Best Iphone 6 Plus Screen Protectors 2022 – Consumer Reports

Iphone 6 Plus release date has finally come, and many people are being so excited with the new release. For sure, there will be an upgrade to the old iPhone 6 when this iPhone 6 Plus has a presence on the market. On the other hand, there are so many cases and screen protectors which are made for the new iPhone model. For this article. we are to present and suggest you the top 10 best iphone 6 Plus Screen Protectors. These items are great for their protection features. They could protect your screen well from scratches and break in case of the accidental drop.

10.iPhone 6 Plus HD Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector, Flexion


Very first one to suggest, this is the screen protector from Flexion, made only for the iPhone 6 Plus. Thus, you can expect the best fit with the phone. Regarding the quality, you can highly trust the product since it has been made with very good quality materials to ensure a great protection feature for your screen. Additionally, this screen protector is made great still for the touch accuracy and sensitivity. So, you will scroll and touch it just like there is not a protector on.

9.iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector, Tech Armor Apple iPhone 6 Plus


When it comes to the best screen protector for Iphone 6 Plus, this is one of the most bought item. And, importantly, many of the users have expressed good satisfaction on the item till it becomes the 4.5 star product from over 3000 reviews. This is such a brilliant evidence to prove that this screen protector will not do you wrong. Even better, you can find it at a very good price.

8.iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector, Maxboost


Another item to consider, it is the iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector from Maxboost which is a highly recognized brand for the phone accessories. Similarly, this model of the case from the brand for iPhone 6 Plus, it has a round edge design with precise fit to iPhone 6 Plus screen. Even more amazing, this screen protector is proven to protect the screen very well from scratching and dust while the screen touching sensitivity is great.

7.iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector, Vofolen


Very special, this is a nice package of the screen protector for iPhone 6 Plus. It comes with both the front and back protection while its selling price is quite affordable. As proven, this screen protector has the layer formation which is great for the protection against scratches and drop. Another feature of this screen protector is its high clarity and transparency which allows users to see the screen easily.

6.iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector


Made from Premium Ballistic Nano Tempered glass, this is a very good quality screen protector you can trust. It works amazing for the screen protection, and simply scratches can never happen while accidental drop is not also the problem. The screen protector can protect it very well. As well, this screen protector has a ultra clear and super strong with precise cutout to allow full accessibility to all ports.

5.Iphone 6 Plus Screen Protector, New Trent Arcadia


Standing as the number 5 best screen protector for Iphone 6 Plus, this New Trent Arcadia product has brilliant quality to make the iphone 6 Plus users very satisfy with its convenient use as well as the strong protection features for the screen against scratches and drop. Additionally, the protection includes the fingerprint which gets you away from the annoying dirty screen.

4.Iphone 6 Plus: Anti-shock, explosion-proof tempered glass screen protector


For the next suggested screen protector, it falls to the iphone 6 Plus screen protector which is made from the explosion proof tempered glass. In terms of quality, this screen protector is outstanding for the protection function. It not only gets scratches and fingerprint away from the screen, it can protect the original screen from breaking in many cases. While the price to order this is cheap, the quality of the screen protector undeniably among the best.

3.iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector, Enther


From Enther, another amazing screen protector to consider is this brilliant item. Many users who have had experience with the product has expressed good satisfaction and highly recommend this. That is why this Enther screen protector for iPhone 6 Plus has been picked up to briefly review and suggest in the list. With no less good than the rest in the list, this screen protector could perfectly prevent scratches and fingerprint to stay on your phone screen.

2.Tech Armor Apple iPhone 6 Plus


Available at a reasonable price, you can also have a look at the Tech Armor Apple Iphone 6 Plus screen protector. This design has many unique features while it greatly protects the phone screen for you at all time. Compatible with only the iPhone 6 Plus, you can expect precise fit from this screen protector while all ports are fully accessible by its precise cutout design. Lastly, lifetime warranty is attached to the product.

1.iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector, Gembonics Tempered Glass


Eventually, it comes to the last suggested Iphone 6 Plus screen protector. With good touch accuracy, this Gembonics Tempered Glass is among the best quality protector you can find for your iPhone 6 Plus. Designed strong and great to protect against the impact, in many drop cases, the screen protector helps very well to prevent the original screen from breaking. This is such a brilliant feature that makes this screen protector the best one.

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