Best DJ Headphones 2022 – Consumer Reports

Whether you’re making music or play music or you are a DJ, you certainly need a really high-end headphone to hear the crisp sound with deep bass for maximum music detail. This is when DJ headphones come to mind. DJ headphones are those headphones that are designed to be professional with extremely comfortable design and high quality sound. Below are the top 10 best DJ headphones that are highly recommended.

10. Behringer HPX2000 Headphones


Behringer HPX2000 Headphones gives you extra bass and stereo sound and the quality is superior to ordinary headphones. It is affordable too. The ultra-high dynamic range and high-efficiency cobalt capsule are also featured. The headphones use 1/8” connector and ¼” adapter which are included. The single-sided cord with oxygen-free copper wires is also included. And, when it comes to the design, you can tell this best DJ headphone is super amazing for its appearance in addition to its superior performance.

9. Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ Style Headphones


Sony has long been known for its quality audio for its products. It uses wire and minimum frequency response is 5 Hz and maximum response is 25 Hz. The over-the-head earpiece-earpiece sensitivity is 105 db while the weight is only 7.05 ounces which is light and comfortable to use. The cable length is 3.95 ft. This pair of headphones produces crystal clear sound like studio quality. The design of this DJ headphone is at the same time unique and elegant in a fashionable way for DJs.

8. Sennheiser HD 205-II Studio Grade DJ Headphones


Sennheiser HD 205-II has rotatable ear cups and is perfect for DJ uses. It is the best rotatable ear cups out there. The earpads are field replaceable and easy to clean which means you don’t have to worry about dirty stuff from the ears. The ear cup can be used for single ear listening without having to wear the headphones on the head. It produces clear sound with deep bass and the shielding of ambient noise.In short, this Sennheiser has had the best sound quality and design for your music in the club, and it is built just for DJs.

7. Numark Red Wave Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones


Numark headphones are designed for professional use in studios and it can also be used for everybody. The swiveling earcup design lets you monitor house audio and cue mix with easy. It is really comfortable to use even with long hours thanks to the breathable protein-leather padding. The closeness around the ear makes the cup prevent the outside noise and lets you focus on the beat. The headphone cable is detachable that uses 1/8-inch or ¼-inch audio source.

6. Gemini DJX-05 Over-Ear Professional DJ Headphones


The headband and earcups are soft and adjustable that gives the flexibility to the headphones. The joins are reversible up to 90 degrees in horizontal position and 180 degrees for the vertical rotation. The spring cable is removable and is measured up to 13.1 feet. The headphones use 1/8-inch connector and ¼-inch adapter. They also use 50 mm high-output drivers for optimal sound levels. For the full build, this DJ headphone is ready to put a new style in for you and to change your music experience in a more exciting way.

5. Panasonic RPDJS400K Headphones


You will love this headphones upon purchase. Panasonic RPDJS400K Headphones are great headphones with tuned bass for massive beats. You will rock any party with them. They use free-style monitoring with swivel mechanism. It is convenient for traveling especially with the travel-fold design. The monitoring system uses single side and the cord is 2.9 ft. which is suitable for outdoor use. It is indeed a brilliant make for this Panasonic headphone.

4. Sony MDR-V55/WHI DJ style Headphones


Get your styles together because Sony MDR-V55/WHI is ready to rock. It is especially designed for people with style and people with the desire to become like DJ. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor uses that produces scrip and deep sound at the same time giving a great sensation to the music. This model features the cable length of 3.94 ft with stereo sound mode and impedance of 40 Ohm. Also, another uniqueness of this headphone is its thorough white design which is lovely and attractive by its way.

3. Monoprice 108323 Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone


Monoprice 108323 Premium is a seriously good pair of headphones. They give pleasure to the ear even you put them on for long hours as they spin the tunes and they were made with thick, comfortable padding that keeps the music inside and the noise outside. The headset doesn’t use fix wire which means it is attachable and if you break the wire you can buy a new wire without throwing away the headphones. The headphones come with two cables—one is 50 inches long and other one is 11.5 feet long. They use 2.5mm to ¼-inch adapter.

2. Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones


Pioneer HDJ-2000-K is DJ headphones with quality. They have high-Fidelity sound which is optimally designed for all kinds of DJs out there. The snug fit design is for super comfortable and relaxed to the ear making you have the ability to listen to the music without hurting your ears in long hours. The Flexible protein leather with soft touch and natural feel is made for the earpads that touch you like normal skin. With this on, you will enjoy your music in a more exciting way, and both the design and quality of this headphone will last super long for your use.

1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone


Finally, the best one of the top 10 Best DJ headphones is still Sony. Sony MDR7506 deserves a praise for its premium design with focus on usability and quality. The headphones were made with neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers that they drive the sound with details. The closed-ear design provides maximum comfort and outstanding noise reduction. The product uses 9.8-foot cord ends and ¼-inch adapter. Travel soft case is also provided for your convenience. Simply, the built-in features of this headphone are a lot more. However, these are enough that has made it one of the best DJ headphones on the market.

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