Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases 2022 – Consumer Reports

It is today that the Iphone 6 Plus will be released on the market by Apple. Many people are waiting to see if there is a change for the outside appearance while the specification will surely be upgraded. By the way, many accessories of this new iPhone 6 Plus are made available at the same time. On the other hand, in this review, we have brought the best iPhone 6 Plus cases to present to you as the suggestion.

10.iPhone 6 Plus Case, Benuo


One of a nice design as the case for iPhone 6 Plus, it is the product from Benuo. This case is mainly made from premium quality leather with good texture. It is soft to touch, and it could protect your iPhone extremely well from scratch and drop. Additionally, a card slot has also been designed into this case to allow you for easy card storage. Made only for the iPhone 6 Plus, this case has undoubtedly a precise fit to the phone.

9.iPhone 6 Plus Case, Flexion


Another design is the case from Flexion. This case is quite popular for many Iphone 6 Plus users. Being as well rated quite high, this Flexion case has been produced with many interesting features to protect the phone as well as add an attractive unique style to your iphone. Moreover, the case has a slim and transparent body which makes itself look so outstanding outdoor. Lastly, this case comes with the lifetime warranty and a good cheap price to order home.

8.iPhone 6 Plus Case


Amazing for the protection feature, this iPhone 6 Plus Case has a very interesting design which suits both male and female. Additionally good, a screen protector has also been built in so that either for the front or back, the phone is fully protected at all time. With this case on your iPhone 6 Plus, you will never have to worry about the scratches and dust getting in again. It is indeed a brilliant case.

7.iPhone 6 PLUS case – Teal INVELLOP Leatherette Wallet


As well one of the best iphone 6 plus cases to recommend, this is differently a Leatherette wallet. It is another very popular type of cases available. Nice for both the color and comfort, you can also expect the perfect fit to your phone by this wallet case because the item is simply made for only the phone model. This suggested one comes in teal. However, a lot other colors are also available for the selection if you may like a different one more. A few slots have additionally been made into the case, and cards can be conveniently stored there.

6.iPhone 6 Plus Case, ESR the Beat Series Protective Case Bumper


Extremely nice for the protection, this case is brilliant for its durability. The design of this case is actually very unique and trendy for the fashion, making it so lovely to the users. Moreover, the case was made in smart advanced technology which works great to keep the dust away from your phone. On the other hand, with the same physical appearance, many different color designs can be selected.

5.iPhone 6 Plus Case,iPhone 6 Plus Handbag Case


Differently, for this case instead, it is a flip cover case which is made for only the iPhone 6 Plus. Coming in 6 different colors and designs, this iPhone 6 Plus case can be found at such an affordable price. Even more special, a lot of premium features have been made into the case such as the built-in slots and the good durability. That is why it looks so outstanding.

4.iPhone 6 Plus Golden Mirror Case, Umiko


For the number 4 best case for iPhone 6 Plus, it is the Umiko product, coming with very nice and attractive design. This appearance of this case has been seen very unique and outstanding. That is why many users love it so much. Talking about the durability and protection features, this case is as well great with transparent and slim body. Indeed, this is a premium quality case, and the design tells it all.

3.iPhone 6 Plus Case,Z-Roya


Produced with advanced shock absorption function, this lovely case is also one of the most interesting and popular cases on the market for the moment for iPhone 6 Plus. The case is made up from both the TPU and Polycarbonate which makes a double protection for the phone. Even more special, it has an integrated kickstand. This would be great in case you often watch some videos on your phone. For the additional items, the screen protector and cleaning fibre cloth are added.

2.iPhone 6/6S Plus Case, Obliq


For the second last best case for iPhone 6 in our list, it is the Obliq product which has many special features such as the soft rubber protection, great shock absorption, and perfect scratch resistance. Precise cutout allows all the ports of the iPhone 6 Plus to be conveniently accessible. Importantly, the case has a sleek and slim design which when one sees it, they are likely to love it so well. At the same time, it has a good price to order without having to think twice.

1.iPhone 6S Plus Case, OBLIQ


Lastly, it is this Obliq case design which is picked up to review for your consideration. Amazingly beautiful for its outside appearance and coming in a reasonable price, the case is perfect for many users of iPhone 6 Plus. Besides the good durability, it works great for the scratch resistant and drop protection. Having your iPhone with this case, you can have less worry about protecting it.

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