Best Horror Movies To Watch in Free Time

Watching movies is actually a good way to kill the boring time. Good movies often bring us into a different world at least for that period of time. To me, I often watch some Hollywood movies during my free time when I am bored and feel like there is nothing to do. And, the movies I like to watch most are actions movies and horror movies. For today, I have done a bit research of the best horror movies in this 2015. It will be my watch list, and I also would want to share these top 10 best horror movies for this year.

1. The Babadook

the babadook, horror film

Directed by Jennifer Kent, The Babadook is said to be the best horror movie of the year. This story begins with a mother of a 6 year old boy, who could not stop thinking about the car crash accident which killed her husband years ago. And, later on, there is a children book appearing at her home. That book is all of a frightening story of a showdown monster called The Babadook. The small boy has become more and more frightening of that. And, the movie has gone into his secrete plot.

2. Oculus

Oculus is another amazing horror movie of the year. The story started with a car accident of a family which killed everyone except the two kids. Based on the investigation, the authority has decided that it was the brother who had a plan to kill the family. So, he was charged and rehabilitated. But, the young sister still kept believing that it was the haunted old mirror in her house that has destroyed her family. So, she has started and continue the investigation on her own by setting up the cameras in different directions of her home.

3. Under the Skin

The third horror movie to watch in 2015 would be Under the Skin. This movie has been released in April 2014 and has got a very good review from the audience as well as has been considered as one of the best movies of the year by over 75 publications. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the movie happens when a body of a dead woman has been found aside of the road, and a van driver has placed her body at the back of his van. And, then, the haunted story began.

4. The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno is another taste of the horror movie of the year. Unlike being always about haunting, the Green Inferno is about a New York student activist who has got on a plane to a remote jungle of Peru to do her protesting. However, the plane crashes and she was fallen into the tribe, and then interestingly horror things began to take the attention of the audience.

5. Dead Snow : Red Vs Dead

dead snow

Dead Snow : Red Vs Dead is among the newest best horror movies of the year. It has been released only a few months ago, and a majority of the reviews they have got from their audience are overwhelmingly positive. This movie is seen to will have earned a lot of money back. This movie is somehow a combination of horror and comedy film. It was directed by Tommy Wirkola. The movie is indeed a continuation from his last one, the Dead Snow. And, it begins with Martin getting up from his bed in the hospitable after his car crash accident. The thing is his arm has been surgically removed and replaced by a zombified arm. Then, he escapes from the hospital, and his super power has killed the police officer nearby.

6. The Guests

The Guests is an American psychological thriller film. It was released in this September in the United States and have gained a great popularity. This thrilling film notes the Peterson family who has struggled over the loss of Caleb, the oldest son of the family, to the war in Afghanistan. Unexpectedly, the family was visited by David who claimed to be Caleb’s closest friend. So, Mr. Peterson has offered him a stay in his family. After awhile, there has been a suspicious belief that David has killed a few people, and the thrilling scene started.

7.  Horns

Horns is an American-canadian horror film, going around a man who was accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend. After failing to defend himself, one day he woke up with a big surprise that he has found two big horns over his forehead. What that is more interesting is the horns has given him the super natural power which allows him to manipulate people around, and the most interesting plot began after that.

8. What We Do in The Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows is another special one of the comedy and best horror movies in 2015. This movie is actually a New Zealand film, directed by Taika Wititi and Jemaine Clement. And, the story is about a group of Vempires who stay together in Wellington. They often go out and haunt the street looking for the food. A few of them have been a few hundred hundred years old already but have a normal human appearance. This movie seems to be so popular among their audience.

9. Afflicted

Are you looking for another Vampire thrilling movie? If so, Afflicted should be among the best options you are looking for. This film is about the two friends who have gone on a backpacking trip. They have documented all their way around. However, suddenly, one of the friends has been suffered mysteriously after he encountered with a woman. That is the beginning of the suspicion and interesting scene of the movie.

10. Housebound


Housebound is another great spoon-key comedy thrilling film from New Zealand about the criminal Keylie. After being accused by the court, she was punished to be detained in her house. So, she moved to live in the house where she has grown up. But, she was convinced that the house is haunted. So, she worked with the security guard in the area to investigate this.

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