Best Leather Luggage 2022 – Consumer Reports

Leather product has somehow become a very trendy item in today’s society. One of the many reasons is the fact that leather material is not only just about the great quality and durability it provides, but also the so-called “luxurious quality” message of the product as well. For that, there are now plentiful of leather products in the market; one amongst which is the leather luggage. Below list will thus present ten of the best leather luggage reviews out there that everyone should look for. They have the best design, the best quality and the best price. So, it is likely that you could easily find one of your most favorite leather luggage down here.

10. HLC Genuine Leather Handmade Vintage Duffel Luggage Travel Bag


Kicking off the list at number ten is the HLC Genuine Leather Handmade Vintage Duffel Luggage. This premium leather luggage has one of the best looking designs in the market, which everyone would love. The leather quality is rich and superb, suitable for every classic gentlemen out there who love to be classy and functional at the same time. This luggage thus comes with three small outside pockets that not only provide additional storage compartments but also a pretty nice design quality to its look as well.

9. AmeriLeather Vintage Three-Suit Garment Bag


Next is the AmeriLeather Vintage Three-Suit Garment Bag that every gentleman would love to have. Featuring a highly premium top-grain leather structure, this bag/luggage has a very sturdy copper-tone construction that allows for superb durability for an extensive use. It also features great roomy compartments for storage capability of your own needs. With double zippers designed for its exterior body, this vintage garment bag is not only just a great functional bag for everyday use or traveling, it also offers a great styling option adding your dressing as well. This is no doubt a great leather luggage.

8. Piel Leather 22 Inch Wheeled Traveler


At number eight of the list is the Piel Leather 22 Inch Wheeled Traveler. This great luggage model from Piel Leather is indeed a decent carrier to have when you travel. It is indeed a purely 100% leather luggage with a nylon material lining. With 22 inches wide and 15 inches high, this luggage offers a great storage compartment, perfectly ideal for a few-day trip. The leather is a premium full grain that is made from high-end grade cowhide which only gets better with ages.

7. Kenox Men’s Pu Leather Travel Bag Duffel Weekend Luggage


The seventh best leather luggage of the list is the Kenox Men’s Pu Leather Travel bag Duffel Weekend Luggage. This luggage features a very decent and elegant build quality that not only looks good on the eyes but also performs superbly as a travelling bag. It is a Pu Leather bag that features a very modern and luxurious design that suits perfectly in today’s trendy society. Perfect for a few-day countryside visit, this amazing luggage should be a great option to go for, and you will not be disappointed with it.

6. Piel Leather 20-Inch Duffel Bag with Pockets


Another amazing quality luggage that also stands in this list is this Piel Leather 20-inch Duffel Bag with Pockets. This luggage has a fully leather build featuring nylon lining and zipper-closure design. The leather is a fully grain genuine quality leather that offers great flexibility and durability for extensive uses. The thick piping trim and zippered compartments design of this luggage, along with its outstanding color, makes this luggage looks even more sleek and classy to use. Actually, this leather luggage has so many of the unique features that you may find it hard to see in others.

5. David King & Co. 22 Inch Rolling Duffel


David King & Co. 22 Inch Rolling Duffel is another high-quality leather luggage to look for. It is a fully leather build luggage that features amazing design quality that offers superb storage and convenience portability. The size of this luggage is not too big or too small, perfectly ideal for a single person belongings during a few day trip. And, surely, that it is going to be your great friend in your trip.

4. Holkham Leather Weekender


At number of the list is the Holkham Leather Weekender that is indeed one of the most popular choices in the market right now. The is made with a burnished antique effect leather style that offers such a unique and classic look like no other standard leather bags. It also comes with a premium quality padded leather shoulder strap which is very flexible and adjustable according to your preferences.

3. David King & Co. Extra Large Multi Pocket Duffel Bag


Ranked third of the list is the David King & Co. Extra Large Multi Pocket Duffel Bag that everyone knows for its superb build quality and amazing design. This top-quality leather luggage comes in three different color options with great exterior and interior design. Made in Colombia, this duffel bag is a such a great carrier for your holidays as it comprises of plenty compartment spaces for extensive storage capability.

2. Gusti Leder nature “Toby” Genuine Leather Travel Vintage Bag


The second best leather luggage of this list belongs to the Gusti Leder nature “Toby” Genuine Leather Travel Vintage Bag. Made of goatskin, this purely leather luggage provides a very high-end and premium build quality that guarantees nothing but great durability. The design is perfectly spot on, providing its sleek, stylish and very attractive pocket and exterior build. If you are looking for a few day trip out of town, this genuine leather luggage from Gusti Leder should definitely be the one to go for.


Best Leather Luggage

Ranked as the best leather luggage in this top ten list is the Motorcycle Leather Sissy T Bar Travel Luggage Bag that offers both style and quality. Come in a very reasonable price tag, this travel luggage is a highly premium leather bag functioning as a perfect choice for traveling. The matte black finish of this bag also provides a sleek and stylish design that every modern gentleman would love to have as their traveling companion.

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