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Manga is a very popular comic in Japan. Many people have enjoyed their time a lot with those Manga comic. And, just like any other kinds of stories, there are many types of the comic story including the funny ones, the horror ones, and the mysterious one. So far, Manga popularity has also gone beyond its Japanese border. It seems obvious that it has become a really good comic story of the audience in many corners of the world. Even easier for now, people can just go online, and there are many free websites they can enjoy reading those Manga new stories quite easily. In case you are new to the story, you might not know what those websites are, and for this article, we will introduce you the the top 10 best free Manga websites you can seek for your favorite Manga stories.


One of the websites which you can rely one when you are to look for free Manga stories is the the To date, this is one of the amazing and most popular websites Manga lovers will go in very often to find our the new Manga stories. At the same time, there are so many of previous Manga stories in the site you could also find. It is really a lovely site to surf around if you like Manga. You can get through the link to the actual site, and you will even know what I mean for my suggestion.


The second website to suggest for your free Manga stories is the Within the site, there are many Manga collection where you are likely to find your favorite Manga stories very quickly, and oftentimes, you will be able to find any Manga stories you may like in the site. Since until today, thousands of Manga stories have been collected and placed for an easier search yet.

3. is currently one of the very active Manga sites with regular update of the most recent Manga stories. Having it layout in a grid form with the cover pages of those Manga stories, it makes users really convenient to seek for the best and most favorite Manga stories of them. For an evidence for its popularity, it can be seen, to an extent, by the number of its followers on facbook, and it is almost 600 k of likes already.


The next suggestion when it comes to finding the free site to read Manga stories is the Actually, this Manga site is extremely popular. If you just search the word Manga in Google, it is likely that it results in a very top suggestions by google. This happens just because each day there more than thousands of visitors into the site for the Manga stories they want to read.


With an enormous collection of Manga stories, this is one of the favorite sites for many Manga lovers. As soon as you get into this site, you will see a long list of most-recent upload of the new Manga stories, and you surely can pick up some and enjoy them along the way. Normally, there are many people who go into the site regularly for their favorite Manga stories. That is why from day to day, this is even more popularly liked.

6. is another very good and Manga-ful website which you can access those stories for free. As well, this web design is very user friendly and good looking. Through its nice navigation menu, you will be able to find your favorite Manga stories very quickly and easily. And similarly to the rest, this site contains thousands of best and most recent Manga stories you can read to entertain. There is nothing to wait. You can get to go in to the site and explore more.


Often having the most updated Manga stories, it makes this one of the most visited websites for those who really like reading Manga. As well, you will find this website layout very easy to navigate and find your stories. More importantly, you are sure to find any type of Manga stories in this site including the mysterious, funny, and fantasy Manga stories. In short, you will enjoy your time with this a lot after a bit of surfing into the site.


The number 8 website to recommend is the This is absolutely among the very popular free site for Manga stories, and it contains a large collection of thousand copies of Manga stories. If you like the new stories, they have it for you, and if you want to seek for the old long Manga stories, you can also still do it in this site. It is just a terrific website for you who love to read Manga badly. After visiting this once, you might end up going there regularly.


The second last website to check out for today suggestion is the Still on and actively uploading new Manga stories every day, the will get you to any story you are looking for. They have so many of the popular Manga stories. Like many of its users, you will keep returning to this site, and more importantly, you can keep enjoying your free time with your free favorite Manga stories within the site.


The last suggestion is the Like the rest of the list, this site is extremely favorable to many Manga readers. With the variety of the stories it collects, this seems to have almost any story you are looking for. This site is just amazing in terms of its collection. Additionally, you will find it very easy and convenient to navigate through the site and enjoy your reading of those Manga stories.

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