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Review Being Updated: 18/12/15

Electric Pallet Jack has become an important need for many small businesses and warehouses, especially for organizing and moving the products around. It does help a lot: time, money and effort. However, when you are looking for the best electric pallet jack to buy, you might need tones of information before you should decide, and it surely consumes a lot of your time to do the research. As you arrive here, this article will bring you good information about the available best electric pallet jack to buy. Our team of 4 people spend more than 18 hours searching, reviewing and organizing information about the electric pallet jack here. Along with the suggested products to consider, extra information that is extremely useful for decision comes along such as the buying tips, top brands, and electric pallet jack staff training tips.

In case you have already decided to purchase an electric pallet jack for your business, our suggested item is Vestil EPT-2547-30-SCL Electric Pallet Truck with Scale. Our team has spent over 15 hours looking into each feature and functionality of this electric pallet jack and compared it to many others mentioned below before deciding to suggest it. However, if you are in a tight budget, then you could also consider the semi-electric pallet jack or even the hand pallet jack. Best ones of them are usable, and of course, they are a lot cheaper than the electric pallet jack.

Best Electric Pallet Jack

Vestil EPT-2547-30-SCL is a brand new electric pallet jack, the recommended one from our team’s review. First of all, Vestil is quite a good reliable brand which is offering a wide range of equipment for stuff handling in the warehouse. However, the make of Vestil EPT-2547-30-SCL is a brilliant one with great construction. Coming with the overall height of 49 inches, overall length of 66 inches, and overall height of 28.5 inches, this Vestil design could handle the loading capacity of 3000 lbs, which is a common need for many different businesses. Good maneuverability design of this electric pallet jack has enabled user friendly experience. Moreover, its great maneuverability allows it to be used great in small warehouses with narrow aisles. Consequently, many businesses like the product very well.

Product SpecificationsVestil EPT-2547-30-SCL
Width25 inches
Weight325 Kg
Traveling Speed3.2 MPH Loaded, 2.8 MPH Unloaded
Run Time per Charge8 Hours
Loading Capacity3000 lbs. or 1363 kg
Length47 inches
Fork Width5.9 inches
Battery12V x 2

Additionally, convenient use, high safety, and efficiency could also be found in this option. Working great in various applications in factories and warehouses, the Vestil electric pallet has an awesome ergonomic design with additional scale on top of it for easy loading management. Even more special, a port is added so that users can connect it to the printer when needed. Aside from that, many previous reviews of this Vestil model has expressed good satisfaction of this product over others for its easy-to-use and efficiency. The Vestile EPT is equipped with the Electromagnetic disc brake which activate itself when users release the handle. For the run time, you could expect this Vestil Ellectric Pallet Jack to run up to 8 hours by its two 12v batteries which are included. Regarding safety matter, that is a focused point of this electric pallet which is designed with a safety-enhancing function that could instantly move itself in a reverse direction in the emergency case. Horn is available in the design of this Vestil EPT.

At the same time, the 7 KW drive motor and 1.3 KW lift motor of this electric pallet is made extremely powerful, and it works great to do the transporting tasks you need around your warehouse. Importantly, the suggested electric pallet is rolling perfectly smooth on many types of grounds. However, as this design is made best for closed and open pallets, it works only when the pallets are at their standards board thickness (3/4 inch) and minimum opening (3.5 Inch). Lastly, it is about the durability of this electric pallet that should be mentioned.  The electric pallet has been made up of extremely good quality steel which could last very long for your service.

Negative Points about the Product:

Nonetheless, when our team compared the price of this Vestil EPS to many others, we could say that it is more expensive than many other electric pallets that are available on many Online store sites. That is one of the very few negative points of this. If you do not mind with the price, you are highly recommended to seriously consider this Vestil EPT Electric Pallet Jack.

Vestil Pallet Jack Review in Video

What You need to know before Purchasing an Electric Pallet Jack:

  • Brand: For the moment, when it comes to an electric pallet jack, brands such as Vestil, Crown, Toyota, and Raymond, and Big Joe would be the common and trusted names which their pallet jacks are more reliable. If you are interested to go through different products of these brands, you could get into their official websites and check them out.
  • Released Date: Each electric applet jack comes with a code, and it tells when the product is released for sale. That is useful when you are looking for the best electric pallet jack with most advanced technology and functionality. The latest designed ones tend to serve your work better. There is no question for that.
  • Loading Capacity: A variety of loading capacities built into best electric pallet jacks are available. Commonly, many of them could handle the 2500 lbs, 3000 lbs, 5000 lbs, 5500 lbs, 6000 lbs, or even 8000 lbs. However, you really should know what loading capacity you would need to load and unload your everyday work. It would be a waste of money to buy the ones which could do more than, or less than, what you may need. The price is somehow far different.
  • Design: It implies more than just what you can see from the outside. Ergonomic design for convenient use, maneuverability for great 180 or 360 degree movement, and less maintain need would be things you need to seriously check out because these could later bring you issues to deal with while the work needs to go on.
  • Run Time: as you are looking for the electric pallet jack, the items would be battery-operated, so running time is worth checking out. If you need an extensive work from your electric pallet jack, you really need to find the ones that could serve your work long enough.
  • Durability and Reliability: Normally, most electric pallet jacks are constructed from strong, premium quality. However, you would really make this your checklist. Even more, many newly-constructed electric pallet jacks comes with a lot fewer components and parts. That would be a better option for you.
  • Types of Pallet Jack: Never forget that you can also consider the semi-electric pallet jack or the manual one if you are not willing to spend a lot with your tight budget.
  • Used Pallet jack: If you still need an electric pallet jack and do not want to spend much, you may be considering the used electric pallet jack. That option will do too. Through our search and review of many electric pallet jacks, when it comes to the used one, we would recommend Crown 24V Electric Pallet Jack for you. This Crown model could load up to 6000 lbs with long run battery. As well, Crown is a trusted brand which its product is made from US, and more importantly, this suggested one is still in good condition.
  • Lowering Ability: it is extremely important that an electric pallet jack could handle the lowering very well. Normally, that is a common issue for users, especially when maximum loading is needed- that is when a holding stability is needed.
  • Part Availability: No matter how good an electric pallet jack is, there will be times you need to replace the parts. So, before purchasing, you also need to care if it is easy to find the parts to replace in case you need to. If not, you had better consider a new option. Without accessible replacement, you could face difficulty when its component breaks out.
  • Its Origin: As you may know, many products are currently manufactured in China and distributed around the world. Though good Chinese products are good, you would trust more in US made product. Electric Pallet Jack is the same. There are some from China, and there are some from US. Crown is one of the brands that are producing electric pallet jack in US. If that warranty your trust, you may check out the Crown designs of their best electric pallet.
  • Pricing: There is a wide range of costs for an electric pallet jack. While the manual pallet jack could cost under USD 1000, the Electric design needs several grants to bring one in. Pricing is thus another thing you may need to be careful with so that it works best with your budget.

How we pick the items to review:

Electric pallet jack, unlike many everyday needs, demands only by the businesses. There are not so many brands that are producing and delivering the products. It, thus, is not difficult to find out the best brands that are offering this kind of products. As well, our team has searched for the criteria of a good electric pallet as mentioned above as our guidance to find and filter only the best options to review.

Our team has reviewed different products from the trusted brands to find out the one that is most suitable for small businesses and their warehouses. However, we have checked many online stores such as Ebay and Amazon to find the available electric pallets. We also found out that several products from not well-known brands also worth considering. Additionally, we have got through many electric pallet reviews in Youtube to see the actual experience of the users. Until we have found and listed the potential ones from the sources, we have pulled out the features, functionalities, prices and their weaknesses out to compare. As a result for this, we conclude that Vestil EPT-2547-30-SCL Electric Pallet Truck with Scale is the one to recommend.

Electric Pallet Jacks we have also reviewed:

1. Xilin CBD15W Fully Powered Electric Power Pallet Jack is one of the interesting electric pallet jacks available on the market because of its great performance. It is equipped with permanent magnet brushless motor with high electric efficiency with maintenance free. Also, it uses full sealed battery free to maintain big capacity 24V/80AH for high intensity use. Besides this, it has max speed limit button that can release brake when handle is upright to reduce turning space greatly.

2. Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack is available at a great price. It is well designed with ergonomic handle and three-position lever with raise. Lower and neutral positions. In addition, it is equipped with 27” overall fork width (14.4” between forks) 48” long forks with 2.95” fork clearance. Besides this, it uses 7” articulate wheels with 200 degree steering angle.

3. Xilin Semi – Electric Pallet Jack is somehow reliable because it is made of premium quality metal and materials, which makes it a very durable electric pallet jacks. Furthermore, it is run by permanent magnet brushless motor with high electric efficiency and maintenance free, so this electric pallet jack is very powerful. Besides this, it is well built with smallest turning radius.

4. G941 Full Powered Electric Pallet Jack is also good to see. It is well built with maintenance free battery, which makes it easy for you. Moreover, it has built-in cord and charger, so you don’t need an extra adapter. Besides this, with advanced technology, it can lift up to maximum of 3000 pounds with the lifting height of 4.5 inches. Lastly, the height of tiller arm in driver position is 28/47 inches making it easy for maneuvering.

5. E30 Fully Powered Pallet Truck is another one you can consider. It is a premium quality construction, which makes this electric pallet jack very durable and sturdy. Moreover, it is a fully powered pallet truck with both motorized travel and lift functions to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue. In addition, it features a compact power head with high torque 24-Volt DC electrical drive system.

6. Vestil EPT-2547-30 is also good to see. It is well designed to be a fully-powered pallet truck that can make movement of pallets quick and easy. Moreover, this electric pallet jack is equipped with fingertip raise and lower buttons for operator convenience. Besides this, it is well built with safety belly reverse button to improve workers safety.

7.  Also reviewed by our team, it is the GF 2015 Electric Pallet Jack.  It is well constructed with 3,000-pound weight capacity, and it is made of high quality steel for high durability. In addition, it is powered by 24VDC battery with built-in charger which has 4-inch power cord. Furthermore, this electric pallet jack has battery LED indicator, and it has travel speed of 2MPH with turning radius of 52.7”.

8. Crown 24V Electric Pallet Jack PW3520-60. This pallet jack is well built with weight capacity of 6000 pound, and it has built-in charger 120V AC. Moreover, it is well designed to have lifting height of 9.5” and lowered height of 3”, and this electric pallet jack has fork length of 48”. Furthermore, it is equipped with battery that has battery life of 6 hours with 600 AH max.

9. Xilin CBD15W Electric Pallet Truck. It comes with permanent magnet brushless motor with high electric efficiency and maintenance free. Moreover, it has max speed limit button that can release brake when handle is upright to reduce turning space greatly. Besides this, it has the smallest turning radius of 1320,,-1389mm (width 550mm-685mm). Lastly, its travel speed is 5.3-5.8km/h.

10. Big Joe Semi-Electric Pallet Truck has its unique design and great performance. First of all, it is powered by 24V 30AH maintenance free batteries and it comes with 110V AC charger. In addition, it is well built with a wrap-around hand guard, reversing switch, push button travel control, battery discharge indicator, and horn. Last but not least, it has low mounted tiller arm for operator comfort.

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