Best Golf Bags 2022 – Consumer Reports

Going on a course can be troublesome without a golf bag to pack every club you need for a round or two. However, to choose a good golf bag, you really need to know everything you need for the course and the features and capacity of the bag. To alleviate your difficulty in choosing a good golf bag, a review list of top 10 best golf bags is prepared specially for you. They are great in both the quality and design. And, importantly, they have satisfied most of their previous users. Thus, it should do so to you too.

10. Nike Golf Air Sport Carry Stand Bag


Nike Golf Air Sport is a very functional carry stand golf bag. To illustrate, you can easily organize your tools with its 3 full length divider system. This carry stand bag also features Nike EquaFlex Max Air curved revolving double strap system which makes it easy to carry. Likewise, the ventilated air mesh back pad does not heat up your back in case you carry it on your back for a long walk. This best golf bag will be a great companion to you on the course.

9. Proactive Golf Bag


If you have to carry a lot of clubs, you may need Proactive golf bag. This bag is made of polyester material and it is big enough to hold the clubs you need to bring along with. The multiple-pocket design offers you rooms to store you tools without wasting any space. The padded shoulder strap eases the burden of carrying a full complement of clubs. Not only great for golfers, this bag can also be used for other purposes, and it is going to be extremely durable, at the same time.

8. Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag


Nike Air Sport Lite comes with a lifetime limited warranty; therefore, you apparently do not need to question its quality. This golf bag features a stand, so it is easy to take out your clubs from this bag. The Nike Xtreme suspension system of this bag forms a lightweight exoskeleton frame with one-piece webbing that attaches the supremely cushioned. This golf bag is available in 4 attractive colors such as red, black, green and navy blue. You can choose one of your favorite colors from those if you decide to bring this golf bag home.

7. TaylorMade Purelite Stand Bag


TaylorMade Purelite stand bag features 5-way top with handle and full length dividers for easy storage and organization. The multiple-pocket design allows you to pack every club you need to the game. The stand of this bag guarantees no split thanks to its anti-split system. Interestingly, in case there is a rain, this bag has an umbrella sleeve and rain hood to protect your stuffs from getting wet. This feature is an additional greatness of the golf bag.

6. OGIO Men’s Shredder Stand Bag


OGIO Men’s shredder stand bag is a well-constructed bag with 9 pockets. With such number of pockets, you don’t waste a single space in storing your clubs. The 8-top divider is a great feature for better organization. To be exact, the whole arrangement and design is ideal for golfer searching for a simple cart bag to carry just the necessities for a round of golf. Indeed, it is these features that make the golf bag one of the best products for now.

5. Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag


Nike Performance Hybrid carry golf bag is an outstanding bag ideal for golfers. It features multiple pockets including a waterproof fleece lined valuable pocket and an insulated cooler pocket, therefore, you can store any accessory you want. With Nike EquaFlex Max Air Curved revolving double strap system, ventilated die cut air mesh back pad, and the Nike Strap Thru system, you can enjoy the utmost comfort you can never find with other golf bag. And, the experience is exclusively unique.

4. Callaway Hyper Lite 4.5 Stand Bag


Looking for a lightweight bag? Callaway Hyper Lite 4.5 stand bag is the one you should consider. This golf bag is made out of premium quality nylon material that is durable. Callaway stand bag features 6-way top with an integrated handle and 5 full-length dividers, plus 11 pockets for storing accessories and small items. Last but not least, the extra padded 4 points double strap of this bag can be easily converted to a single strap. This is perfect for the convenient use from this golf bag for the users.

3. Callaway Fusion 14 Hybrid Stand Bag 2014


Another great stand bag from Callaway. This Callaway Fusion 14 hybrid stand bag is a 10-inch 14-way divider golf bag for better club organization. The base system is an advance Xtra Traction Technology which can offer greater Turf Contact for perfect stability. The strap is made of EVA foam core and soft mesh padding on the exterior, thus it is convenient to carry. Moreover, it is a great look golf bag that is going to get you compliment on the course. It does a great work to serve you, and you will be very delighted with it.

2. K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case


K-Cliffs golf bag travel case is an inexpensive golf bag for bike or subway commute as it is light and small. Though it is small, it can hold up to 6 to 7 clubs including driver. Interestingly, this golf bag is made of water-resistant material, so you can rest assured you clubs will not get wet. If price, small size and quality are what you are seeking, this is the one for you, and it has been reviewed by customers with high rating and reviews.

1 . Nike 2014 Performance Cart II Golf Bag


Nike 2014 Performance Cart II golf bag is what you need with you on the course. This 9.5-inch oval top bag features 14-way, dual-sided top with TPR injected side handles, and multiple pockets for you to pack everything you need for a course. With its good-looking design, this bag can be a compliment magnet. Last but not least, it is really light in weight and has a great base for stable standing. It will not be a wrong decision to bring this with you on the course.

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