Best Fingerprint and Biometric Door Lock 2020 – Consumer Reports

For security reason at home, many people choose the fingerprint or biometric door lock to install into their doors. If you too are looking for one for the same reason, this article has some special and suggestions of the best fingerprint and biometric door lock reviews for you to consider. They are both amazing in design and security performance which you can trust. Many users who have the actual experience with these door locks also rate the product quite high. That adds more of the confidence to your selection for any one of these best door locks in the list. At the same time, you will be surprised by its price. They are superiorly affordable and worth the order to bring home to guard your house.

10. Brand New Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock by Sage


This product of Sage is designed elegantly with integrated structure to make sure that your room is safe with the strong security guard, fingerprint door lock. The cover is added to protect the fingerprint sensor and keypad from external damage. In addition, it comes with high technology function to store up to 99 user fingerprints and 1 master fingerprints. For high safety and convenience, LED display is able to inform you when you should add, delete or reset the lock. Finally, this product will be backed with one-year warranty.

09. Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock “Aegis” by TIANYU 123


This mode of TIANYU 123 is designed with multi functions that can operate with fingerprint, mechanical key and key code. The fingerprint is built with ergonomic design for individual or business use. Furthermore, it is equipped with OBDII card diagnostic reader for high safety. Moreover, the lock is deadbolt which fits well with the door and has high capacity to bear with strong compression. The lock is also built with double layer for right-handed installation.

08. Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock by ANVIZ


ANVIZ lock is the heavy-duty zinc alloy that can be used indoor or outdoor with ease due to its waterproof capacity. Furthermore, it is able to record up to 99 users for the big company use. The built-in music buzzer and LED indicator is added to give the signal while opening. It also features US-made TI chip to save power consumption. For versatility, alarms and emergency alert are included by using low voltage and external 9V battery respectively.

07. Biometric Fingerprint by UNISHOW by bubble star


This fingerprint lock mode comes with the patented algorithm which is the innovative security function. Additionally, this product can record with the maximum of 500 which is the amazing data storage. Importantly, due to its high performance and versatility, most people like using it as Attendance Timer Clock. It can support almost all types of 12V DC Electric Locks well.



SAMSUNG EXON comes with the top-grade fingerprint sensor which is designed with white light. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and you can delete the fingerprint after setting up if you want other person to enter your room by themselves. Plus, to access the room you can use pin or fingerprint up to your decision. The whole material is fiberglass and plastic construction which can ensure durability and stunning appearance.

05. Anviz L100 II Door Lock


This product of Anviz features a backup mechanical key which you can use for emergency. It is made of sturdy zinc alloy for front panel. The high-quality materials make this product waterproof, durable and stable. It comes with only single latch to make sure that you can install this lock effectively with ease. Plus, this versatile product allows users to change handle direction easily, so it is very convenient for either right-handed or left-handed users. Finally, with DIY and clutch motor design, you will use this elegant lock comfortably and securely.

04. SCYAN x7 Door Lock


SCYAN x7 Door Lock is the US-made product for high safety and versatility. The door can be opened with either fingerprint or keypad code. Importantly, it is designed with the innovative self-learning ability which can update a user fingerprint template; thus, the rejection rate will be decreased. In addition, the handle is reversible for either side. Finally, it is constructed with chassis double shell for exterior construction making this lock sturdy.

03. Adel 3398 Door Lock Fingerprint


Adel 3398 comes with the combination of three ways for entry: fingerprint, key, and password. The password operation uses the advanced technology 6 digit programming code for high safety and it can be added or deleted easily at the keypad. Moreover, you can install the lock easily without any wiring requirement and importantly the battery is provided already for your convenience. Finally, the lock surface is coated with PVD for durability.

02. 788 Trinity Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock by Adel


Adel 788 Trinity is designed with easy-to-use function but it can provide high safety. This versatile product can be used with user code, fingerprint and key. Those three ways have the same high quality to protect your place. The lock is covered by PVD to provide stunning outlook and sturdy construction. Finally, it can be install with ease without using wiring.

01. iTouchless Door Lock

Best Fingerprint and Biometric Door Lock

iTouchless Door Lock has the strong capacity to record up to 150 fingerprints and 78 passcode users which can be used with big company or institution. For your convenience, two backup keys are also provided. Moreover, to make sure that this lock can be used in long time, the sliding cover is added to protect UV sensor from water and sunlight. Finally, when the battery is low, you will be alerted.

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