Best Digital Voice Recorders 2022 – Consumer Reports

While you hate doing the notes in lecturing class or during the interview, your confidence is ensured by digital recorders. Of course, today recorders are not only used to record voice but also for storing and playing music. More functions have also been developed lately with professional recorders. If you want to know some of them, here is the top-ten list of best digital voice recorders.

10. Sony Digital Flash Voice Recorder


Sony voice recorder, ICD-PX312, is created for more than recording purpose. And of course, it’s actually one of the longest-battery life recorders up to 72 hours. Its Intelligent Noise Cut technology produces clear sound with less heard background sound, and its MP3 mode is featured very well. Moreover, this recorder is built in 2GB flash that is easy to use with Windows and Mac. An additional storage by microSD memory card slot is also built in. Additional features are Voice Operated Recording technology, a good speaker and an easy-to-read display. Don’t miss it. You should consider having this digital recorder with you to record music, lectures and notes.

9. TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder


TASCAM DR 05 is a digital recorder that is powered with good-quality stereo recording with suitable size and affordable price. The recorder does its recording work in MP3 and WAV format. Moreover, it is modeled with built-in microphones to produce a quality sound while you are doing the recording. And by using the long plug-in power, this model can be connected to other sources. It is also a fast recording from 50% to 200% playback. If you are finding a long battery life to record lecture or interview, this product should be the best option. More additional features include USB, AC adapter, and MicroSD card. Of course, you can find all in one with TASCAM DR 05.

8. Etekcity 2-in-1 8GB Mini Portable Rechargeable Digital Audio Voice Recorder


Twenty-hour recording is not that short with additional 8GB space for storing your recording up to 550 hours. That’s amazing and only possible with Etekcity. And the audio recording itself is in MP3 mode, but indeed, that recording and mode will do the work well for recording phone call. More than that, you can test with voice convert and reviving speaker playback. Etekcity is also designed in beautiful black color, and you can find its complete set with earphone, adapter, and connecting cable. Clear sound is the priority from Etekcity. Come to purchase this recorder today, your product will be given warranty for two years.

7. Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder


It is not a contradiction to have Olympus when your first look does not give right expectation with this somehow small recorder. That can be explained. Of course, that is the amazing long life battery of 80 hours, and the built-in 2GB of memory can do audio recording up to 202 hours. This product has been receiving more acclaims from customer review because of its work performance. Simply, it looks straightforward as a recorder with big screen and rather wide speaker. Because of the big screen, calendar technology is equipped with it, and the wide speaker produce a clear playback sound. Put thing together, Olympus DP-201 is seen simply but known immensely among the best recorders.

6. Sony Digital Voice Recorder


This is from Sony product review. Imagine what a nearly five-star rating product functions with recording work. Certainly, this recorder is developed with what a so called Intelligent Noise Cut that record clear voice by reducing the background surrounding sound. Furthermore, Sony recorder is a 4 GB flash size that can record audio up to 1,073 hours. This is an amazingly long recording. Likewise, it is also equipped with microSD card, and you would find it easy to use when you are taking files to either PC or Mac. Looking at its body design, it is in black furnished chromed with simple and smaller size than a phone. This allows users to hold it firmly while doing the recording.

5. iGearPro Voice Activated Audio Recorder


iGearPro is a premium product of its kind. This recorder operates with voice activated option which automatically starts recording when it detects the sound. Moreover, iGearpro is mainly designed to fit all kinds of window systems including Mac, and users will find it easy to transfer files to another PC. Plus, this mode is made easy when you switch off or change to music function. And with its featured LCD and speaker, it really deserves your professional recorder. The recording hours depend on poor quality or best quality mode you set. Of course, with the best quality mode, you can do recording for 4 hours. Stylish and elegant, iGearPro has received most trust from customer review.

4. Sony Lightweight 4GB MP3 Digital Voice IC Recorder


How about Sony Lightweight? It is not different if we compare Sony to iGearPro. Its storage capacity is 4GB, and it’s a digital recorder designed with stereo microphone. Therefore, when you make a recording, no doubt that clear voice is the guarantee. With the best wide built-in speaker, it not only allows you to record clear voice but also produce precise playback. All audio recording is automatically converted into MP3 file. Distinctly, this recorder has 2 AAA batteries, which provide the long battery life compared to other recorders. At least, you will be satisfied with 45 hours recording, won’t you? Come to possess this recorder in furnished silver cover today. You will not be disappointed.

3. Olympus VN-722PC Voice Recorders, 4 GB Built-In-Memory


Olympus VN-722PC is well known because it can produce 1600-hour recording with the 4BG memory, and another 32GB built in for MicroSD card. Oh, there are two option modes which you can choose to operate on MP3 or WMA. And what’s more? After recording, it is easy to transfer file to PC because it’s mainly produced to fit personal computer. With exclusively beautiful big LCD and speaker, this product just makes completely clear voice with less background sound. More interestingly, the smart technology in it also dramatically reduces breathing sounds. If you feel lazy to hold it, just put it on its stand and start your recording. Indeed, there are more from this recorder. Don’t wait. Come to possess this model right now.

2. ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder


This is from another Sony Corporation, the ICD PX333 model. Since its release, it’s been receiving good rate of nearly five stars from customer review. All angles are closely built in beautiful and black design. This recorder has a storage capacity of 4GB memory and has 2 AAA batteries, which is to provide long battery life for your recording. Moreover, additional memory can be found with built-in microSD card. Likewise, the recording is made compatible with Mono MP3, and like some professional recorders, it is equipped with Intelligent Noise Cut, the so called A-B Repeat Function, in order to convert recording voice into a precise voice with reducing background sound. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and especially the ability to transfer files to your PC very fast and convenient. For ICD PX333, there’s no discrimination to kinds of windows, either Microsoft or Mac.

1. Sony ICDTX50 Digital Flash Voice Recorder


Here comes the black sleek design from Sony ICDTX50 digital recorder. Don’t get confused, it is not a smartphone. But of course, it looks very beautiful like a mobile phone. You will see more functions from this model. For example, the recording can be made with MP3, WMA, or AAC music with additional Linear PCM. Once you connect it to your PC or Mac, its data transferring is easy and fast like a professional flash memory. You can also find more microSD card slot and big memory that allow you have long-hour recording. And the Intelligent Noise Cut technology makes the clearest voice ever. What you should not miss now is this model, the Sony ICDTX50.

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