Best Kid Bikes for Parents 2022 – Consumer Reports

Inevitably, your kid will ask you for a bike when he/she is old enough. They may be influenced by other kids at their elementary school or the kid next door who has been showing off his bike. No matter what you do, he/she deserve to have a bike as riding is very fun for a kid. Let look at our top 10 best kid bikes, if you plan or want to buy one for your beloved kids. These are the bikes which come in amazing designs kids will love while their qualities are doubtlessly among the superior bikes available.

10. Power Rangers Boy’s 16-Inch Mega Force Bike, Black and Red


This would an awesome bike for your kid who loves watching cartoon shows because it features the design of the famous Power Ranger on the frame. The training wheels are included so that he/she can learn how to ride. For your kid’s safety, the Power Ranger Boy’s bike is installed with the coaster brake on the rear and caliper brake on the front for an easy stop. In short, this kid bike is brilliant, especially when they are learning to ride.

9. Kent Retro Boy’s Bike


This Kent Retro bike is robustly made with the steel that will be a durable bike. The 14-inch wheel bike will be included with the training wheels for a beginner rider. You can also adjust the seat to the appropriate foot placement for comfortable peddling. Though it will be suitable for your kid, it is suggested that a kids more than 7 years old should not ride this bike.

8. Razor DSX Dual-Suspension Bike


Your kid will be safer riding the Razor DSX16 bike because it is mainly engineered for that. It contains the dual suspension along with the cover on the chain making it extremely secured for riding. Moreover with the saddle pin, you can release and lock the seat height easily for your kid. This is really a fantastic bike for your kids while its design and sturdiness are perfectly built.

7. Royalbaby Kids Jenny Bicycle, Pink, 14-Inch


The Royalbaby’s bike comes with three sizes, and it will be a perfect bike for you little girl. With a lovely design, this bike is constructed to meet the standard quality of a safe bike, for example, by using strong and durable steel on its frame and fork. Another special thing about buying this bike is that you will get the additional bike accessories, plus the stable training wheels. Also, just to look at the design of this bike, and you can tell this fits best with young girls, and they will love it badly.

6. Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Mini Viper Kid’s BMX Bike, One Size, Blue


Made to be a hardy bike, this Diamondback’s Mini Viper used steel for its frame and fork. The coaster brake is included as it will facilitate the braking. On the wheel, you have the aluminum rims which are extremely light and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is designed based on the BMX bike, which makes it look really cool for the kid. If your kids can’t ride yet, you can always attach the bike with the training wheels, which is included in the box. This bike is going to allow your kids to learn to ride well and ride it happily.

5. Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girl’s Bike


One of the fine-looking bike for you kid is the Dynacraft Magna Starburst which is available at just 79.95 USD. A long-lasting paint is coated onto the bike frame that will preserve its beauty for a very long time. The bike uses the coaster brake on the rear wheel making it easier to brake. Also, this bike is built simply so that you can assemble it quick and easily. In brief, it is obvious enough that this is one of the best kid bikes you can rely on for your kids’ fun time and learning to ride.

4. Moto 12″ Child’s BMX Bike-Yamaha-WMA-111201


Yamaha is a name of a motorbike company. It is a surprise to see that it makes a bicycle for a kid that is somewhat resembles to the real motorbike. The Yamaha Moto 12-inch BMX is a kid bike which has a strong steel rims and tires of BMX that are designed for normal and slippery road. To guarantee a safety ride for the kids, the chain are covered and the training wheels are provided when you buy this bike. Again, this bike is made to look alike to the motorbike, and it is very attractive to your boy kid while this design is somehow very unique.

3. Schwinn Boys’ 12-Inch Grit Bike


Are you worried that the training wheels might not be useful enough for your kid to learn cycling? Fret not. This unique bike from Schwinn comes with a handling pole that acts as a stabilizer and the steering wheel for the bike. It will be very useful when you want to teach your kid faster to ride a bicycle. For safety, the chain is covered to prevent danger and oil onto your kid when cycling; plus the durable training wheel which provides ultra-stability of the bike.

2. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy’s Bike


This is the boy version of Dynacraft Magna bike which can be bought at only 59.99 USD. You boy can ride this awesome bike anywhere as it is built for stability and security. In addition, it also contains coaster brake, training wheels and handlebar pad. The placing of the pad will protect your kid’s head in case he hits a hard wall. Additionally, the bike is made with superior performance of the balance which allows the kids to ride on safely and smoothly with fun.

1. Royalbaby Kids Freestyle Bicycle


This Royalbaby Kids Freestyle bicycle is a premium build bike with appealing design that will look ideal either for your boy or girl. It was solidly constructed from high-tech steel which is secured enough for supporting your kid. Moreover, there is a cover on the chain and soft rubber on the handlebars which makes it comfortable for your kid riding experience. Additionally, you will always receive the accessories for your bike when you buy from Royalbaby.

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