Best Color Changing Shower Head 2022 – Consumer Reports

Actually, there are so many types of shower heads to consider if you are looking for one. For the normal shower heads, Krohler shower heads are the interesting one. However, if you want to make your shower even more exciting, you can instead consider the color changing shower head. All of them are designed and come with the beautiful color through the showering while some of them are also the water saving shower heads.  Indeed, the ones below are among the best shower heads available. If you are interested, you had better check their brief reviews down here.

10. MEDca Color Changing Showerhead


MEDca showerhead comes with brilliant seven color LED to provide you fresh feeling for every shower time. The LED color is able to be altered from every 1 to 3 seconds automatically. Moreover, this shower does not require any electronic connection, so you can use it safely without worry about risky electric shock. The LED light works when the faucet senses the flow of water. Importantly, this shower performance is silent for your real relaxing shower time.

09. Susy Bath Showerhead


Susy Bath shower head is able to save water consumption while retaining pressure. It allows water to flow less than 2.5 gallon in one minute. Furthermore, it can produce the beautiful color light by water pressure, no battery or electricity is needed. The color display is designed perfectly to change randomly without any specific sequence or time interval. In addition, it fits well with almost all shower pipes. Made of stainless steel and covered by ABS chrome surface, the durability is ensured. Finally, the streamline is designed beautifully to make your bathroom look more elegant.

08. HotelSpa Shower Head


HotelSpa shower head is built with rustproof chrome face with the size of 4.25 inches. It is designed with 7 settings for adjusting the flow of water. Amazingly, the color of LED lights is changed automatically depended on the water temperature. The light is the durable product that can operate about 100,000 hours of its whole life. Plus, the angle-adjustable overhead bracket and flexible house are included for your convenient and fast assemble.

07. BSB Homeware LED Shower Head


BSB showerhead provides you the luxurious LED light, so you can enjoy taking bath with the feeling of being in the natural waterfall with rainbow landscape. The product is stainless steel with chrome finish to ensure its durability and rust resistance. The shower hose is included as well and it is connected easily in just minutes. Finally, its price is very affordable compared to other products with the similar function and quality.

06. Showerhead by Teika


Showerhead promoted by Teika comes with high-technology color changing function. Temperature sensor enables 3 colors—red, green, and blue—to change automatically. Besides, this product works because of running water. It is built with 15 LED bulbs that will be long-lasting though you use it in long time. Also, this chrome product is very suitable and elegant to use in every modern bathroom.

05. Color Changing Showerhead by Best Shower Head


This mode of Best Shower Head comes with three different vibrant colors, green, blue, and red. All the color is changed when the temperature increase or decrease. Green is for cold water, blue is for warm water from 26 to 35℃, and red is for hot water. Importantly, it is designed with flash colors to caution you when the water temperature is above 46℃. With the silver color of ABS chrome, this shower head is every stylish and match with any types of bathroom décor.

04. DreamSpa Showerhead


DreamSpa showerhead comes with 5 settings to control the water flow-out shape. The 5.25-inch face is large enough to let the water flow out with ease. The colors of LED light change automatically depended on the temperature. The life of the lights can work approximately 100,000 hours which is about 10 years of everyday use. Finally, this product will be backed with 1-year limited warranty.

03. LED Color Changing Showerhead by SHOWER DOOR DIRECT


This product of SHOWER DOOR DIRECT operates without any battery and electric connection need. To ensure high safety and long-lasting performance, the water pressure is the main supply to power the LED lights. The light glows automatically when the water is on. Moreover, this stainless steel shower head is constructed with chrome finish to ensure rust resistance and durability.

02. MagicShowerhead SH1026


With spectacular colorful light, MagicShowerhead SH1026 provides you the wonderful feeling of natural and relaxing shower. The main power of LED light gets from the water pressure. Battery and electricity is not needed. Importantly, it can save your water efficiently because it consumes just 2.5 Gallon per minute at 80psi. With ABS chrome, the product is durable and rustproof. Last but not least, it matches with any types of shower pipe.

1.Leegoal Showerhead

Best Color Changing Shower Head

Leegoal Showerhead is designed with 7 diverse colors providing you spectacular view while enjoying your relaxing bath time. The colors are able to change every 3 to 5 seconds properly. It comes with the durable faucet and this faucet will let the light work when it is open. The light bulbs are durable and packed carefully, so you do not worry that it will be broken easily because of water or being wet. The price is not expensive than the simple showerhead, so why you do not try this wonderful product to relieve your stress.

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