Best Leather Cases for iPads 2022 – Consumer Reports

iPad cases are very popular nowadays. Not only does it look cool, but it is also protective and functional. Many people have had plastic cases and that may look and feel boring sometimes. That is why to up the game of the iPad case, you need to find something superior than others such as by using leather cases. In this article you will see how the top 10 list for best leather cases for iPads go.

10. KAVAJ iPad Air leather case cover “Berlin” for the Apple iPad Air


KAVAJ iPad Air Leather Case is the new generation of its kind. It’s got thin, well-crafted, and lightweight feel to it. It is made out of genuine leather, so you are guaranteed with the quality. It is made for functionality too. There are basically two positions with standing and tilted upwards position for typing. There is strong Velcro strip that keeps your iPad Air lock securely. The built-in magnets also allows the iPad Air to wake and sleep automatically.

9. i-BLASON Apple iPad Air Leather Case


i-BLASON Apple iPad Air Leather Case is the patented synthetic leather with great appearance. It is especially made for the new iPad Air and iPad 5. It has dual typing and viewing positions for your maximum convenience. There are multiple sweet color options for you to choose so that your iPad will never be boring. The craftsmanship is very good with precise cuts to cameras and holes.

8. Bear Motion Case for Apple iPad Air


Protection, luxury, style, durability, and options are all in a single case. It is made out of Brazilian buffalo leather in Vintage Style. It fully supports sleep/wake functionality that has standing mode included. It is trustworthy that it is made from real Cowhide Leather. The production process has been handled very carefully to make the final product a blow.

7.Devicewear Apple iPad Air 2 Case


It is a super slim vegan leather case for the new iPad Air 2. It protects the exterior of the device with gentle microfiber that is dust resistance. It is smart that it enables the device when uncovered and sleep the device while covered. The two position—landscape mode and typing mode can be accessed by easy fold.

6.Snugg iPad Air  Case


5.KAVAJ leather case cover “Berlin” for the new Apple iPad Mini 3, 2 and 1


This includes a lifetime guarantee that warrant your case of quality and genuine materials. This case is compatible with the iPad Air 2013 edition with precise cuts and holes and openings of all the ports and functional parts of the iPad. It fits perfectly with your iPad no matter how you carry it. It gives you the confidence of walking down the streets with one of these cases.

4.Bear Motion for iPad mini


There’s a craftsmanship involved in making of these genuine buffalo leather. It is 100% real leather made from buffalo skin that guarantees durability, precise and careful production that makes the case itself shine when people see it. It is designed to fit the 7.9 iPad mini (not the retina display one). It is built to view with multiple angles. Sleep/wake functionality is also present.

3.Snugg iPad Mini & Mini 2 Case


This brown leather is one of those leather out there that is durable and has a beauty in the appearance and its history itself. It is made to fit iPad mini 1 and 2 with retina display. It is made from the highest quality PU available with soft fiber and more.

2. Fintie iPad mini Vegan Leather Case


You have so many patterns and colors for this piece of design. It is made to fit the iPad mini 3/ iPad mini2/ iPad mini with smart holder for stylus/pen that you can buy later. The premium synthetic leather makes it look and feel like a real leather and it screams the same quality. You’ll be surprised how this little case can change your iPad and how you look overall.

1 . ULAK 360 Rotating Magnetic Stand Case for Apple iPad Mini


This case also has many variable colors and patterns and is number one in our list because it looks striking cool and especially it can rotate 360 degrees giving you endless enjoyment from any angle. It is precisely cut for all openings, ports, screen, cameras and anything that does not need interference with the iPad. Please keep in mind that this case is designed for iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Mini 3. It is very versatile and flexible yet so beautiful.

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