Best Hidden Camera Glasses 2022 – Consumer Reports

It is very popular in today’s lifestyle that people seem to seek for something new and special. One amongst the many changes in common practices is the fact that glasses are now also built with more creative and high-end technology. Glasses are no longer just for styling and eye protection purpose, they are now also used for voice and video recording. Below list will therefore introduce ten of the best hidden camera glasses you may look for in the market right now.

10. 720P HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Hidden Camera and DVR Video


This Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Hidden Camera is arguably one of the best products out there if you are looking for a decent pair of hidden camera glasses. Not only it comes with a high quality 720p HD camera quality, but it also features a very nice-looking frame that could add up to your personal styling as well. With this amazing pair of sunglasses, every move and activity in front your eyes are very well captured and recorded at your convenience. Moreover, even at such a high quality with many interesting features, this hidden camera glasses can be found at a really affordable price.

9. 1080P Glass Sport mini Eyewear Camera and 8GB Micro SD CARD


Standing at number nine is the Glass Sport Mini Eyewear Camera. This amazing eyewear features a very stylish looking frame that would look great on any dressing. It has a real-time video recording of 1080p resolution framework that gives you great satisfaction when recording. Moreover, these glasses are built with a quality 8GB memory card for video storage as well. Therefore, this should be an ideal choice to go for if you are seeking for both recording quality and storing capability. However, if we look at how it is designed, this glasses could add up a great and nice style into your fashion besides its hidden camera feature.

8. UYIKOO 4GB TF Card Video Camera Eyewear Glasses Mini DVR Camera /Sunglasses Camera


UYIKOO also makes great-quality hidden camera glasses that you may look for as well. The camera locates at a very special place that can not be easily seen or noticed. The camera offers a very high-end recording quality of up to 1280x720p resolution capability. With no driver needed, these glasses also comes with a very easy and user-friendly interfaces that can be connected to your personal computer or laptop with ease. In short, this is totally a great product you can lend your confidence in.

7. Excelvan Polarized Sunglasses HD 720P 5MP Mini Camera Video Recorder


Excelvan Polarized Sunglasses is a very sleek glasses that have a ray-ban look to its design. With black finish and high-quality frames, these glasses are also a great accessory to add to your personal dressing as well. It has a mini 5 megapixel camera Len that is capable of recording up to 720p video with ease. Throwing this pair of glasses with any type of clothes, you can always look great and record surrounding activities at your convenience. This item is simply but terrific for the quality and functionality.

6. CM-SG20 Eye Glasses Sunglasses Covert Camera Hidden Cam


The CM-SG20 Eye Glasses Sunglasses Covert Camera Hidden Cam by StuntCams are also the one to look for in the market right now. It comes with a very well-built covert hidden camera that can’t be seen by bare eyes. One of the special features these glasses offer is the fact that it can also be fitted with prescription lenses; therefore, these glasses offers great usage for everyone. And, so far, many previous users of the glasses have rated this product very positive which means they do like and feel a lot satisfied with it. This is another good confidence for you to buy too.

5. Video Sunglasses and Spy DV DVR Recorder Camera Sport Eyewear


Standing at number five is this specially-made hidden camera glasses from UYIKOO. This eyewear is indeed a very well-known pair of glasses out there you could seek for. It has every best features for not just a great pair of glasses but a decent pair that is usable for multi-purposes. Featuring a high-quality digital video recording hidden camera, these glasses also come with a built-in mp3 player and microphone that can be used for more than just video recording purposes.

4. 8gb Hd Dvr Hidden Camera Spy Glasses Video Camera Mic Detachable Headphones Mp3


At number four, this is also another popular hidden camera glasses in the market right now. More than a top-quality pair of sunglasses, this eyewear also offers high definition video recording camera that is very well placed and hid. With its 5 megapixel camera, these glasses can easily and effectively record plenty of high-quality video formats up to your personal needs.

3. KINGMAK 5MP 720P HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Pinhole Hidden Glasses


This is another popular choice you may seek for. From KINGMAK, this eyewear is built with a high-end 5 megapixel hidden camera that can record HD videos of up to 720p framerates resolution. Moreover, this amazing eyewear also comes with a storage capability that can supports up to 32GB micro SD card. Offer both high-end camera quality and large storing capability, this eyewear from KINGMAK should be a great companion for your everyday use.

2. O’plaza 5.0 Mega Pixels Hd 1280×720 Spy Camera Sunglasses


Standing second on the list is the O’plaza Spy Camera Sunglasses that have been rated as one of popular choices for many reasons. This very eyewear is also known to be the world’s first glasses that offer high definition quality video camera. More than just the recording capability, this pair of sunglasses from O’plaza also offers a sleek and stylish design that is spot on and can be worn by anyone at any age.

1. PeleusTech Hidden Camera Mini DVR Camcorder Glasses Eyewear Black

Best Hidden Camera Glasses

The best hidden camera glasses in the market right now is this 800A black eyewear from PeleusTech. With a simple glance, this eyewear may just look like a very elegant and sleek sunglasses. However, these amazing sunglasses are built with top-notch camcorder camera that can record up to 1080p resolution videos with ease.

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