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If you are looking for the best quality digital multimeters with waterproof and great durability and performance, you have come here right. According to our team’s research and review over the products, we have found some very interesting digital multimeters to suggest. In the below list, the best digital multimeter reviews are there you can read for your information. Just for the quality and design of these, they are among the most reliable products you can find on the market. You can scan through each one for the specific details of them.

10.Fluke 28 II True-RMS Rugged IP 67 Industrial Digital Multimeter


One of the best digital multimeters to let you consider is the Fluke 28 model. Actually, Fluke is a good brand which is recognized well for this type of product. Interestingly, this Industrial digital multimeter is functionally great while it is made waterproof which can be used in any harsh environment. Drop test has also proven that in a range of 3 meters, you will find now problem after picking up this industrial digital multimeter. Lastly, its backlit keypad gets you good visibility in lowlit areas.

9.Fluke 287/FVF 7 Piece FlukeView Forms Combo Kit


For the next, it is the combo kit from Fluke. Containing 7 pieces, this kit has just enough tools for your to work when you need a multimeter. Interestingly, this item comes with the very soft case which is great for protection and storage. And, as this item is made in US, its quality standard is extremely high. Simply, this product is excellent to be used in R and D, manufacture as well as with the maintenance task.

8.Fluke-289/FVF FlukeView Forms Combo Kit


Flucke Flueview Forms combo kit is a lovely set which is known to work great. Generally, this combo kit has been made from polyester with high technology. It works very well, and it could protect itself in many cases such as the drop. For a special feature of this, it has the TPAK magnetic meter hanger which is made for hands-free operation. Moreover, it could stores so many of the record events up to 15 000 times.

7.Extech MM570A MultiMaster High-Accuracy Multimeter


Colorfully designed smart, this is the Extech product which is also among the most recommended multimeter. What that is known best for this is its high accuracy. The ultimeter comes with the True RMS, the LCD screen as well as the temperature function. And, for the measurement, this multimeter can be used with both the AC and DC function. Another interesting feature of this is the filtered frequency which is extremely adjustable for the drive speed and the applications of high voltage.

6.Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter


Still to come, this is the Fluke 1587 insulation multimeter. For a good reason, this multimeter could measure well the insulation resistance, voltage, capacitance as well as current and others. Also, the True RMS meter could provides good accuracy for the reading when to measure the linear and the nonlinear loads. The item can as well provide right measurement on the inverters and other motor drives.

5.Fluke 381 Remote Display True RMS Clamp-Meter


Another suggested multimeter is still the Fluke but this is the 381 Fluke Remote Display True RMS clamp-meter. This is a brilliant construction as the multimeter to help your measurement tasks. For this suggestion, it comes in a set including the flexible probe, and the resistance measurement. Regarding the accuracy, you can trust this kit, it has the performance to measure things right for you. On the other hands, many users have rated the product quite good, and that is because it is also extremely durable for the use. At such an affordable price, this is really a good option to consider if you are finding the best quality multimeter to bring to your workhouse.

4.Fluke 87V/IMSK Industrial Digital Multimeter


Next is the Fluke 87V/IMSK industrial digital multimeter. Coming with the temperature frequency, the Fluke has a full quality and performance to be recognized well by the users, and importantly, it is built in with the Fluke-i400 which can measure up to 400 A AC. At the same time, 22 accessories have been added into this kit to make it complete for your measuring tasks. Indeed, you can expect maximum utility from the item while limited warranty is as well there to help you.

3.Fluke 1587 MDT Advanced Insulation Motor and Drive Troubleshooting Multimeter Kit


Much more expensive than the rest, this is a bigger kit with more accessories related to measuring with the multimeter. This kit includes generally the Fluke 1587 digital insulation multimeter, the rotation indicator, and the Fluke i400 current clamp. As well, it has the True RMS meter which could provide good accuracy for the reading of linear and nonlinear measuring. This kit is extremely high in quality, and it simply meets the safety standards very well.

2.Fluke 289 True-RMS Stand Alone Logging Multimeter


Now it comes to the second last product for the review here. However, this Fluke 289 has brilliant functionality to be one of the best to be suggested here. This Multimeter has a function for low impedance voltage which works great to prevent false readings from happening. As well, you can expect unique logging and graphing from the item without needing the PC. Lastly, the display of this product is added with the backlight, and that is a good visibility for you.

1.Fluke 179/EDA2 6 Piece Industrial Electronics Multimeter Combo Kit

Best Digital Multimeter

Finally, it comes to the last but the most recommended multimeter for you. Still, this is the Fluke 179 product. It comes along with the 80BK Temperature Probe with 9v battery installed. This is a really good multimeter product which is added with the backlight feature to allow for a better visibility. However, for the full set, it includes 6 pieces which are mostly the necessary you will as well need.

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