Best LED Lanterns and Flashlight Laterns 2022 – Consumer Reports

LED lantern is a must have item in your home and especially for those who love outdoor adventure like camping. Today, some LED lanterns are really good and can be very useful during emergencies; however, some are not practical enough, nor good in quality. So to help you decide the one that suits your circumstances, we have compiled the top 10 best LED lanterns with the latest LED lighting technology, great values, and unsurpassed performance.

10. Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern


Rayovac LED lantern is built with 4 watts LEDs which can last for 100, 000 hours and never need replacing. Moreover, it can be operated in 3 modes which are high, low and strobe; therefore, you have the options to adjust accordingly. This best LED lantern runs on 3 D batteries which allow you to use for 40 hours in high mode and up to 90 hours in low mode. Interestingly, this LED lantern is water-resistant and backed with a full lifetime warranty.

9. Coleman MicroPacker LED Mini Lantern


Coleman MicroPacker min LED lantern is a 2-in-1 snap design lantern which can allow you to convert it into a flashlight. Weight at just 6 oz., this is probably the lightest weight lantern you can find. Moreover, the LEDs are premium in quality; therefore, there is no need for replacement; it can last a lifetime. Operating on 3 AA-Cell batteries, this mini LED lantern can perform up to 92 hours.

8. AYL StarLight – 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Lantern


AYL StarLight Ultra Bright LED lantern is most reliable lantern you can buy. This LED lantern is designed with LED bulbs with an output of 300 lumens which offer you crystal clarity light, yet do not consume much energy. In addition, the LEDs are top-class LEDs and it can last up to 100, 000 hours of use. With its lightweight and water-resistant features, this LED lantern is functional in most circumstances. Selling at an affordable price, getting this best LED lantern surely will not cost you an arm and a leg.

7. Etekcity Ultra Bright Portable Camping LED Lantern Flashlights


Etekcity Ultra Bright portable camping LED lantern is a heavy duty and durable LED lantern that comes with 10 years warranty. This LED lantern, interestingly, can also be used as a flashlight, as well. Moreover, it is built with 30 individual low powered LED bulbs which is innovatively designed for longer lifespan. Remarkably, you can adjust brightness level as you prefer with this LED lantern, and at high-intensity level of brightness, you can use for 8 hours and up to 72 hours at regular level.

6. Divine LEDs Ultra Bright LED Lantern


Divine LEDs ultra bright LED lantern is a superior, lightweight and compact LED lantern you can find on the market. This best LED lantern is specifically built with military grade materials making them super durable for both indoor and outdoor activities. With 30 LED bulbs, this LED lantern can shine the brightest comparing to others, yet it maintains a super long battery life.

5. Energizer Weatheready 360 Degree LED Area Lantern


Energizer Weatherready 360 degree LED lantern is a waterproof plastic LED lantern run on 3 AA or D batteries. Moreover, it can diffuse light in 360 degrees of white and amber light. Therefore, you are always ready for emergencies or when there is a blackout because it can light up an entire room with just one push on its button. As the battery lasts up to a considerable time, it can be a great LED lantern to bring along to camping trip.

4. Coleman Twin LED Lantern


Coleman Twin LED lantern is ideal for camping because it is powerful enough to lighten up your tent in crystal clarity. Moreover, its battery life is beyond expectation, it can perform up to 299 hours runtime on low brightness and 85hours continuous use on highest brightness. This best LED lantern also features a sturdy hook as well to allow you to hang it for easy storage.

3. WeatherRite 5572 15 LED


WeatherRite 5572 LED lantern has traditional lantern look which make it look like an antique. However, it shines in crystal clarity thanks to its 15 powerful LEDs. This best LED lantern features a metal construction which is durable, yet light in weight. Remarkably, it can run up to 48 hours of continuous use; therefore, it is ideal to bring along on a camping trip. This LED lantern operates on two D batteries which is easy to find on the market. Selling at an inexpensive price, this best LED lantern is going to exceed your expectation.

2. Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern


Streamlight 44931 features four white C4 LEDs and one red C4 LED which can preserve night vision. This best LED lantern also features RED SOS flashing modes which can save you during emergencies. Moreover, it features a handle to lock in upright or stowed position, therefore, it is easy to carry and to store when not using. Running on three D batteries, this LED lantern can be used continuously for 295 hours.

1 . Supernova 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Camping and Emergency Lantern

Best LED Lanterns

Last but not least, it is another best LED lantern from Supernova. Supernova 300 lumens ultra-bright LED lantern does not generate too much heat while using like other LED lanterns on the market. Moreover, it can be used for 6 days continuously thanks to its innovative energy saving design. Likewise, the LEDs are premium in quality because they are guaranteed for up to 100, 000 hours of use. Surprisingly, you can get this compact and practical LED lantern without breaking your bank account.

Top 3 Best Flashlight Lanterns

1. Rayovac Value Bright 85-Lumen

The first best flashlight lantern to review for your consideration is the Rayovac Value Bright with 85 lumen. This is a handsome design flashlight lanterns with very good quality and bright flash. Also, it has been attached with a very long last battery life of up to 45 hours. By this, you will not need to worry much about the charging too often. Also, the floats of this lantern is made waterproof to make highly resistance to any issue that prevents it from working right. Both the quality and design of this best flashlight lanterns are just superior.

2.Dorcy 41-1046 LED Flashlight Lantern

Also among the top rated and best flashlight lanterns, the Dorcy LED lantern is a highly reliable product with high performance to bright your darkness with built-in 13 light bulks. For a full charge, the battery life of this Dorcy lantern will work and last to 40 hours. That is a good long life battery to have. Moreover, the handle design and the push on and off buttons are designed very easy to use.

3.Dorcy 41-4291 LED Flashlight Lantern with Ratcheting Stand

The last best flashlight lantern is also the Dorcy  but a different model and design with 95 lumens. As well very popular and high performing as the source of light, the Dorcy 41-4291 lantern is a super good product in addition to its unique and fashionable design. With its super bright bulks attached, the flashlight from this lantern is extremely bright. In the meantime, one year warranty is also an inclusion in this package with its very affordable price.

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