Best Electric Skateboards 2022 – Consumer Reports

Made with the latest technology and innovation, electronic skateboard is fun, safe and reliable to ride. You will be amazed by the fact that you can travel on the road easily and conveniently with this innovative invention. The only thing you might need to do is to find a reliable, long-lasting and high-quality electronic skateboard for yourself or your beloved ones. To help you with that, we present to you a list of top 10 best electric skateboards available on the market.

10. Maverix BorderX 800W Electric Skateboard, Red


This electric skateboard by Maverix is explicitly engineered with expertise to offer you a new experience with skateboarding. With this electronic skateboard, you will be able to ride up to 30 km per hour at the highest speed. It is made to be safe as well since you can use the super smooth ABS braking. Indeed, this red electronic skateboard by Maverix is an excellent choice for you, and you will be highly satisfied with this and enjoy your day to the max.

9. Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard


This Boosted Electric Skateboard is professionally designed to deliver professional outcomes for you. With this electric skateboard, you can have much more fun than you can imagine. Moreover, with this skateboard, you can ride safely and confidently. You will find this skateboard super handy and useful when you are up on the road. Simply, it is an electronic skateboard that will makes sure you spend your money wisely. Either its design or performance, this is just incredible, and you will say Wow after having the actual experience with it.

8. Yuneec E-GO Electric Skateboard


This electronic skateboard by Yuneec E-Go is more than just a skateboard to you; it is a real companion to you. It is super light and specially designed to offer you an amazing experience with skateboarding. It is a very flexible and safe skateboard that you can trust. You can easily and conveniently operate and use this electronic skateboard. Actually, it is a high-quality, good performing and reliable electronic skateboard for you. You may never find such a great electric skateboard like this easily.

7. Munkyboards SK-500BL 500W Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard with Lithium Ion Battery


This electronic skateboard by Munkyboard is engineered with expertise to offer you something unique. This electronic skateboard can allow you to travel up to 22 mile per hour without a single difficulty. What’s more, it is super user-friendly and safe. You can rest assured of its quality and standard with this Munkyboards. It offers you a true sense of an original and authentic product. Importantly, it will help to make your sport the favorable and enjoyable one. It will change your day.

6. Electric Skateboard Two-wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooters Drifting Board with LED Light in Red


If you are looking for a nice and high-quality electronic skateboard, you can give this electronic skateboard a try. You will be able to ride this skateboard up to 15 to 20 km per house. You will find it extremely handy and useful. More than that, it is easy to operate, with a few simple steps followed. It is a reliable, long-lasting and affordable electronic skateboard for you. It just worth every dollar of your expense on this.

5. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


This Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is specially manufactured to offer you a new experience with skateboarding. In fact, with this electronic skateboard, you will be able to ride just the way you like. It is made to be user-friendly, secure and flexible. Regarding the cost to bring this skateboard home, it is quite reasonable and affordable without you having to think twice. It is indeed a great choice that you should never overlook.

4. Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard, Black/Green


This electronic skateboard by Dynacraft is a high-quality and professional product that you can trust its durability, affordability and reliability. It is light and made to be great for those who are aged 8 or above. It is very easy to operate without any concern. In fact, it is worth every penny of your money. For the price, this certain skateboard costs a bit more than the rest. By this, you can tell it, accordingly, has many more of the special features and quality. Also worth noticing, it is extremely smooth to ride with the comfortable play.

3. E-GO Electric Skateboard by YUNEEC with FREE Carry/Travel Case


This E-go electronic skateboard by YUNEEC is a real eco-friendly product that you can both trust its quality and save the environment. It is exclusively designed to offer you an improvised experience with the way you skateboard. More than that, you can ride up to 30 km per hour. It is a product that you trust its quality, durability and reliability. Moreover, the good quality and nicely designed bag for this skateboard is added into the package for your easy carrying this away with you.

2. Maverix Cruiser 600W Electric Skateboard, Blue


This blue electronic skateboard is another trusted and high-quality product of Maverix. It is designed to have the ABS braking, making sure that you can control it at your convenience. In addition to that, it is safe, user-friendly and reliable. It is also super easy to operate without any technical concern. You will find it extremely handy as you go. And, if to talk about the price, this doubtlessly is far much more expensive than the rest in the list. It is just because all the materials used to make this up are all the premium quality materials with the extremely professional design to create this finest quality electric skateboard for you to enjoy the sport.

1. LUOOV Street Devil 1200 Watt 20 Mph Hill Grade Cruise Control Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboards

This electronic skateboard by LUOOV is a top-quality skateboard that will earn your trust instantly. It takes only two hours for a single charge, and it will run great for you. Also, with this skateboard, you can ride up to 18 mph, which is very cool, and you can, more importantly, enjoy the whole day with just a single charge. On top of that, this electronic skateboard is super easy and simple to operate as you go. It is a choice that you cannot resist. 6 month warranty is also included.

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