, we have selected only the best makeup brushes to present to you as the suggestions. They are great for the quality and very convenient to use for your makeup time. So, none of these will disappoint you for sure. Let’s check them out below.

10. Real Techniques Starter Set


Brought to you by Real Techniques, this is one of the best make-up brushes set for starter. The set includes one base shadow, crease brush, accent brush, liner brush and brow brush that each is added to ensure the high definition for eyes make-up. Designed by the world-class makeup professional; Samantha Chapman, Real Techniques going to give you the beautiful look with healthy skin soft and cruelty-free brushes. While the promotion still last, hurry and have this set for yourself, your beloved friends or girlfriends now.

9. Professional Studio Quality 12 Piece Natural Cosmetic Makeup Brush


Karity Cosmetic Studio 12-piece natural hair makeup brush set is a professional makeup brush that is here to be your best assistant for beautiful makeup. The concealer brush, foundation and blush will help when you apply the powder and at the same time give you a soft and smooth skin. Karity also guarantee to give you a sexy look with lip stick, eye shadow and mascara brushes included in the set. With the 12 brushes included, you will have your makeup even more gorgeous and attractive.

8. XCSOURCE 11PCS Professional Makeup Brush


If you are in a better skill than basic users, this is a set for you. The set includes 11 brushes that was made to ensure the perfect makeup for every single point on your face. With the high quality of the brushes, XCSOURCE promise to take good care of your face and make your cheek, eyes and lip sexier and cuter.

7. SUMERSHA 24pcs Roll up Case Cosmetic Brushes


This is a 24 pieces makeup brushes set from Sumersha. The set is in pink with beautiful carrying case that most of ladies surely fall in love with it. From most of the reviews, this makeup brushes is the durable with affordable price which will not harm your soft skin. The set can also be bought as a gift for your girls, friends and sisters to show your care about her beauty.

6. Outop 24pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush


Outop 24 pieces professional makeup brush is a high quality set made with Persian hair and synthetic fiber to provide you the most comfortable and elegant makeup. You can bring the set with you everywhere you go with the professional carrying bag and protect your brushes with the rolling function of the bag. Believe in Outop and you will never lose your confident in how you look.

5. 24pcs Professional Wool Cosmetic Makeup Brush


It is very important for ladies to have a professional look everytime. This is the reason why KingMas 24 pieces professional makeup brush set is the choice for you because this is a pocket size set which contain brush for your cheek, your eyes, your lip and face. In no different from the above mentioned products, KingMas makeup brushes set made from best quality materials and durable.

4. EmaxDesign Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brushes


EmaxDesign is one of the best makeup brushes set that contain 7 different brushes for your face, cheek, eyes and eyebrow and make you look prettier. Each piece was a hand-made from a very high quality materials to ensure the durable and efficiency in using. Do not forget to choose EmaxDesign to make you everyday makeup easier and better.

3. EmaxDesign Makeup Brush


Being the top third makeup brushes set, this is a newly designed larger set from EmaxDesign. For makeup starters, EmaxDesign will make it easier for you to apply your powder and have a better makeup figure with our handmade bamboo handle and soft hair of the brushes. To bring out your natural beauty and do not let the scar on your face to bother you, EmaxDesign is here to grant you the wish.

2. BS-MALL(TM) Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush


If you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend and sisters, do not skip BS-Mall premium makeup brushes. That is because each piece of this set was made with care to provide the excellent makeup experience. The handle is silky with the soft headed which can be separated for washing. BS-Mall promise to give no harm to the skin. What are you waiting for! Hurry and buy this for your girls and your sister now and see how beautiful she will be.

1. Real Techniques Core Collection Set

Best Makeup Brushes

This is the best makeup set contains only four special brushes for your cheek, eyes and the whole face. Real Techniques is an only brushes set that has professional designed shape and color. Real Techniques guarantee to make you look more beautiful in soft and shiny skin by hiding the scar and removing the bacteria and dead-skin cells.

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