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Whether you would like to enjoy a calm and peaceful swimming pool hang-out with friends and family, or to go for fishing, a top-quality inflatable raft always comes in very handy. However, finding the perfect inflatable raft may not be an easy task. As there are quite a lot of models and options out there in the market, below list will list down ten of the best inflatable raft reviews you can look for your own information before deciding to choose one.

10. Banzai Ahoy Matey Pirate Ship Boat Pool Raft Float


Starting off the list is the Banzai Ahoy Matey Pirate Ship Boat Pool Raft Float. This very popular inflatable raft comes with a really nice pirate ship looking design that always gives an extra-edge of attraction. Weighted at only 150 lbs, this raft float is made of highly durable PVC plastic that can accommodate up to two or more children. Perfect for a weekend hanging out in the pool, this raft float is thus a nice toy for the kids to play with.

9. Intex River Run I Sport Lounge


Another well known inflatable raft in the market is the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge. The build structure of this inflatable raft is a 53 inches diameter circle that features a very sleek white, black and blue finish that is so stylish and attractive. It also comes with a nicely built mesh bottom to keep you cool and comfy all day long. The two handles that are made of high-end heavy duty material are greatly convenient for navigating on the water.

8. Intex Challenger 2, 2-Person Inflatable Boat Set


Standing at number eight of the list is another top-notch inflatable raft from Intex, the Challenger 2 Inflatable Boat Set. This inflatable raft set is designed specifically for two persons. The set also comes with two high-quality French Oars and a High Output Air Pump which are all essential accessories to have. The oars size at 48 inches, thus providing a nicely balanced quality for the navigation and stability of the boat.

7. Intex Explorer 200, 2-Person Inflatable Boat Set


At number seven is the Intex Explorer 200 that is so popular among the public interests. Built for two people, this top quality inflatable boat offers a decent performance, especially the stability when on board. Perfectly ideal on calm water or pool water, this awesome inflatable raft is designed with a really nice and beautiful “Explorer 200” logo on a pretty sleek red finish inflatable boat construction. The French Oars and Mini Air Pump that come with this boat set is always a great addition to have.

6. Intex River Run II Sport Lounge


Ranked at number six is the Intex River Run II Sport Lounge. Very similar to the Run I edition, this alternative model is slightly more popular due to the fact that it can accommodate up to two people. Either you like to float with a friend or loved one, this amazing sport lounge offers such a wonderful experience that you would definitely love. It comes included with five quality air chambers to provide more safety. Moreover, the two built-in cup holders are perfect for storing refreshments or drinks as you chill out on the water.

5. Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze 6-Person Floating Island


This is the Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze 6-Person Floating Island is another awesome inflatable raft that everyone should definitely consider. This boat can accommodate up to six people, giving its large and flexible build construction. There are also extra pillow backrests which are specially designed to add more convenience and comfort to everyone. Perfect for a family swimming pool hang-out, this floating island is such a nice item to have at home.

4. Intex Sehawk 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set


Standing fourth of this top ten list is the Sehawk 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set from Intex. Made in the USA, this inflatable boat is easily one of the best inflatable rafts out there you should look for. This bad boy has all it takes to be one of the best, providing its superb build construction along with a very sleek and classy greeny design. It can holds up to four people, and can be used for fishing or recreational boating up to your preferences.

3. Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge


This is the Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge. This top quality option does not stand at number three of this list for no reason. It is big, beautiful and very comfortable to use. This water lounge is specially design to fit up to four adult-size people. It has a circle all-around design that lets you enjoy the drinks and chit-chat just like sitting at a table in a coffee shop. If you are looking for a calm and peaceful chill out with friends at the pool, this inflatable raft is such an ideal stuff to bring along.

2. Intex Explorer Pro 200, 2-Person Inflatable Boat Set


The runner up of the list is the Intex Explorer Pro 200. It is indeed an update edition to the previous explorer 200 model. What makes it so special is the fact that it is built with a more refined and fresh design that might provide a similar appearance to the previous one, yet offer a pretty solid and decent performance when on board. It is equipped with a quick-fill and fast-deflate Boston valve on its main hull chamber that lets you easily control the air inflation and the overall stability of this boat.

1. Intex Excursion 4, 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set

Best Inflatable Raft

The best inflatable raft in the market right now is the Intex Excursion 4-Person Inflatable Boat Set. This top-quality inflatable boat comes with a really nice and elegant design that is so classy and attractive. Perfect for fishing, this inflatable boat is equipped with two high-quality fishing rod holders and oar holders that give such great assistance. Also come with this set are two aluminum Oars and a High Output Air Pump, which are great accessories to bring along with this top-notch inflatable boat.

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