Best Garden Cart and Garden Wagon 2022 – Consumer Reports

A garden cart or a garden wagon is often needed when it comes to taking care of your garden. Actually, there are so many garden carts available for sale. If you are looking for one, there is no difficulty to find one. Just to make you easier to look for the right one with best quality, we have researched and collected its top best products for you. In the list below, we have the top 10 best garden cart and garden wagon reviews for you to see. These are the most popular carts. It thus should satisfy you well for both the design and quality while the prices are reasonable to order. To see the details of each design, you can check them out down here.

10. Sunnydaze Blue Utility Cart


Sunnydaze cart features the mesh steel bed and side and the steel is coated with high-quality color for weather and rust resistance. Furthermore, the sides are foldable and removable for various storage positions. The handle is long enough for easy pulling and importantly it can turn 180 degrees for your convenience. The handle is designed in large size for easy pulling. Besides, The tires are premium pneumatic and axle products which ensure the smooth roll, and reduce scratching force. Its overall weight is just 40 pounds and it can support up to 400 pounds with ease.

09. Strongway Yard Cart


Strongway Yard Cart has 14 cubic feet capacity storage which can support the maximum weight of 400 lbs. Its construction is rigid steel coated with rust-resistant powder finish. Additionally, the plywood panels are durable and it is designed with aluminum edging to make its look elegant on the beautiful yards. Furthermore, the rear panel is removable for easy storage. Finally, the pneumatic wheels come with the ball bearing hubs which ensure that the cart will move easily.

08. VonHaus Cart


VonHaus cart is constructed with waterproof lining which can prevent rush and ensure the durability. The long handle is designed ergonomically for easy and effortless pulling. The foldable side allows you to load and unload your heavy objects with ease. The tires are high-quality that can move smoothly and support the heavy duty use. Finally, this versatile trailer can be used in varieties of tasks in your garden.

07. Polar Trailer Garden Cart


Polar cart comes with the dimension of 65 by 31 by 28 inches with the load capacity of 600 lbs. It can be used for small and big tasks in your garden because of maneuverability. The tub is polyethylene materials and other part is steel frame construction which is covered by powder coat finish for rust and weather resistance. The tires feature the shielded ball bearings for quick movement.

06. Farm and Ranch FR1245-2 by Tricam


This mode of Tricam features the foldable and removable sides that enable you to access and unload the object easily and fast. The bed of cart measures 34 inches by
21.5 inches for large storage space. With the steel mesh and yellow powder coated finish, this cart is long-lasting to resist with weather and rust. Furthermore, the pneumatic tires are heavy-duty to move on any types of difficult terrain: mud, rough surface and so forth. Finally, this product will be backed with one-year limited warranty.

05. Sandusky cart 27-3/8″ Height, 48″ Length x 24″ Width


The Sandusky cart is constructed with durable and corrosion-resistance steel to make sure that this cart can transport heavy materials with ease. With the size of 27-inch height, 48-inch length, and 24-inch width, it can store up to 800lbs. The 13 by 5 rubber tires ensures that you will pull the cart effortlessly even on hard surface. Finally, the handle is made in D-Style for snug hold and convenient pulling.

04. Farm & Ranch FR110-2 by Tricam


Tricam cart is steel mesh construction which is very suitable for heavy work in the garden. The side is removable and foldable, so you are easy to store and remove the items. The bed comes with the dimension of 34 by 18 inches which are large enough to support 400 pound weight. The long handle is padded to allow you to pull conveniently with less effort. Finally, you will be offered one-year limited warranty.

03. Mac Sports Garden Cart


Mac Sports cart is built with durable and strong steel frame that can support heavy load of 22.5 lbs. weight. It is foldable for easy loading the objects. Moreover, the 600D polyester fabric container is suitable for transporting delicate items like flowers, or plants; additionally, it can be removed easily for cleaning. Finally, blue color design will stand beautifully in the green garden.

02. Gorilla Carts GOR866D


Gorilla cart is lightweight to help you eliminate your effort in pulling. With the 1,200 pound storage capacity, it is designed with dump function for easy and fast removed the objects. The steel frame is coated with black finish to prevent rust. Moreover, the 13-inch tires are durable and endurance to move on terrain with ease. The handle is designed ergonomically to pull by hand or tractor.

01. Gorilla Carts GOR200B


This mode of Gorilla is bestselling product which can facilitate your work in the big garden. Its special function is dump feature that can unload the heavy object fast. The bed size is 36-inch length and 20-inch width that provide you large space to store up to 600 pounds. The frame is steel construction with black finish that ensures durability. Finally, four sturdy pneumatic tires allow you to transport your heavy items on any types of surfaces.

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