Best Kids Sandbox 2020 – Consumer Reports

Many kids do enjoy their time playing with sands, and of course, they need the best kids Sandbox to play in. Below is the reviews of those best kids sandbox that is great in both the design and durability while its pricing is reasonable. As well, some of the choices down here are the two kids one sandbox since they are large in size which allows many kids to play in at one while some of them are the kids sandbox with covers to keep them safe staying under the shadow during their play. Indeed, these are the nicely designed sandbox for kids parents can consider to order for their kids.

10. KidKraft 00 Cabana Sandbox


This mode of KidKraft comes with Sanmu hardwood construction which can enable your children play in a safe and durable area. To allow your kids play conveniently, 3 storage bins are provided. Mesh cover is high-quality product that can be rolled up, so you can use it easily to prevent your children from rain and sunlight. Also, the cover is designed with window for beautiful decoration and comfort.

09. Exaco Felix Gaspo Sandbox


Exaco Felix Gaspo Sandbox is made in Austria with high quality materials. The frame is hard spruce and pine wood construction which is durable. Furthermore, it is designed with open bottom for easy cleaning or sand changing to ensure high sanitary. The safe bolt is able to hold the adjustable roof effectively in either up or down position. Finally, this product is backed with 2-year warranty.

08. Tierra Garden G31001 Sandbox


Tierra Garden G31001 sandbox is made of carbon neutral wood which is durable, waterproof, and safe for children and pets. Vinyl awning is able to protect your children from risky UV light. Also, the roof is retractable when it is closed to keep out debris. Plus, your children will sit on the ground happily because there is no bottom floor and it is also easy for mobility. You can fill with the sand up to 400lbs for your kids to play with comfort. Finally, it is designed with 8 inches tall seat along the rim.

07. Little Tikes Hidden Pirate Treasure Sandbox


Little Tikes sandbox comes with 4 seats at the corner for your kids’ convenience. Plus, made of high-quality plastic, it is long-lasting. It is designed especially for treasure finding game. The floor is molded with jewelry, and coin and map are included. It features the cover to protect your sandbox when it is not in use. Besides, its high capacity can support up to 300lbs. Last but not least, its price is affordable and the quality is good and hygiene, so you can reduce your times to go to the beach.

06. Activity Sandbox by KidKraft


Activity Sandbox by KidKraft is constructed with wooden panels that ensure warping and weathering resistance. Moreover, this wooden frame is built carefully with sturdy and flexible construction technique. Two plastic water and sand bins are included to make sure that your children will enjoy playing with ease. The box is large enough that allow your kids to play together. Finally, canopy is equipped on the top of the box to help your kids play under cool shade and protect them from the dangerous UV ray.

05. Badger Basket Cedar Sandbox


Badger Basket cedar sandbox is created of heavy-duty wood that ensures durability and safety. In addition, two benches are provided for children to sit comfortably and enjoy varieties of plays. Plus, the high-quality canopy provides your kids hot sun light protection though your kids want to play in the afternoon. This box is constructed without bottom, so you can play on the sand with beach-like feeling.

04. KidKraft Pirate Sandboat


KidKraft Pirate Sandboat features two main compartments: sandbox, and accessory box. Tool box allow you to store many features like shovels, pails, sand toys in one secure place for easy collection and storage. Plus, the sandbox provides large space for many kids to play jointly. The entire box is designed with real pirate theme art with multi colors. Made of solid wood, this product is a sturdy safe construction. The canopy provides shade for effective sun light protection.

03. Badger Basket Covered Convertible Cedar Sandbox


This product of Badger Basket is designed with two benches which are able to be covered for more play space. The benches can be folded easily and they will be hidden in the sand. If you want to add more sand depth for comfortable and hygiene play, the bottom can be open for easy drainage. This sandbox is created with cedar and rust-proof hardware for more durability.

02. Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox


Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox is made of premium hardwood designed in natural color but covered by rust-resistance materials. The wooden panels are reinforced for weathering prevention. It comes with durable safe construction, and large play space. A mesh cover is provided to cover sand pool when it is not in use. For your convenience, you will assemble it step by step with clear instructions provided.

01.Step2 Play and Store Sandbox


Step2 sandbox comes with four seats molded, so more play space and seat are provided. Large space can allow many children to play together like playing on the real beach. It can support up to 200 lbs. of sand. In addition, the durable lid is offered to keep debris and water out from sand and hide your accessories securely. This durable product is fully assembled, so your kids can enjoy playing at once.

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