Best Luxury Extra Long Shower Curtains 2022 – Consumer Reports

Of course, for many people, they would need a shower curtain for their bathroom, a beautiful one indeed. However, besides the quality, there are so many things to consider when buying the shower curtains.  For the brands, Ikea shower curtains and Croscill shower curtains are among the very popular ones. You will also need to decide if you want a fabric shower curtain or the plastic one. The size of the shower curtain is also the thing to note, and both the long shower curtains and the extra long shower curtains are all available. By the way, for search online, here are the specific best bathroom shower curtains for you to check out. Some of them are the luxury extra long shower curtains. If you need them, you can look for them specifically.

10. Tahari Luxury Shower Curtain


Tahari curtain is the US-made product, so its quality is ensured. Created of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, it is washable and dryable. The curtain is designed with the beautiful tree branches with blossom flowers providing you the natural feeling. It measures 72-inch width and 72-inch length to cover your master bath completely. It also comes with buttonhole closure for your convenient use. The price is very affordable compared to other products with the same quality in the market.

9. Peacock Alley Luxury Vienna Shower Curtain


Peacock Alley Vienna shower curtain is made of top-grade Egyptian cotton 100%. Its size of 72 by 72 inches is very suitable of almost bathroom. Besides, the hem is tailored carefully for durability. This curtain does not absorb the water, and it will dry fast. It also comes with grommet detail. Hence, it is good to preserve the clean environment in the bathroom by avoiding bad odor and bacteria build up from the wet curtain.

8. Lush Decor Shower Curtain


Lush Decor Shower Curtain is constructed with fabric polyester 100%. Plus, its main materials also include the faux silk and floral embroidery. With the dimension of 72-inch width and 72-inch length, this curtain is big enough to cover your bath completely. Furthermore, it is printed with the picture of lively flower drop. For your preference, you can choose purple, blue, or red ivory.

7. Zenna Home H21WW04


Zenna Home H21WW04 is the waffle-wave product that provides you softness and spa-like feeling. Made of 100% polyester, this product is durable, so it is easy to take care. Plus, it can be used with machine without any damaging of its shape or quality. The header is equipped with metal grommets which are sturdy and rust-resistance. The magnetic weight is the special feature to ensure that curtain will be stand stably in place. Last but not least, it is designed in complete white color, so it very simply beautiful with any décor of stylish bathroom.

6. Maytex Shower Curtain/Liner


Maytex curtain is the premium microfiber construction. This long-lasting product does not absorb water, so it is very suitable for your clean bathroom. Importantly, it dries fast, so bacteria cannot build up on the curtain easily. The grommets are made of good-quality metal to ensure that no matter how long you use it, no rust can exist. The dimension of 70 by 72 inches is usable in every standard bathroom. Finally, this curtain is high-quality product and its price is very acceptable.

5. Carnation Home Fashions Shower Curtain


Carnation Home Fashions shower curtain is created of polyester 100% and imported. The curtain is designed perfectly without hook requirement. Because of EZ On built-in rings, it can work well with the curtain rod. In addition, it is made of water repellent material, so you no longer worry that your curtain will remain wet in long time. Finally, it is designed with blue-stripes to fit any bathroom decor.

4. InterDesign Zeno Shower Curtain


This InterDesign mode is made of polyester fabric to ensure that it is durable though it is wet almost all the times. Its special feature is mildew-free and water-repellent, so it will dry fast and mold cannot grow on the curtain easily. It also comes with weighted hem for its great durability. The metal grommets are rust-resistant materials. For your convenience, it is constructed to be washable with machine. Last but not least, it is built with the standard size of 72-inch length and 72-inch width.

3. Popular Bath Shower Curtain


Popular Bath curtain is the fabric polyester construction to ensure its high capacity to bear with being wet in long times. Its size is 70 by 72 inches to fit every bathroom. In addition, it is printed with multi-color stripe that is very elegant and gorgeous for modern bathroom. To use it in long time, you can use with machine wash cold and gentle cycle.

2. InterDesign Anzu Shower Curtain


InterDesign Anzu Shower Curtain comes with spectacular bamboo pattern evoking you the feeling of taking bath in the middle of nature. Polyester is the important materials of this product construction. This curtain is water-repellant, so it can prevent mold and bacterial building up. Besides, the metal grommets are guaranteed without rust though you use it from years to years. It is usable with washing machine and gentle cycle.

1.InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtain


This product of InterDesign is designed for your convenient use and clean. This polyester fabric curtain can be used with washing machine with ease. It does not absorb the water and dries quickly, so cleaning and maintenance is very easy and effortless. Additionally, 12 metal grommets are durable and rustproof and they are equipped with sturdy top header. Finally, it is printed with the beautiful thistle of grey and blue color.

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