Best Knee Pads for Exercise and Sport 2020 – Consumer Reports

For certain tasks, there will be a lot of impact on the knees, and if you are on such a task, it is important that you protect your knees well. For a simple solution, you can find the best pairs of knee pads for work to help you cover your knees when having to use your knees a lot at work. On the other hands, all the best knee pads for work recommended in the list below, they are almost all the highest quality ones with good comfort and durability to wear. Importantly, it will protect your knees and make you feel better though having to work a lot with your knees. The details of each one are included in the reviews down here.

10. McGuire-Nicholas 1MN-350


McGuire-Nicholas 1MN-350 is heavy-duty EVA foam construction to ensure high durability and comfort. This product is lightweight and contoured with special design for your convenient motion. In addition, the strap is elastic and it comes with the tri-buckle closure system to fit with your knee well and stays in place stably. It can be used with all weathers even extreme hot or rainy condition.

09. Ergodyne ProFlex 230HL


This product of Proflex is designed with cell foam padding with 15mm thickness for high protection. Designed with high-density 600D polyester fabric cover, it is durable and soft for more convenience. Importantly, the size is designed wider and longer to allow you to move easily. Built with one size, it can fit all knees and wrap around comfortably. Furthermore, hook and loop closure is also provided for better performance. Last but not least, the price is very affordable compared to the similar-quality products sold in the market.

08. Tommyco Kneepads Inc 30021


Tommyco Kneepads Inc 30021 is created of the great combination of nylon cloth, injected gel, and EVA+pu foam to make sure that you will use it comfortably and conveniently. Furthermore, the free-floating part is designed ergonomically to fit almost all the knees with ease. Plus, the straps are built in two parts, above and below the main compartment, to ensure that your knee pad will stay in place no matter how frequent you move. This product is built with CoolMax lining for high durability. Besides, the injected GEL is able to provide the maximum protection to your knee.

07. DEWALT DG5224


DEWALT DG5224 is built with double straps and high-quality slip-buckle fastener to allow you to work all day without worrying about losing it. This product is made of ballistic poly fabric and PVC outer shell which ensure that it is soft, and flexible. This soft knee pad is also designed with dual layer and fabric liner for high durability and comfort. Plus, the innovative closed-cell foam padding is able to reduce pressure on your knee pad as well. Using this knee pad, your knee will be protected from any serious injuries which can cause to chronic knee disease when you get old.

06. Custom Leathercraft 342


Custom Leathercraft 342 is the blend of premium Ballistic polyester fabric and binding construction. Coming with elastic and long-lasting straps, the buckle fastening system can fit with any knees comfortably. Also, the closed cell foam of the inner pad will provide you the softness and breathability a whole day, so you can use it in any weather condition.

05. Blaklader Workwear Knee Pads


Knee pad by Blaklader Workwear is created of polyethylene foam 100% and imported. This lightweight product is built without straps but it still can fit your knee like glue. With the heavy-duty foam, your knee will be protected effectively. Moreover, this knee pad is designed to use especially with blaklader pants. Coming with grey color, it is suitable for all-time use. Finally, the price is very acceptable, so you should consider buying this knee pad for your safety.

04. Custom Leathercraft 345


This mode of Custom Leathercraft is equipped with sturdy large caps that can provide the complete coverage on your knee for maximum protection. The closed-cell foam is 0.5-inch thickness to ensure that you feel comfortable with its softness. Additionally, the breathable lower strap is neoprene construction which can protect below the knee and reduce sweating. Finally, it is fastened by two straps for high stability.

03. Custom Leathercraft 361


Custom Leathercraft 361 features the sure-grip cap surface which resists strongly with scratch and rub. The inner pad is made of closed-cell foam that provides you high comfort with warmth and softness. This thick pad is also built with ultra-flex construction that makes the effective protection. In addition, the outer shell is flexible and soft to grip most surfaces with ease.

02. DEWALT DG5204


DEWALT DG5204 is made of ballistic poly material for easy use and durability. The non-skid cap is sturdy and it is able to provide more stability. Furthermore, the upper tab can be moved with ease for your convenience. The cover is built with strong layer gel for maximum safety. Plus, the neoprene strap is elastic and larger enough to wrap around your knee. Finally, it comes with the slip-buckle system to fasten on your knee effectively.

01.Fiskars Knee Pads (9418)

Best Knee Pads for Work

Fiskars Knee Pads is very lightweight, with the weight of 6.1 ounces, so you should not worry that you will move inconveniently while wearing this product. In addition, it is designed in one size only but its high capacity allows you to use with all shapes and sizes of knees. Importantly, it is able to protect your knee from rough terrain, moisture, and cold weather. The strap is elastic for convenient adjustability.

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