Best Carry on Luggage 2022 – Consumer Reports

To prepare for your travel, you need to look for a large luggage to store your stuff properly. Good carry-on luggage need to feature high-quality compartment and easy-to-use handle and wheels. Buying a good one, you will travel comfortably and conveniently because your stuff is packed safely and sufficiently. For your information, below are some premium products of the best carry on luggage that are useful for your packing.

10. Skyway Epic Carry-On Luggage


The bag of Skyway features the multi-locking handle that you can extend to the convenient height you need. Made of 100% polyester, it is scratch-resistance and durable. In addition, it features zippered mesh pocket with full length, so it can be used to separate wet or dirty stuff to keep tidiness. Plus, add-a-bag strap is included to allow you attach two bags together safely. Importantly, the zipper pullers are durable.

09. American Tourister Carry-On luggage


This American Tourister’ s product is made of 100% polyester. Its dimension is 8-inch height, and 14.5-inch width which is large enough to hold your much stuff. It is equipped with inline skate wheels made of polyurethane with ball bearings to ensure friction-resistance, so you can roll it smoothly. Moreover, the handle is retractable for your convenience. There is soft grip handle on top that can allow you extend the handle and store back easily.

08. Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3


This mode of Travelpro Luggage is designed perfectly to provide large space with 22 inches high and 14.5 inches wide dimension. Made of top quality polyester, it is imported. It features the sturdy zipper closure for durability. Furthermore, 21-inch shoulder drop will enable you to carry it conveniently. Last but not least, the handle is easy to extend and store neatly in the case.

07. Travel Select Amsterdam Carry-On Luggage Set


This luggage set features the retractable handle system which is able to be extended to your preference height. The wheels are inline skate design which is attached with corner protectors. Additionally, some necessary compartments are included for your convenience: large zippered mesh lid pocket, shoes pocket, and few front pockets. Side carry handles and bag clasp are added for easy on-the-go carry. Finally, it is the high-quality product yet the price is very affordable.

06. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero


The luggage of Delsey is created of 100% polycarbonate which is high quality materials to ensure scratch resistance and durability. With fabric lining and deep metallic glossy finishes, this product is lightweight and looks brilliant. Plus, it features large zippered compartment with padded sleeve to protect your laptop, or easy-to-break material. 2 mesh pockets are included as well for more accessories holder needed.

05. Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS


Samsonite Luggage is built with high-quality polycarbonate material and fabric lining. All the compartments are designed with zipper closure to ensure that your stuff is stored safely. Its height is 19.5 inches which provide you the large space but light weight. Moreover, it is constructed with micro-diamond texture for scratch resistance and durability. It comes with varieties of colors for your preference.

04. Travelers Choice Siena


Travelers Choice Siena is the garment suitcase made of 50% polycarbonate and 50% nylon. With the size of 22-inch height and 24-inch width, this luggage comes with new expansion feature that allow you to pack stuff as much as you want. Additionally, the denier ballistic fabric, same as materials used for bullet proof, is added. Finally, two external zippered front pockets are included to put items that you use frequently.

03. Olympia Luggage Rolling Duffel Bag


Olympia luggage comes with the dimensions of 22-inch height and 12-inch width. It is built of top-grade materials, Protecflon, with 1200 D. polyester that is scratch-resistance and durable. The pull handle is easy to use and it will be put carefully in the neat case. This product is designed in U-shape and opened from the top which facilitate you to access to main compartment easily.

02. Rockland Melbourne Carry On Luggage


Rockland luggage is totally made of plastic and imported. It measures the large space with the size of 13-inch height and 20-inch width. Because of its special design, it is able to be washed with machine without any damage to the shape or quality of product. Plus, the handle is designed ergonomically to be expanded and store easily. Finally, the price is affordable with amazing durability.

01. US Traveler Rio Carry-On Luggage Set


This U.S. product features sturdy metal hardware and EVA padded front panel which makes it look elegant and brilliant. The retractable handle system is designed with push-button and self-locking. The inline skate wheels are high quality and durable; importantly, it comes with corner protectors. Carry handles are added on top and at side for your carry convenience. The main compartment is expandable, so its packing capacity is increased 25% for more storage. Made of polyester 100%, it includes a lot of pockets: zippered mesh pocket, and few front pockets.

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