Best Eno Atlas Straps 2022 – Consumer Reports

When you need the hammock for your stay outdoor, you will surely need the straps with you. For some travelers, they do have the extra one too. That is why you may need to know what those best straps are to find some. From our team’s research on the product type, we have found out that the Eno Atlas straps are among the best ones from the trusted brand. Thus, we have selected and compiled 8 best Eno Atlas Straps to review for you to consider in this list. You can enjoy and find your favorite one down here if you are really looking for some.

8. Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas EXT


Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas EXT set is composed of 2 straps which have high capacity to hold up to 400 lbs. This product is made of top-grade poly-filament webbing. Though it is designed with small shape, its quality is still high for great versatility and durability. It measures 54-inch length that can be used with any tree. Furthermore, it is very easy to use with simple setup and takedown. With compact shape, it can save a lot of space in your backpack. Finally, it is stored in protective frustration-free packaging for proper storage.

7. ENO Atlas EXT Utility Strap


This mode of ENO is the product of tubular nylon webbing construction ensuring high durability. The strap can be set up easily and you can take it down fast in just seconds. Moreover, it can be adjusted easily for your preference length. This product is usable with all types of tree. Plus, its strong endurance can support the maximum weight of 400 lbs. with high performance.

6. Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Chroma Strap


ENO Chroma strap set comes with dual straps of 9-feet length. It can support up to 400 lbs. for your convenience and safety. It also features the Titan-inspired suspension system with two-tone weaving for better performance. This strap can be used for wrapping around big trees with ease. Moreover, due to its versatility, it can connect with roof racks rocks and boat masts. Plus, it is designed with compact shape and lightweight, so it consumes very little space in your adventure backpack. Last but not least, it is easy to set up and take down effortlessly.

5. ENO SlapStrap


ENO SlapStrap can be used with any types of trees with various shapes and sizes. Moreover, it can support the maximum weight of 400lbs safely, so you can lie on your hammock comfortably without any worry. Built with nylon webbing, it is long-lasting and can bear with frequent weather change. Coming with the perfect size, you can hang your materials between two sturdy objects between 10 to 20 feet apart. Last but not least, it is the useful accessory for hammock users.

4. Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL


Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL is poly-filament webbing construction. The attachment whorls are added to support the hammock in extremely large spaces. Designed with 13.5 feet long, its endurance can allow you to wrap around the tree securely no matter how big the tree is. Besides, it can be used for boat masts, rocks, and roof racks. Plus, certified Frustration-Free packaging will store the strap properly and it enables you to open easily without any packaging materials required.

3. Eagles Nest Outfitters Slap Strap Pro


This mode of Eagles Nest Outfitters is created of heavy-duty nylon and imported. This durable strap can wrap around any trees or any sturdy objects with ease. In addition, it is the great hammock suspension system that is easy to set up. At the end points of this strap is designed with multiple attachments which allow you to use this product with many purposes in the length of 20 feet. This set consists of 2 straps, each of which has high capacity to hold up to 200 lbs., so the maximum support is 400 lbs. Its special design will fit well with any types of hammocks. Finally, its price is not expensive, if you take its high quality and durability into account.

2. Eagles Nest Outfitters Slap Strap


ENO Slap Strap is the smart product built with advanced technology to make you convenient in setting up and taking down. This strap is designed with UV treated nylon webbing, so it can endure with sunlight, and water to ensure its leading durability. Additionally, it is the adjustable strap you can use with different shapes and sizes of trees. It is able to support up to 400lbs. with high safety and stability. Its length is 3.7 inches which makes this product more versatile. Besides, it is lightweight, so you can take pack it in your bag conveniently.

1. Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Strap

Best Eno Atlas Straps

This ENO Atlas strap is the versatile product providing up to 30 adjustment points for customization and convenience. The strap measure 9 feet long, so you can use it easily with big trees. Furthermore, it can be connected to varieties of items including boat masts, roof racks and so forth. Each strap is able to endure with 200 lbs. effectively, so this set with 2 straps has stronger capacity to support the maximum weight of 400 lbs. Plus, this strap is designed specifically to fit suitably with any types of hammocks. Last but not least, the straps are stored with premium Frustration-Free package to maintain straps’ quality well.

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