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Review Being Updated: 28/12/15

Electric unicycle is a unique and new innovative design as a transport equipment that will bring you a fashionable way to get around your community in a new and improvised experience. Now you can travel in just about any short-distance journey easily and conveniently. For walkers, it has become a need. Owning and traveling with an electric unicycle is a trend now, and many people enjoy being around with it badly. Our team has spent hours checking different brands that are providing electric unicycles to the market. And, we have organized certain valuable information that will be of a great help for you when selecting a good electric unicycle. Top 3 pick of the product have also been reviewed for your consideration.

When it comes to the electric unicycles, it is a trendy transport form which many like to have one now. It is a new innovation that brings excitement and joy up. Many of electric unicycles are currently being produced in China and exported to sell USA and other countries around the world. Its price is around 500 dollars, and a good quality one could do a great job for your traveling. Comparing against many criteria such as speed, intelligent balance, durability, and price, our team has come to the conclusion that these are the top three electric unicycles from three different brands to review and suggest. They are: Airwheel Electric Unicycle ScooterFotowelt Self Balancing Unicycle, and Ninebot One E+. Each one has similarities and differences especially the price. You will see those features in our review below. Comparing table above is the highlight.

Airwheel Electric Unicycle Scooter

1One of the very common brands of an electric unicycle you will see when going to the store or searching online is Airwheel. It is somehow a reliable brand and electric unicycle product. And, for the specific item from the brand that is picked for reviewing today is Airwheel X3-130-B W-Black. While its general quality is much trusted, you still need to see the features and specifications before you can decide if it is the one.

For speed, this Airwheel electric unicycle scooter could do at about 30 km per hour as its maximum speed. For normal move, this is already very good. And, per charge, the Airwheel design motor could get you between 10 to 60 km. For material used, the frame of this electric unicycle is made mainly from the fordable plastic. Still, it could ensure strength and durability for your ride. Additionally, it worth knowing that this electric unicycle could hold a person up to 120 kg. If your weight is more, this is not the one for you. However, besides that, this Airwheel is fashionable, stable, and fun.

All what this can do is by its built-in high quality Lithium battery. It is powerful and long lasting. Related to the design, its overall appearance is fairly attractive while its weight is 21.6 pounds with 17.7 x 6.3 x 15.6 inches as the dimension. For the delivery, it will be shipped within three days after purchase if you buy in on Amazon, and it will take about 7 days to 20 days to arrive at your home.

What isn’t so great about this item:

Everything looks good in this electric unicycle except for one point that some users still think this item has limited use and features because they expect they could do even more.

Fotowelt Self Balancing Unicycle

The next one we have carefully selected for the review is Fotowelt Self Balancing Unicycle. Appearing good for the outside design, this unicycle has also had interesting and smart features to make it a fantastic one to recommend. Comparing to the first suggested electric unicycle, this Fotowelt design is more expensive. However, to fairly compare it, you could check out these features are designed into the item.

Firstly, the Fotwelt construction is from the carbon fiber patterns which make it look and last great. For the battery, it is 170Wh, and it allows for traveling range of 23 to 26 km per charge. This is quite a good feature, and it is enough2 for usual need of the riders. Also great, this electric unicycle has a dedicated smart chip built inside to ensure that the unicycle could function great for its self balancing feature. Many users confirmed that that is the point.

Nonetheless, for speed, this Fotowelt unicycle could do around 15 km per hour. That is not too fast, and it has been made so for your safety reason. For charging, it takes about 2 hours each time, and it then can let you ride between 18 to 30 km. For the loading capacity, if you are 120 kg or less, this electric unicycle is perfect. Another feature to not miss is its climbing angel, and for this design, it is 20 degree.

What isn’t so great about this item:

While many users find this electric unicycle impressive, there are a few points to raise which users find it should be improved. One is the weight. Some think it is a bit heavy to hold and carry. Another rare case is the fact that few users thought this electric unicycle should be more stable.

Ninebot One E+

The last pick which is also the most expensive design among the three is NineBot One E+. Of course, you may know Ninebot One is an outstanding brand, known for providing amazing quality unicycles to the market with many superior features. Similarly in this NineBot ONe E+, it has many interesting points that it takes to win the buying decision of the users.

To check out this, we would like you to firstly feel its design. Comparing to the other two and many more, this NineBot One E+ design comes with more attraction and fashion. It is indeed a trendy design. Even more, this electric 3unicycle is awesome with power range and speed. Per charge, it can go up to 35 km in distance, and for the speed, you can maximize it to 22 km per hour while the normal speed is around 18 km per hour. That makes possible by its powerful and high capacity 320Wh batter and powerful motor. Also to mention, at the climbing angel of 20 degree, you ride and deal with steps and stairs conveniently.

For battery cycle, the one built into this NineBot One E+ has about 1000 cycles to be used. That is another superior feature in this electric unicycle. And, from the testing, NineBot One E+ could hold a person up to 120 kg very well, and it works still great between the temperature of -10 and 45 degree Celsius. On the other hand, this transport tool has been generally reviewed extremely positive for its quality and design satisfaction from the users. Importantly, they have found huge pleasure and excitement in riding this electric unicycle.

What isn’t so great about this item:

If you find out you like this too the most, there are a few down points about this electric unicycle that have been expressed by the users. Though they may be from a particular case, it is till good you get around it too. In some rare case, the products arrived with dents and damage to users’ hand. That is a problem with shipping if to point it out. That is where you need to be careful with and check with the buyer well if it is returnable in such situation. Another thing is the instruction. Many finds no one in their box, and it is somehow confusing without it.

Buying Guides for a Unicycle Electric Scooter:

If you have just heard of an electric unicycle and want one too, you might need some guidance on how to buy a good one at your budget. It takes time to do that search, and the below outline will help you. It gives you some basic and general ideas of what to consider when looking for an electric unicycle.

  1. Brand Reliability: Brand implies trust and the quality. And, for now, Airwheel, Ninebot One, and Ftowelt are popular ones which their products are being sold online and offline. Importantly, many users have trust on these brands for many of them have had good experience with their electric unicycles. There are a few others too. However, to really see if an electric unicycle is great, you should look at the reviews from the users. That is real information about the specific product you are looking at.
  2. Where to buy an electric unicycle: Again, electric unicycle is now a trend, and it is not difficult to find one. If you enjoy buying online, Amazon, Alibaba, and Ebay are the big online sites you could find your favorite one. If you are in USA, you had better check out in Amazon. It is convenient and reliable to bring you great electric unicycle.
  3. Safety: When you want to have a ride with electric unicycle, safety should be the top priority to care about. It has one wheel, and it is built with smart balancing feature. Nonetheless, if you do not do it right, you can hurt yourself easily. Another thing to not forget is having a helmet with you every time you are on the ride.
  4. Durability: Good electric unicycle ensures good durability too. That is in the battery life, the powerful motor and the strong make of the product structure. Those are the three main parts of this item.
  5. Size: Size and weight are also important to check out. There will be times you need to carry this, and if it is too big and heavy, you will find difficulty in it. Normally, an electric unicycle weighs around 10 kg or 22 pounds.
  6. Control: Setting it up and control are things you will experience every time you want a ride. Look at the review, check the actual experience of the users and specifically look for the ones that is recommended for its easy control. You will be good.
  7. Maneuverability: Maneuverability is the movement, and a smooth one is expected in an electric unicycle. Many designs have taken that as their focus. Thus, that is what you need to confirm if that is right for you.
  8. Price: For the price range of an electric unicycle, it could cost between $300 to $1000 or more. Knowing this may allow you to find the right one at your budget.

Features to Consider in a unicycle electric scooter:

  1. Design: Design is the appearance an electric unicycle is made at. A variety of the designs are available, and it is differently made by the many brads. Some of them are awesome to many people, and they are normally the ones with most reviews and are bought most. The top three picks below are among them.
  2. Speed: Speed is a feature you must check. It has a big difference between electric unicycles. Some could do 35 km per hour while some others might be 15 or 20 km per hour. That depends on its motor capacity.
  3. Riding Capabilities: Because electric unicycles are made at different motor capacities, the range it can travel per charge are also different. Some designs are made to do only about 10 km per charge while a big one could up to 60 km. Which one to find depends on how far you commonly to ride the electric unicycle. And, of course, the ones which can do more is a little bit more expensive.
  4. Weight: There will be times you need to carry your electric unicycles around. Then, weight is important to check out. A usual electric unicycle weighs around 22 pounds or 10 kg. This is a standard weight and brings least irritation to your carrying it.
  5. Portability: Yes, in many of the times, electric unicycles are used as for sport activities, and you may need to take somewhere else to ride for your fun. Thus, portability is to care. It is about the design, the weight, and more about an electric unicycle. You had better take that into consideration too.
  6. Battery Capacity and Cycle: battery is an important part of the electric unicycles since it is the only power source to your ride. Battery capacity is one, and it is how much power it can hold for use. Battery cycle is another, and it is the battery life, how long it lives for the use. Good battery could have up to 1000 cycles. 
  7. Climbing level: As an electricity is for a travel, as you will encounter stairs and steps, climbing level of an electric unicycle is as well to check. It is how well an electric unicycle can do it and do it conveniently for your ride.
  8. Smart Balancing: Of course, any electric unicycles have that as a feature. All are built in with the sensor to know if it leans backward or forward and automatically self balances itself. But, how good it can do is a matter, and in the review of each, there should be users comments for you to see on the electric unicycle you are looking at.

10. Fotowelt X30 Unicycle Electric Scooter


This self-balancing unicycle electric scooter is professionally engineered to offer you an enhanced experience. Once you have this unicycle electric scooter, you can ride up to 16 km per hour easily and conveniently. More than that, you will find this unicycle electric scooter extremely handy and useful around your community as you go. It is super fun, safe and easy to travel with this unicycle electric scooter. To experience it by your own self, you can bring this home with the link below.

9. Fotowelt Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter

This unicycle electronic scooter by Fotowelt is professionally designed for those who are looking for a new experience. With this unicycle electronic scooter, you can ride up to 18 to 22 km per hour. This unicycle electric scooter is super easy to operate without any difficulty while its balance is achieved to the max by its professional design. Indeed, it is professional, high-quality and long-lasting for you, and it will worth every single penny of yours.

8. Muzeli X3 Aviation Electric Unicycle Smart Scooter


This electric unicycle scooter by Muzeli is super light and designed with expertise to offer you an improvised experience. Made with the latest technology, this unicycle smart scooter will change your perception forever. On top of that, it is super easy to operate and use without a single difficulty. In fact, it is smooth, safe and user-friendly with many color designs available to select. Also important, it will simply bring a lot of entertaining experience for you.

7. Droiee Self Balance Electric Unicycle Scooter

This self-balance electric unicycle scooter is expertly engineered to offer you something unique. With this unicycle scooter, you will be able to travel in a way that is new and exciting. In addition to that, this high-efficient unicycle scooter is made to be safe, flexible and reliable for you so that you can operate this scooter easily and conveniently as you go. It is a choice that you cannot resist, and you will feel the joy playing with this best electric unicycle.

6. Carbon-fibre Pattern Self-balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter

This self-balancing electric unicycle scooter by Carbon-fibre is beautifully and elegantly manufactured to bring you a fashionable way to scooting. It is more than just a normal unicycle scooter because it is efficient, power-saving and most important of all safe for your travel. You will be able to operate this unicycle scooter easily and conveniently, just the way you like it. Indeed, you can rest assured of its quality and standard to the max. Also, with its powerful performance, you can be of a great ease to be on the ride.

5. TG-T3 Electric Unicycle Wheelbarrow


This unicycle wheelbarrow is a top-quality and powerful product that you trust its affordability, reliability and durability. You can ride up to 18 km per hour easily and conveniently. Also, you can charge the Samsung lithium battery in just 45 minutes to get 80% of energy. It is light and super handy for you. You will find it super easy to operate. It is an excellent choice for you with a variety of available colors as you could see in its picture above.

4. Electric Unicycle ‘Uni-Wheel’

If you are looking for a fun and reliable machine that will allow you to travel in any short-distance journey, this electric unicycle scooter is a great choice for you. With its ability to travel up 20 km per hour, this electric unicycle scooter will allow you to commute and travel in your community easily and conveniently. It is a fun, safe, efficient, affordable and reliable product for you.

3. SUPOW Newest Self Balancing Electric Motorized Unicycle


With this motorized unicycle, you can ride up to 16 km per hour, making it a powerful machine that you can trust its quality, reliability, durability and affordability. Made with the latest technology, this unicycle is fun and safe to ride without any concern. As a matter of fact, you will find this unicycle extremely handy and easy to operate as you go. It brings a truly fashionable way to your healthy lifestyle with amazing entertainment.

2. Airwheel X8 Carbon Fiber Pattern Unicycle

This unicycle is a high-quality and professional product that will make sure that you spend your money wisely. It is super-efficient and powerful since you can easily and conveniently ride it up to 12 miles per hour. It is light and easy to operate,ad you will find it extremely handy and convenient. It is a product that is designed to be high in quality, satisfaction and standard guaranteed.

1. Official Selling Airwheel Q3 Electric Scooter

Best Electric Unicycles

This electric scooter is more than just a product to you; it is your real companion. With its twin wheel, you can ride this electric scooter up to 18-30 km per hour with stability, flexibility and safety. In fact, this electric scooter is super easy and simple to operate without any technical knowledge required. It is a choice that you should never overlook by any reason.

These super amazing and best unicycles are the selective products we have picked up from the customers’ favorite choices. Also, their price are very among among other best unicycles. That is why they are all selected to review in this list. Thus, if to order one, you can feel confident getting one of these reviewed unicycles in the list.

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