Best Electric Mosquito Traps 2022 – Consumer Reports

Insects are considered as one of the disturb to study, working and living. If you are having this problem with insects, you will probably need to find the traps to get rid off them. Here is the review of the top 10 best electric mosquito traps that you can find on the market in the year 2015.

1. Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper


The top product of our review is the Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper. This product is brought to you by Aspectek which is one of the famous inventor of the electronic and pest control product over 25 years in North America. This products is fit to use in any houses, business, restaurant, hospital, and other indoor areas. The special feature of this product is it attracts insects to its UV lights and instantly kills them with its high voltage metal grids. This product also has a special feature to protect humans or pets from contacting with the electrical grid and harmful UV lights.

2. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer


The next product in the review list is Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer. Not really different from the first product, Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer is using it UV lights to kill any insects that bother your life. Its shape is designed with lantern style which is so fashionable. Also, it has created the special outer to protect human especially children and pets from the UV light and charged grid.

3. Enjoydeal Practical Power Saving Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Trap Killer


If you are looking for a brand new and high quality insect killer, you have to consider Enjoydeal Practical Power Saving Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Trap Killer. This product is so safe that it contains no poison, no smell or other harmful chemicals. Enjoydeal is suitable to be used in Summer and it is equipped with soft blue LED light that can attract mosquito which will be killed instantly by its current wire. What is more, the special design of this product is high performance with low power consumption which makes it consume less energy. This is one of the best product that you can find in the market since it can save you a lot of energy when using.

4. Stinger Indoor Insect Trap


Our next product is Stinger Indoor Insect Trap. It is non-chemical which is safe to human and environment. You will love this product so much because it has UV white light that is used to attract the insects to trap. At the same time, there is a powerful and quiet fan that draws them into the internal trap where all the insects dehydrate and die. Another special feature of this product is that its spare parts can be easily replaced. All of these features make Stinger Indoor Insect Trap special and wonderful to use.

5. Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie Power-Vac Mosquito Control Unit


Have you ever seen any product like Flowton PV-440 Galaxie Power-Vac Mosquito Control Unit? This product is so nice because it has a removable, see-through tray that you can clean the dead insects fast and easy. It is totally using the electric power, no flame and no gas. What is more special about this product is it has multiple attractants which are heat, light, scent and color. You should have one of these in your house because it dehydrates and kills the insects easily with its vacuum actions. Totally, this is one of the best product that you can find in our review list and in the market.

6. Dynatrap Insect Trap -1/2 Acre The Original Insect Trap


The Original Insect Trap is our next review. Like other traps, this product is designed to kill the insects but there are 3 ways protection against any insects. First, the insects are attracted to the trap by the warm UV light. Next, an exclusive titanium dioxide-coated surface will produce CO2 that makes insects irresistible. Finally, the quiet and powerful fan will suck the insects into the cage where they dehydrate and die. From these ideas make Dynatrap Insect Trap -½ Acre The Original Insect Trap the best invention. And probably it is the best product that you will ever find in the market of insect trap.

7. Lentek Electronic flying insect killer


Do you hate flying insect? If yes, this is the solution for you. Lentek Electronic flying insect killer is one of the best product killing flying insect. It has a black light that attracts flying insect into the trap and then kill them with electric metal grid. It is built with LED lantern that is harmless to human and pets but very harmful to insect, especially flying ones. This product is suitable in any domestic rooms like pet areas, shops, factories, farms, stables or kennels. With Lentek Electronic flying insect killer, you do not have any more worry with flying insects.

8. Rechargable Mosquito Fly Zapper Swatter


Next, we are looking at Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Zapper Swatter. This products is best used at home, BBQ’s, while camping, fishing, hiking, outdoor sporting events or parties. It is easy to use, just press the button and swing, once the insect touch the screen, it will instantly be killed. Another best feature of this product is that it has rechargeable built-in battery that helps you recover the battery easily once it is low or no battery. Like other products, it is safe for human and pets but very dangerous to insects. This is another best product designed and produced by Aspectek which is the best investor of electronic in North America.

9. Dyntrap Insect Trap, 1/2 Acre Pole 0Mount With Water Tray


From our review list, you will find Dyntrap Insect Trap, ½ Acre Pole 0Mount with Water Tray really interesting. It protect human from insects in 4 way protection. First, the UV bulb will produce the heat to attract the insects, then the titanium surface will produce CO2 to make them irresistible, after that, the water tray will produce the water to attract any egg-laying insect, finally all insects will be dehydrated and killed with the whisper-quiet vacuum fan. What you will like the most from this product is that you can place it where you need it the most.

10. Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Zapper Killer


Finally, in our review list, we introduce you Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Zapper Killer. Like other products, its function is to get rid off any insects that disturb in your bedroom, hotel, warehouse and any other places where you need the insect killers. This invention is wonderful since it has no poison and no smell. Also, it is safe for human and pets. If you are looking for a brand new and high quality product for insect killer, you are going to like Electric Mosquito Fly Bug Insect Zapper Killer.

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