Best Korean Movies That Is Great To Watch

Are you a fan of Korean Movies like me? Of course, I like Korean movies. They are very nice, and I often watch it during my free time. Recently, there are some movies that have gained the big hits in the industry. Actually, I have not had enough time to watch all of these yet, but I have a big plan to do so. That is why I am searching for a good list of them as my to-watch list. As a result, I have found these which are ranked as best Korean Movies to watch.

1. Nobody’s Daughter’s Haewon


Nobody’s Daughter’s Haewon is a very successful movie of 2013. It was directed by Hong Sangsoo. This is a kind of a sad movie type about a woman named Jun Eun-chae who has fallen into depression after her mother departed for Canada. She then has trouble with her affair with a professor who has just got divorced at her university…This movie has also been selected to screen in the Hong Kong International Festival in 2013.

2. The Old Boy


10 years ago the old boy appeared in the film industry in Korean and had a big success. Under the same name Old Boy which is the mysterious thriller film, it reappeared again in 2013 with an even better story and quality. And, you could have guessed, this one has had even a bigger success. If you are a kind who like such a mysterious film type, this one might be very right for you.

3. Koala


Koala is another nice Korean Movies to watch. It features two men who are Dong-Bin and Jong-Ik who became partner and start a business together called Burger Boy. And, through the startup life, they have faced numerous in surviving his business. And, they fall into a situation which their business could be seized.

4. Tazza 2


Tazza 1 appeared in 2006, and this is the version of the same story about the gambling world of Goni. Goni was once the victim of the gambling. He has lost all his saving and the money he has stolen from his family to the cheat gambler. Due to wanting to earn the money back, he decided to train his gambling skills with Mr. Pyeong who is a famous gambler in the country. After awhile, Goni started to become so famous in the gambling world.

5. The Berlin File


Being a very creative thrilling movie, THe Berlin File, directed by Ryoo Seung-wan. Ha Jung woo was a main character in this film, and he is the spy agent from  North Korea. And, the story began when he has done an illegal weapon deal in a hotel. And, then the investigation about his from the South Korean agent started.

6.Man on The Edge


Not a thriller, not a mysterious film, Man on the Edge is, among the best Korean movies in 2014, is a comedy movie, directed by the famous Mr. Ji Jin Kyu. The awesomeness of the movie has made it millions of views during the first few days after it has been released. After watching this, you will understand why it has been watched that much during a very short time.

7. New World


New World is another Korean top movie starred by Choi Min-sik who has also had a present in a recent Hollywood film, Lucy 2014. This film, written and directed by Park Hoon-jung, is mainly about the conflict in the criminal world between the police, the crowd and the undercoverred police who is to spy the big criminal in Korea.

8. The Attorney


The Attorney? It is a wow Korean movie. With over 11 million tickets sold for this movie, it has earned about 82.9 billion Won, and became the 8th best Korean movies of all time. And, as the title tells you it is about the defense in the courtroom to save the 22 students, teachers and office works who have been charged for that they are the North Korean Sympathizers. After winning the case, Roh Moo-hyun has become a human right activist and goes to to become a president of South Korea.

9. No Breathing


No Breathing is another one of the incredible successful and best Korean movies of the year. The whole film features the swimming competition. Won il was once a great swimmer, but after his father has passed away during a swimming competition, he has decided to quite swimming and live a hopeless life. He seems to have lost every good thing he has tried hard to gain before. Until, there is time he could resume and start from zero again to win the competition.

10.  The Target

The-TargetThe Target is another thriller film inspired and based on the French movie in 2010: Point Blank. However, it has achieved a great success as it was released. It is one among the top best Korean movies recently. The main thrilling scene of the file is when two men start the chase over to look for the pregnant wife of Tae-joon’s who has been kidnapped. The chase runs for 36 hours, and it takes most of the film duration.


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