Best Ceiling Fan Dusters 2022 – Consumer Reports

Every now and then, you ceiling fan will become dirty and dusty. Even worse, it might get muddy and will be difficult to brush off. Because the ceiling fan is on high ceiling and usually hard to reach, you tend to leave it there after some time. Hence, to have a good maintenance of your ceiling fan, you might want to consider a convenient and good quality duster so that you save your more time and effort. So, we would like to present you with our review of the 10 best ceiling fan dusters.

10. Quickie High Reach Microfiber Fan Duster


The Quickie fan duster is a US-made product which is made from microfiber. Upon purchasing, you can get 60-inch steel pole which is coated with stylish powder which will let you reach both the bottom and top of the fan. Along with the microfiber material, it will glue the dust and particle well, making your ceiling fan dust-free. More importantly, it is very soft and durable. And, you can use this for a long time without having to spend more money to buy the new one soon.

9. Microfiber Hi Duster Kit Extendable to 48″ with Bendable Head


This is a bendable and firm duster which is perfect for cleaning your ceiling fan. The duster itself is thin, and uses chenille fabric for deep cleaning and penetration through narrow areas. Therefore, this microfiber duster can enter under your stoves, refrigerators, dryer vents and other furniture as well. Made to be enduring, the duster can be washed as many times as you can when it has too much dirt. Either the quality or the durability of this will make you satisfy with your money spent.

8. Duster: Fluffy Microfiber by Clean Green


The fluffy microfiber is fan duster which is sold by Clean Green. Its premium quality fabric (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) will be soft and effective for cleaning damp dust, pet hair, any particle and other allergen stuff. Made from microfiber, its feathers are durable and gentle toward your ceiling fan and other furniture with scratch-sensitive. Moreover, its head is made adjustable 360 degree which allows it to work extremely well to clean the dirt. Lastly, with this fan duster, it could be extended up to 54 inch with a quick twist.

7. Everything Wedding and Beyond Microfiber Duster


With this brilliant microfiber duster, cleaning your ceiling fan will never need to use chemicals again. The duster will get inside every nook space and gently clean your unwanted and harmful dirt. In particular, it is incredibly soft and bendable so you clean everywhere without even scratching your objects. Also featured the extension stick for cleaning your ceiling fan up to 12 feet. Additionally, this item is made from lambswool, and it is very soft to be used with any furniture without scratching while its handle is also made very economical.

6. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster Set


On the other hand, the O-cedar Dual-Action is a set of duster which is available at an affordable price. An adjustable extension pole is included with this set of bendable chenille and microfiber duster to clean your hard-to-reach space. In addition, it is also capable of cleaning the dirt and moist effectively, plus it can be used dryly or wetly. For the extendability, this product can be extended to 24 inch easily with its adjustable handle.

5. Ettore Products Fannie Duster 31001, Assorted Colors


This Ettore Fannie Duster is specially engineered for a full cleaning of your ceiling fan’s blades. The duster is made to be like a brush (split-tip bristles) which will eliminate the dust and dirt that cling onto your fan. Additionally, you will receive the extension handle in the box which can reach up to 5 feet. At the same time, it has a beautiful color design in purple. This is also one of the features the customers like most about this Ettore Products Fannie Duster while the affordable price is another one. And, as it is made very durable, it is going to stay with you for a long time.

4. Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit, Extends up to three feet


The Swiffer dusters comes with extendable stick and odor-free duster to remove your dust either at a high or low place (the stick can be extended up to 3 feet). With the rotating duster, this Swiffer 360 will be flexible enough to clean not only your ceiling fan, but also other furniture in your house. Thus, having this one at home, it will help you a lot with the cleaning work while importantly, it is extremely soft and will not allow the scratches to happen on your furniture.

3. Ettore 48212 MicroSwipe Ceiling Fan Duster with Click-Lock Feature


Produced out of premium genuine lambswool fabric, this Ettore 48212 can perform a safe and effective removal of you dirty ceiling fan and furniture. The built-in click-lock option will let you connect it to a longer pole for cleaning higher areas. It is designed using soft microfiber bristles and is suitable for ceiling fan blades which make it one of the best ceiling fan dusters. However, you should note that Ettore won’t provide the additional pole with this model.

2. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster


You can clean your ceiling accordingly with this OXO Good Grip duster. Rotate and lock it in 270 degree clean any ceiling fan on all side. The microfiber duster, plus the extendable pole will clean your fan and furniture free of dirt on the length up to 54 inches, without the requirement of any chemical. Moreover, this OXO ceiling duster weighs lightly and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. In short, when you have it and use it, you will know why this is considered as one of the best ceiling fan dusters on the market.

1. Hampton Direct Ceiling Fan Duster


Particularly, the Hampton Direct Ceiling Fan Duster is designed for clean your ceiling fan. The duster head is rounded to clean your fan in a single attempt, without the need for adjustment. Its head is able to slide through the big ceiling fan blades up to 6-inch wide, while its handle can extend up to 47-inch long. Thus, this Hampton ceiling fan duster would be an ideal choice for cleaning ceiling fan.

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