Best Hair Trimmers 2022 – Consumer Reports

Going to barber can be very costly if your hair grow quicker and easily get out of shape. Thus, people usually buy a hair trimmer and learn how to cut hair by themselves. Haircutting skill should be easy and take less time to master it, but for that to happen, ones should own a decent hair trimmers. In this review, we will show you the 10 best hair trimmers which really deserve your consideration to bring home, and you will enjoy your hair trimming to the max.

10. Custom Cut by Conair 18-Piece Haircut Kit


Stay neat and cool with the Conair’s Custom Cut which is sold at 13 USD. The silver and blue color hair trimmer comes with the stainless steel clipper blades that will cut your hair smoothly and evenly. Inside the storage case, you will receive 8 additional attachments and accessories that you can use for shaping your hair as you like. Also, you are going to be able to use this model for a long time since it is also made for the best durability.

9. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit, Blue


Remington HKVAC2000A is a powerful hair trimmer due to its dual motors that will go smoothly even for the thicker hair. In the interior, it is designed with a spacious container that will suck in the trimmed hair. You can get up to 18 accessories with this haircut kit, so that don’t have to go to the barber just for trimming again. Likewise, the design of this best hair trimmer is just outstandingly attractive in addition to its amazing performance for your trimming.

8. Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper


The Philips Norelco will cut your hear even faster and smoother with its super sharp blades. You don’t have to worry that your hair will blunt the blade because its self-sharpening build is capable of sharpening itself when you use it, thus prolonging the blade life. Moreover, it is a rechargeable hair clipper, and you can use it up to 2 hours without the wire bothering you when changing position. Design, functionality, durability and price of this hair trimmer make itself superior and the best deal for the users.

7. Conair 22 Piece Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Haircut Kit


This one is another hair trimmer from Conair which provides you with 4 more pieces of the necessary tools for adjusting your hairstyle. The rechargeable hair trimmer will run for an hour for cutting your hair without the requirement of electricity. On the other hand, you can also remove the blade easily whenever it needs cleaning. Again, convenient trimming is one of the best features of this hair trimmer while its variety of the accessories make it a complete kit for home hair trimming.

6. Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100, All-in-One Trimmer with 7 attachments


The Philips Norelco Multigroom will not only tidy your hair, but it will also works well with your facial hair. As it is an all-in-one trimmer, it can be used for clipping hair, beard, stubble, and nose as well. For those to be possible, the blades are built with Chromium steel that are extremely sharp and self-sharpening. Last but not least, it features the “Turbo Boost” mode which can speed up the blades for a quicker haircut. The hair trimmer comes with the rechargeable battery that can be used up to 1 hour when fully charged. This is really a super choice for you to have your convenient trimming.

5. Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Hair Clipper & Beard Wet/Dry Trimmer


With Panasonic ER224S, you can use the hair trimmer in the water without any electrical error. Simply means that it is ideal and convenient for cutting wet hair or cleaning the device in the water. In case you have facial hair and love to keep it tidy, you can do so by using the pop-up trimmer which will perfectly trim your facial hair. In short, this one is designed for precise trimming with no allergic harm to your skin. On the other hand, it sells at quite a good price you can easily afford to bring it home if you love its design and features.

4. Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100


The Philips Norelco BG2040 is specially and uniquely constructed to provide the maximum relaxation for cutting the hair. The finest round blades along with the combs are placed inside the hair trimmer to avoid the damage and cut which irritate the skin. There are many attachment packed with this trimmer, you can customize it to perfect your style. Also, it operates cordlessly through its long life battery attached, and it will the mess to the least in your bathroom.

3. TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit


To offer you with the best look on your head, high-quality metal blades are used on this TRYM II hair clipper. With an elegant build, this hair clipper uses rechargeable battery which was enhanced for a longer usage. In addition, you will get sharper blades and more accessories to help you trimming your hair, mustache, bead and any body hair to your imagination. You are going to have a great trimming experience with this hair trimmer.

2. Andis Promotor and Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit, Silver


The Andis haircutting set features 27 attachments which is ideal for the professional and home-user. Equipped with high-speed blades, it will make clipping and trimming faster and much more precise. You can use this Andis set for all types of hair clipping and trimming to the very detailed and all area of your body. Additionally, you will be provided with a storage case to keep everything inside.

1. Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit


The best pick in our hair trimmer review is the Wahl 79300-400 haircutting kit which can be purchased at 18.99 USD. The hair trimmer is designed to optimize the convenience when using. Overall, it is engineered for easy holding and with the color codes on the comb that tell the exact length of the hair to be cut. Either for a haircut or body hair grooming, this full haircutting kit will serve you on any condition. Furthermore, the blades which are used in the hair trimmer are self-sharpening and sharp enough to precisely shape your hair.

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