Best iPad Keyboards 2022 – Consumer Reports

Have you ever thought that while you can use your iPad for many functions from writing documents to surfing the net to taking notes, the most difficult thing is to type? Although Apple offers you with auto-correct function, it is not fast enough to type, especially when you are typing a document or taking a note when you are in a meeting. Therefore, taking this opportunity, we will present you with 10 best iPad keyboards that offers you elegant look and high performance.

13. Bestmall Ultra-Slim Removable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


Lovely as you could see its picture, the Bestmall is currently one of the super best iPad Keyboards you could find. It has a extremely slim design, and it connects with the iPad wirelessly with its unique technology. On the other hand, this keyboard has been made mainly for leather material, and this makes the item very soft and durable to touch and use with your iPad. Its stylish design also includes the stable kickstand feature which allows best to use your iPad like a laptop.


12. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Black for iPad 2 and iPad 3rd and 4th generation


Doubtlessly among the  premium quality and best iPad keyboards, it is the Logitech ultrathin model. This particular design works and is best compatible with iPad 2 as well as the iPad 3rd and 4th generation. Additionally for its smart functions and features, the auto on and off when you close the cover is the one. Likewise, the iPad stand feature of this product is also great to allow users to have the best landscape view  for their iPad.

11. Aerb Premium Series PU Leather Case Cover W Removable Wireless Keyboard


Designed to work best for iPad Air1 and iPad Air2, the Aerb is a premium brand for this, and the Aerb Premium Series is the recommended model here which its package contains the PU leather case  the wireless keyboard that is removable. This keyboard technically operates but rechargeable long life battery which comes along the product in the package. As well, every time users open and close this case, the on and off feature of this keyboard will work automatically.

10. Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard Cover


Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard Cover can be used with iPad Air 2 and iPad Air. The cover offers you stylish design that is light and super-slim. There is a clip-and-go magnet attached to the cover to protect your iPad. The keyboard is design for easy typing that allows you to have the best experience you can have on your laptop. Furthermore, it is powered by rechargeable lithium battery with the capacity to power for 6 months between charges.

9. Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case


Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case is designed for iPad Air. The main feature of this model is the ability to transform your iPad into a laptop in term of both function and look. The case is equipped with three neodymium magnets to keep the iPad secure; moreover, it can automatically turn the keyboard on and off as well. Another main feature of the case is its lightweight and slimness with only 0.75 Inch thick. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum and powered by 280mAh battery with 1900-hour active battery life and 4300-hour standby battery life.

8. SHARKK Keyboard and Case


SHARKK Keyboard and Case is designed for the 1st Generation iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 Retina and the iPad 3 Mini. The case is able to provide you 360 Degree rotating feature and perfect viewing angles. The keyboard can be connected to your iPad via Bluetooth. Moreover, the model has lightweight and has the capacity to provide classic Apple functions. Finally, it is powered by Lithium Ion battery which allows you to work up to 60 hours for a single charge.

7. Kensington KeyCover Plus Hard Case Keyboard


Kensington Keycover Plus Hard Case Keyboard is ideal for iPad Air (iPad 5). The case has four rubber corner protection for your iPad from scratches or shock. The case is equipped with magnet to protect your iPad while viewing in landscape and portrait positions. The keyboard, moreover, offers you 7 selectable colors for backlit color. It has high-performance scissor keys for touch typist. Finally, the keyboard can be connected to your iPad via Bluetooth and can be detached.

6. New Trent Airbender Smart Keyboard


New Trent Airbender Smart Keyboard feature 3.0 Bluetooth for smooth connection. It is designed to fit Apple iPad Air and iPad Air 2. The keyboard, furthermore, can be detached anytime or can be spin 360 degree. It is low profile with optimized key design for easy typing. Plus, the model is made from high quality hard clamshell material and to make its appearance attractive, it has matte finish. Finally, the model can provide you 360 degree vertical and horizontal orientations.

5. ClamCase Pro Keyboard Case


ClamCase Pro Keyboard Case is compatible with iPad Air 2. The main feature of the keyboard is its design. You will feel surprised that your iPad will transform into a mini laptop once it is attached to Clamcase Keyboard case. The model provides you island style full QWERTY keyboard. Its 360º patent pending hinge, moreover, offers perfect versatility. Finally, the case is composed of aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate shell, which protect your iPad perfectly. Finally, there are special function keys that you can access for your most often used features on your iPad.

4. Aerb Bluetooth Keyboard Case


Aerb Bluetooth Keyboard Case is designed for iPad Air 2 and 1. The case is made from premium leather. Attached to the case is a removable wireless keyboard. The case is able to protect for your iPad from shocks, abrasion or scratches. In term of the keyboard, it is designed for easy typing that makes you feel like typing on the laptop. Finally, it is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 interface and built-in Lithium battery. It is available in red, brown, white and black.

3. Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard


Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard is designed for iPad Air 2 / Air, iPad mini 3 / mini 2 / mini, iPad 4 / 3 / 2 and Galaxy Tabs. The main feature of the keyboard is thinness and lightweight with the weight of a billiard ball. The keyboard is comfortable to type with quiet performance. Furthermore, the keyboard has low power consumption that will last over three months with power-saving mode. Last but not least, for quality assurance, you will get 18-month warranty. It is available in black and white to match your iPad.

2. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover


Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover can be used with iPad 2 and iPad of 3rd and 4th generation. The model offers you both the cover and the keyboard with magnetic clip that instantly attaches the keyboard cover to protect your iPad. In addition to its keyboard function, the case is able to provide you with versatile stand position to holds your iPad vertical or horizontal position. Finally, the cover has instant on/off function and is available in black, red and white.

1. ZAGG PROfolio and Ultrathin Case with Keyboard

Best iPad Keyboards

ZAGG PROfolio+ Ultrathin Case features a backlit Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with iPad 2/3/4. For the background light, you have 7 color choices to choose. Another feature of the keyboard is its design for fast and accurate typing due to its maximum typing room. Furthermore, the model has a magnetic closure to protect your iPad. Finally, you can use special function keys on the keyboards to command essential features on your iPad. In addition to its lightweight, the product is available in black, red, white and brown.

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