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Many people enjoy their times a lot with their pet at home. Actually, it is fun to have a dog at home. It is a like having a friend you can play with any time. However, there is a need to take care of it right if to have one. For this article, we have compiled the best dog blow dryer reviews for you to check. Compared to many other dog dryers, these are actually very best quality items you can trust to the max. Moreover, they are sold at such an affordable price. To find your favorite design still, you can check the best dog dryer below.

10. Metro Air Force Steel Dog Grooming Dryer


The Metro Air Grooming Dryer is less-time consuming unlike simple dryer. It is so lightweight, yet so powerful that is ideal for both shop and mobile use. Additionally, it is manufactured with rugged and durable steel, including a hanging strap and grooming arms. No heating element is equipped with in order to cause excessive dryness. Moreover, it features a six feet flexible hose with the air flow control and air concentrator. Two years warranty is offered.

9. Metro Air Force Steel Cagemaster


The Cagemaster dryer is a 4.0 peak horsepower motor with six foot hose and an extra-large diameter to carry the air into the cage. This dryer doesn’t need heat to dry so your dog is safe from dehydrating. Moreover, it has a safety feature of 15 minutes timer. The dryer will automatically turn off when the time is set. all parts are made of steel, creating a long lasting quality.

8. Metrovac Grooming Dryer


The Metrovac air force commander professional pet grooming dryer is a portable and less-time consuming dryer for pets. You could dry your large or small dogs with heavy coats. With its compact and lightweight design, you can place it on the floor or table top, whether standing horizontally or vertically as you wish. It is an effective dryer as there is a control of the air flow. It also comes with the master Grooming Scissors so you can trim your dog’s fur after drying. It is lengthy so you can move around and have your dog dried.



Equipped with 2-in-1 function, this pet dryer from XPOWER provides quiet, yet powerful of 2 HP brushed motor which generates air flow at 100 CMF. This is so ideal for the naughty, huge, and unstable dogs. With the B2 household blaster, it generates so many functions such as surface drying, car interior vacuuming and debris removal from computer keyboards. XPOWER is definitely a multi-purpose dryer to own one at home.

6. B-Air Dryers


B-Air Dryer is designed for quiet operation as it works in 110v only. Yet, it is so compact which is really convenient while carrying. It is made from sturdy ABS with a built-in handle. Its Bear Power II is great for pet owners and is durable for groomers and show exhibitors. Moreover, it has a viable dial speed controls which is for tuning the airflow to the velocity you want. There is a washable filter, so you do not need to worry of getting your pet’s hairs into the motor. For stability, the feet is rubberized.

5. Andis 60070 Pet Dryer


Andis consumes only 1875 watts during performing its work. The Ionic technology offers a short time in drying your pet’s hairs. In addition, it also breaks the water molecules-hair for a revitalized, soft, smooth, and shiny look after finishing drying. There is a Ceramic’s far heat that works to retain the moisture in your dog’s coat. The cool setting dries eliminate the damage of pet’s coat and skin.

4. Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer


It is a portable pet dryer that reduce the drying time up to 70% compared to a traditional dryer. It consumes only 120 volt with 1.3 horsepower motor. Moreover, it is constructed with steel and made in the US. Its lightweight design makes it easy for carrying along. You can dry the long haired dog in minutes with this large volume of warm air. It comes with six foot stretch hose, making it easier for mobility. The air concentrator nozzle will help to protect the skin and coat of your pets.

3. Dryers by Grizzly B-Air


This is a two speed motor that is designed for a quiet operation. The high RPM on the turbine motor warms the air at 20 degree Fahrenheit without any heating agent. The base is made from rubber, keeping the dryer stable while performing. Two speeds for your choice of getting the air gently or in a powerful mode. The filter is removable and washable, preventing pet’s hair and debris to get into the motor. Meanwhile, the slot nozzle also helps to prevent knotting while drying.

2. Metro Air Force-2 Speed Dryer


This particular model of Metro Air Force is a 2 speed dryer, equipped with powerful motor up to 1.7 Peak HP. All parts are made from rugged and steel. Additionally, you can efficiently groom large and small breeds with single dryer. With its portable and compact design, it consumes less space for storage. Besides the airflow control, there are air concentrator, groomer rake and air flare tool which are made for additional comfort. Three speed options are available. One year warranty is issued.

1.Go Pet Club Dryer

Best Dog Dryer

Having difficulties to dry your lovely dogs? The Go Pet Club Pet dryer would be a professional grooming dryer for your pet at home. The powerful air feature will dries your pet’s hairs in less time while offering a healthy skin without irritation and burn. Moreover, there are two adjustable speeds and two temperature controls, operating with quiet motor. This dryer uniquely has a puncture resistant and double flexible hose.

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