Best DIP Station and DIP Machine 2022 – Consumer Reports

With a simple workout equipment like the DIP station or DIP machine, you can even have your gym at home. Actually, home gym equipment can be as simple as those. Importantly, you can have your exercise at home, almost just like at the gym. Interestingly for the best DIP station and DIP machine products, many of them are available and can be easily found one on the market. However, it might consume a bit of time to go out and check one by one. As for the matter, our team has compiled the most popular ones of them for you to consider, and both the designs and the reviews of those are listed below.

10. Fitness Training Dip Station by Trademark Innovations


DIP station by Trademark Innovation is the high-quality steel construction which is rust-resistant and durable. It comes with the rubber stops which allow you to use this exercise product on every type of surface with ease. Furthermore, the gripping is equipped with soft and non-slip foam for your safety and stability. After buying, it is assembled easily in just seconds. Finally, doing exercise with this product regularly, your arm, chest and core will be strengthened.

09. Dip Station by Acclivity


Acclivity DIP station is able to support the maximum weight of 500lbs. Made of sturdy metal, the frame is 2 inches thick for durability and heavy support. In addition, it measure 54 inch high, so with this height you are able to do exercise comfortably and you will get the best muscle toning result. Finally, the push-up handles are attached at base to provide another layer of your exercising.

08. Dip Station by NYB


Dip Station by NYB is designed perfectly for most users including tall and heavy people. It is built with the size of 1.25-inch diameter for heavy support. Importantly, the hand grips measures 15-inch length which is easy to carry. Besides, its capacity can support 500lbs. with ease. Constructed with sturdy steel, it is coated with white powder for stunning outlook and ensures rust resistance. Finally, its price is acceptable compared to other products with similar function in the markets.

07. Ultimate Body Press Dip Station


This mode of Ultimate Body Press features back and arm rest on the mounted wall for easy and effective exercising. Built with long-lasting steel, it is coated with gray powder for elegant outlook. Plus, it also comes with padded foam grips for softness. This product is designed ergonomically for home use and easy installation. The mounting tools and installation instruction are provided for your convenience. Finally, this product comes with affordable price and you can find easily in every sport materials shop.

06. Body-Solid Dip


Body-Solid DIP station features the easy-to-hold handles with oversized grips for easy workout. The frame is built with heavy-duty steels to ensure durability. In addition, it can be used for knee raise as well with soft DuraFirm back and seat pad; furthermore, it is able to offer you the abs workout. With the size of 60-inch height, 37-inch length, and 24-inch width, it is suitable for every user of all height and weight.

05. Dip Station by Expectsaving


Expectsaving Dip Station comes with the dimension of 42-inch length, 27.5-inch width, and 53-inch height which is safe for most users and can save your house space as well. Though it is suitable for home use, it is built carefully with full function for professional grade. Constructed with heavy-duty steel and black coated finish, it is strong and long-lasting. Last but not least, it can support the maximum weight of 500lbs.

04. Fuel Pureformance Dip Station


Fuel Pureformance Dip Station is created of durable steel and coated with powder finish for weather and rust resistance. The open pass is designed perfectly for more convenience and versatility. Furthermore, the grips are foam padding to ensure non slip and softness. Importantly, it comes with rings for more effective workout. Finally, its price is affordable if you consider about its quality and effectiveness.

03. Body-Solid Commercial Dip Station


Body-Solid Dip Station is designed with freestanding position to strengthen your shoulder, and triceps. It is built with strong extended base to ensure the stability, heavy support, and safety. It also features the thick handle with 1-inch length to withstand your pressing strength. Plus, the grip is non-slip rubber construction for convenient workout. Built with sturdy steel, it is coated with electrostatic powder finish. Finally, this product can be backed with lifetime warranty.

02. Dip Stand by Barbells4me


Dip Stand by Barbells4me is built with 2 by 3 inch steel uprights for high performance. Also, it is designed carefully with angled arms for easy holding and pressing. The ultra-thick grip is non-slip rubber material. With the dimension of 27-inch width, 53-inch height and 37-inch diameter, it is suitable for at-home use. Designed in freestanding position, you can strengthen your chest and shoulders easily without wasting time going to the gym.

01. Black Mountain Dip Station

Best DIP Station

This product of Black Mountain is designed for easy assembly in just seconds. Four pads are added at the leg of products to ensure stability and enable it to stand on every surface with ease. In addition, the handle features the slip-resistance foam grips for maximum comfort and softness. It is lightweight, so you can move it to any corner of your house easily. Standing construction is more effective for toning muscle and burning fat. Finally, you will be offered lifetime warranty to reassure its high quality.

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