Best e-Readers You May Like to Have 2022 – Consumer Reports

If you’re a book reader, reading an actual book is great for the eye and feeling. But what if you’ve read hundreds of books and you want to carry them around with you all the time? Seems like impossible. But with eBook Readers which are electronic devices for storing and reading books, you will be able to have tens of thousands, not hundreds, of books with you in just a few ounces. Below are the top ten best e-readers with the brief reviews that you might want to consider purchasing one because they are extremely useful for you.

10. Kindle 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display


Kindle dominates the world in terms of eBook reader; there is no doubt that this brand is the best brand of eBook readers around. For this particular model, it offers touchscreen display and it looks just like a real life paper even in bright sunlight. It can load thousands of books and the weight is even lighter than a paperback. The battery can last up to weeks not hours. It can download books with Wi-Fi from Amazon which is everything you need for an eBook.

9. Kindle 6″ E Ink Display


Kindle 6″ E Ink Display is an older version of Kindle but it is still a great products with a lot of customer satisfaction. It offers you with ink display that looks like real ink on a real paper. It has high contrast and delivers clear text and images. With Amazon’s one million collections of books, newspaper, and magazines, you will never get tired of reading as there are always something new on the shelves.

8. Kindle DX


Kindle DX is the 3G version with 9.7 inch screen with high contrast. It can last up to three weeks of usage without charging. It can hold up to 3,500 books and documents with you in this single Kindle. The beautiful feature about this device is that it offers free 3G wireless without monthly payments or any annual contracts. You can download books anywhere you want with free 3G network if you’re living in the US.

7. Kindle Paperwhite, 6″


Kindle Paperwhite is the evolution in book reading that combines the power of an electric device and a paper-like screen. This model offers 6 inches of high resolution display up to 212 pixels per inch which means you barely cannot see any pixel. This is the bestselling Kindle to date. It is lighter than other device and even 30% lighter than iPad Mini. You have the option to buy Kindle Paperwhite either with Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi + Free 3G.

6. Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader


Barnes & Noble Nook is the only eBook reader brand that’s not Kindle of Amazon. It is the runner-up with Kindle for its glorious design, display and capability. It lasts up to two months with just one single charge! It is even more impressive than Kindle. It is ultra-light, ultra-portable and even ultra-affordable. It is 6 inches touchscreen with millions of books and magazines available for download.

5. Fire HD 7


Fire HD 7 is currently also the best seller in Computer and Accessories department of Amazon. The device features 7 inch screen with over pixel density of 216 pixels per inch with 1280 x 800 resolution. This one offers in color and function pretty much light the high end tablets on the market which is a great choice for consumers looking to own a high quality but cheap tablet with optimization towards book reading. This model possesses quad core processor and 8-16 GB storage.

4. Kindle Fire HDX 7″


Kindle Fire HDX 7″ offers better display with high pixel density of 323 pixels per inch and the resolution is 1920 x 1200. The color display offers the perfect accuracy with sRGB. It is the best and is king of content with 33 million movies, TV shows, books, Android apps and games available. The ultrafast 2.2 GHz quad core processor offer smooth performance than ever. The front camer is over 720p camera which is pretty impressive. Finally RAM is 2GB with 14-64 GB storage.

3. Kindle Voyage, 6″


Kindle Voyage is a high-end model of Kindle with paper-like screen. It offers high resolution and high pixel density of 300 PPI that displays the screen like printed page. The reimagined page turns feature called “PagePress” offers you the ability to turn the page without lifting a finger. It has new adaptive front light which provides ideal brightness for days and night. It is the thinnest kindle ever made.

2. Fire HD 6


Fire is the most powerful in the most affordable price range (under $100) ever. It is displayed with 252 PPI and 1280 x 800 resolution. The processor is up to 1.5 GHz quad core. You can enjoy millions of digital contents offered by Amazon and many of them are free! Once you create account for downloading Amazon contents, you will be able to sync all the contents into all the smart device you own without worrying of the headache over transferring data or data loss.

1. Fire HDX 8.9

best e-readers

Now the best award for the best eBook reader goes to Fire HDX 8.9 which is a bigger screen Fire tablet that does whatever it takes to win consumers’ hearts. I is the most powerful tablet ever from Amazon. It is incredibly well design with beautiful shapes and features and it is super lightweight that’s just only 13.2 ounces. It offers 8.9 inch display with over 339 PPI and resolution of 2560 x 1600 which is candy for the eyes. The rear-facing camera is 8 MP and the front is 720p.

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