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Review Being Updated: 22/12/15

Water bottle is a need for many students as well as for those who often go to gym for their exercise. Actually, having a water bottle is a nice thing since you can fill up your thirty at any time. Even better, you have a choice, and it is the infuser water bottles which you can add up natural flavor to your water for your day. In case that is what you are really looking for, you can have a scan down here, we have reviewed some best infuser water bottles for your selection.

I personally feel great writing this post because I know I am sharing a new healthier lifestyle others should also adapt. With just an infuser water bottle into your habit, it is a big move to save your health. However, we have also checked for the best quality Infuser Water Bottles that are available on the market for your consideration. As from our long hours searching and reviewing, we have finally come up with these three suggestions for you: Infuser Water Bottle 31 Ounce and Infuser Water Bottle with No-Sweat when you need the ones with big capacity and Infuser Water Bottle 24 Oz when you need a less heavier one.

Infuser Water Bottle 31 Ounce

1Through our team’s search and review, this infuser water bottle which can hold up to 31 ounce is an outstanding one to recommend. First of all, it could hold large amount of water for you – big capacity. That is very good especially when you need a lot of water daily, and you will not need to refill it too often. Also, the design and durability of this infuser water are also great. As you could see, it has a strong transparent body with flip-to-open top, very convenient to use. Leak-proof has been tested, and this bottle works great. You can confidently bring this with you anywhere, to school, to gym, and to your workplace.

Even better, this infuser water is made BPA free, and it is an absolutely healthy choice for your daily drink. Additionally, the item is safe for the top rack dishwasher cleaning. If you do not like having it handwashed, this is a super great option. Moreover, 90 day warranty is included to make you feel more confident in buying this design. If you do not like it after holding it, you could seek for full refund. Lastly, 20 infusing recipes as the bonus are included. You could experiment and find your favorite taste of your infuser water bottle at your time. This infuser water bottle is that good that it could get rated 5 stars out of 5 from their previous buyers.

What isn’t so great about the item:

Nonetheless, from the review, what that some users do not like about this infuser water bottle is the fact that some slice of the fruits could stuck in the hole, making it difficult to clean sometimes. However, when it does not happen, it can be cleaned easily even by hands. Another thing is because it holds large amount of water, 32 oz, some users feel it is a little bit heavy to carry around with.

Infuser Water Bottle with No-Sweat

Another infuser water bottle that is our pick for you consideration is this one with insulating sleeve. As to solve the Best Infuser Water Bottlesproblem of sweating for the users, the sleeve is designed and included. Actually, the bottle itself is already great by its nicely-designed transparent body. However, it looks even more elegant with the light green sleeve. Available in three different colors for your selection, this infuser water bottle comes also in large capacity of 32 oz. That is around 1 liter, and that does not need refilling often. With big compartment design, users will also find this infuser water bottle very easy to clean. As for the testing, one minute is enough to make it ready for your tomorrow.

Additionally, if you are worried about the safety use. You should feel free for this batter design. It is made 100 percent BPA free, and you could feel relax by that. Likewise, when we check the lip and cap design, of this infuser water bottle, it is extremely easy to use with the press to open top. Even more interesting, many users find the design of this water bottle very stylish and easy to hold and carry around to the workplace or gym. They are just extremely happy with the choice. Lifetime guaranty is included. You seek for the replacement or refund at your need if you do not like it for whatever reason.

What isn’t so great about this item:

Few users have encountered a difficulty when removing the infuser from the bottle while some experienced plastic smell from the bottle when it is very new. Also, if the infuser is made more pointed to the bottom, this would allow the flavor to go deeper in the bottle too.

Infuser Water Bottle 24 Oz

Our last pick to recommend is this Infuser Water Bottle with 24 oz capacity. Of course, a common issue with infuser water bottle with big capacity is its heaviness when full. Though it could store more water, many users instead like to3 have a lighter one. If you are among them, you may like this design more with only 24 oz capacity. However, many interesting features have been built in this bottle though it has a very affordable price. First of all, the bottle has been tested and proven leakproof perfectly. Meanwhile, this infuser water bottle has an attractive design with good portability. It is designed very friendly for traveling or bringing with to the gym, school or workplace.

Moreover, the bottle is made completely free of BPA, and it is extremely safe for use. Regarding cleaning, it can be easily done by hand, and if you do not like washing it by hand, it is safe too to put it in the top rack of your dishwasher. 90 day warranty is included for refund and replacement, and 20 infusing recipes are the bonus.

What isn’t so great about this item:

Certain problems have appeared after some time using this infuser water bottle. Cracking the top of it is one common problem. This happened to some users while a few more reports unfriendly sprout design which they find it different when drinking.

Why You Should Get an Infuser Water Bottle:

As you are here, you should have decided to look for an infuser water bottle. Still, I want to stress more that you have decided right. There are a lot of reasons you should get one of the best infuser water bottles for your daily drink intake. Naturally, our body needs good hydration. Enough water intake each day could support metabolism greatly. It then fills your body and makes you want to eat less. As a result, you will lose some weight, making you healthier.

Another good thing about drinking infused water bottle is it replaces your daily drink with the chemical energy drink, coffee, or soda, selling everywhere. Going green with your drink is always a healthier choice while at the same time, many people enjoy the taste of their infused water a lot. Actually, plenty of recipes for your infused drink are available. That means you could find your favorite taste easily.

For many people who care for the environment, using the infuser water bottle even makes them happier for it is reusable for months or years for one buy. Moreover, you will save a lot of money replacing this with your coffee and energy drink. Starting to use the infuser water bottle for your daily drink is a one stone two bird move. You save money, and you save your health.

Features you should look for in an Infused Water bottle:

In case you are needing one best infuser water bottle, but you do not know what kind of features in them, this list is of a great help for you. They are what you could look for in a great design of best infuser water bottles.

1. Travel Friendly Design: Normally, people need the infuser water bottle to bring with to school, work or even when they are traveling. That is why portability and travel friendly design of the bottle is important. That means that is an important feature you need to check out to find the right one.

2. Hold Enough Water: Capacity is what you should check too. You should also know how much you want. If you drink more, you could choose the bigger capacity, and you will not need to refill it often. However, big capacity infuser water bottle is heavier when full. If you do not like that, find the less capacity one. As on the market, the 32 oz, 28 oz, 17 oz and more are available.

3. Durability: You would need to hold your bottle many times during the day. More or less, you will experience dropping it to the ground. Thus, it would be great if the infuser water bottle you buy is more durable. It can work greater against the break and save you from buying a new one too soon.

4. Leaking:​ Leakproof is another feature to carefully check out. If you happen to buy the one that leaks, it is so annoying when you put it in your car, in your bag or anywhere. You could make your phone or things wet easily.

5. Twist Top Vs Flip Lip: For this, it is the top cap design. Some are made twist to open and some are flip to open. Either one is great based on your like. So, if you do not mind with these both, you are ok for this feature.

6. BPA Free, Healthily Produced:  Another important thing to check out is whether the bottle you want to buy is BPA free. That is the material type, and that is a safer make when it is BPA free. Commonly, you might leave your bottle in the car or somewhere that exposes strong heat from the sunlight for example, that is why it is dangerous when it is not BPA free.

7. Dishwasher Safe: Some infuser water bottles only that are made dishwasher safe while the rest has to be cleaned up by hand. Thus, if you do not have time cleaning it everyday, you might check out if your favorite infuser water bottle is ok to be washed by the dishwasher.

8. Fruit Chamber Design: the hole that stores fruit in the bottle is designed in differently length and size. If it is more pointed to the bottom, many users like it more since it could spread the flavor deep to the bottle too.

9. Rubber Bottom: This is an extra feature only. However, it may be useful in your case. Certain infuser water bottles have their design with the rubber at the bottom of the bottle for less impact and noise when you stand in on the table. It is more sticky and sturdy too with one attached.

Things You Should Know Around Infused Water Bottle:

1. Infuser Water Bottle Vs Infuser Pitcher: Drinking an infused water is a healthier choice, and for that, you have the infuser water bottle to bring with when you are around. However, for at home use, you could choose the Infuser Pitcher. That comes in a bigger capacity with the same infusion hole in the middle. If you like to see this too, you can check the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher. This is one of the most popular ones.

2. Fruit Infuser Water Books: Another good thing about owning an infuser water bottle is you can have your own flavor. For some best infuser water bottles, they come with the infusing recipes, and if not, you still can find some copies easily on the internet. What that is great is you could take some of them to experiment and find your most favorite one. Thus, you can have your favorite drink daily without spending much, and it is a lot healthier.

3. How Long It Lasts: Especially when you use the infuser pitcher, you should know how long it normally lasts. If you do not put it back to the refrigerator, you should not drink it after a day, and if you do, the infuser water is still good for a few days. Importantly, if you smell bad from the water, do not drink it. Have it cleaned, and make a new one.

4. Kids Need This: Many people do not realize that having a infuser pitcher or infuser water bottle at home and for a kid has a big advantage. The modern age involves a lot of chemical energy drinks, coffee, and soda. That is costly, and it is unhealthy. By having one for your kids, it could help get them used to this healthier drink and habit, and it could be of a great help for them when they grow up and not have to jump into the trap.

5. A Caring Gift: Of course, an infuser water bottle is a healthy choice, and that makes it a nice caring gift too. If you are looking for something to give to your beloved people or friends, especially whey they consume a lot of unhealthy drink every day, the infuser water bottle is a great one to hand out.

Also Our Top Picks


1. The one best infuser water bottle that worth the suggestion is the FlavorFast Eastman water bottle. This package has two packs with a very nice design as you can see in the picture. The cap of this infuser water bottle is designed great with leak proof feature. In short, the water bottle can bring you the tasty and healthy water for you at any time. In addition, it has an ergonomic design which is convenient to hold.


2.As the best fruit infusion sports bottle, here is among the brilliant designs of the water bottles you can consider if you are looking for one for your gym time. This infuser water bottle comes with the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Another nice feature of the infuser water bottle is the flip lock and its overall cap design. It makes you convenient to use it while its price is quite reasonable to order if the design is what you like.


3. Standing as the number 8 best infuser water bottle to recommend, this bottle has many interesting features. First of all, it is the nice, ergonomic design which looks so lovely. On the other hand, many users have rated the bottle as 4.5 star product, so the quality of this sports bottle should be extremely reliable. The water bottle has also been tested for the leak proof, and it works great to keep all the liquid all in.

74. Available in so many colors to order, this is the sport water bottle which comes with the fruit infuser. If you love to drink water with natural flavor of your favorite juice, you can consider this high quality product. Additionally, the sport water bottle has had a brilliant design, attractive and ergonomic. Even more importantly, the water bottle is 100% BPA free, very safe to use. For its storage capacity, it is 27oz.


5. Another infuser water bottle to check out is the Fruit Infused water Bottle. You can look at the design of this bottle, and you can tell it has a sexy and ergonomic body design with leak proof construction for the lip. Instead for the durability, this water bottle is as well premium. For those who need the water bottle with a large mouth, this one is even just for them with its largemouth design. Lastly, the bottle is quite affordable and reasonable to order.


6. With the net weight of 28 ounce, this is an interesting infuser water bottle that will worth every single of your peny. This bottle is said to work great and save a lot of your money to buy unhealthy drink outside. The design of this bottle is additionally simple but attractive to hold around. Just like the rest of the best infuser water bottles in the list, it has been proven great with the leak proof feature. With this bottle, there is not a worry for the leak.


7. Very affordable, if you do not want to spend a lot of money buying a infuser water bottle, you can consider this suggested one. Though its price is cheap, the bottle has all the qualities as among the best infuser water bottles. Instead, if you look at the design of this bottle, you can tell it has a very simple but lovely body and lip. However, it is great for quality, safety and durability. You actually can boost your health conveniently with this infuser water bottle.


8. This is a very special infuser water bottle. It, first of all, gets rated as a 5 star product. This reflects a good satisfaction from the users. At such an even more affordable price, the recommended infuser water bottle is extremely popular among the customers’ choice for a water bottle. Moreover, it is 100% leak proof, and lifetime guarantee is included in your order.


9. This is the second last infuser water bottle to see as well. Coming with the free recipe ebook in the package, this water bottle is great for the quality and durability while the nice body design of this item is very attractive and eye-catching. Furthermore, this bottle has had a good infusing feature which works great to bring natural vitamins for you. It, at the same time, could replace your need for the unhealthy drink outside.


10. We finally come to the last recommended infuser water bottle to review. This last one has been produced in an eco-friendly way. On the other hand, it is BPA free and very safe to use as your infuser to keep you dehydrated at all time. The flip top design of this infuser water bottle is perfectly leak proof in the meantime. In addition, the ergonomic body of this bottle makes it easy to holder for the users. That is another lovely feature that makes users love this bottle to the max. Importantly, it is quite reasonable to order home.

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