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There are many awesome car gadgets out there in the market. However, if you own a car, you should never overlook the amazing car keychain spy camera. This superb car accessory not only ensures that your car is safe, but also records every action in and around your car, making sure that you never miss a scene or evidence. Below list will outline ten of the best car keychains with spy cameras that you should look for. They are among the best quality ones while the designs are absolutely great.

10. Toughsty Color Car Key Camera Hidden Camera Pinhole Camera Mini SD Card DVR


This Color Car Key Camera from Toughsty is one of the best car keychain spy cameras out there you may seek for. It features a real-time audio/video recording, with a built-in microphone. There is even a snapshot function available as well. With a hidden pinhole digital video recorder and a small and hidden spy camera, this amazing tool always makes sure your car is safe.

9. Funplaza New Hot Sale Car Key Chain Spy Camera Recorder Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera


Another car keychain spy camera that is popular in the market right now is hot product from Funplaza. With superb build quality, this keychain offers advanced function of camera with stunning sound and video recorder. Very easy to connect to your pc or laptops, this keychain spy camera ensures that you get clear video of high definition, with superb sound quality.

8. DVR Multifunctional Hd Recorder Camera Hidden Camera Car Keychain


Standing at number eight is the car keychain spy camera from Maxwell. The camera of this keychain offers a video format up to 1920×1080 framerates, with photo resolution of 1280×960. It also comes with a motion detection function and a working time of up to 160 minutes. The design is compact and very sturdy-built, easy for storing and bringing along on the go. Compared to the rest, there is no reason this is not among the best car keychains with spy cameras built in. Moreover, its design is also lovely and stylish as can be seen.

7. IBSound Car Keychain Spy Camera – Hidden Digital Video Recorder


This car keychain spy camera from IBSound is another decent product out there you should consider. This car safety tool ensures that you can always have eyes over your car, with its high-quality alarm and remote DVR camera. The video that comes out of this camera is high definition. You can easily playback videos and sound files on your pc through USB connection at your convenience. This is really an amazing car keychain which is built in with the spy camera if you need it. Additionally, one full year warranty has been added into the package to ensure the confident buy in the users.

6. Hi-Res Key Chain Car Remote Hidden Camera DVR Black


This car keychain spy camera from e-storm also makes its spot as one of the best products in the market right now. This popular car accessory is very well known for its advanced recording and playback technology. It is easily installed and functioned with only minimum settings needed. The camera offers a high-resolution of 1280 x 960 that never lets you down. In short, its performance is just great in addition to the wonderful design it comes with.

5. Niceshop S818 Car Key Chain Spy Camera Recorder 1280*960 New Car Alarm


At number five, this S818 car keychain spy camera recorder from Niceshop is also another hot product you may refer to. There are a motion detector and a high-functioning alarm also built in with this keychain. The camera recorder offers high-quality resolution that always make sure you get the best videos recording with satisfying sound quality. In the meantime that it functions great with its many interesting features, the keychain is produced of a high quality you could trust both for its performance and durability.

4. DigiStom Spy Car Key Chain Hidden Camera – Mini Pinhole Video Recorder


This car keychain spy camera from DigiStom is another popular accessory in today’s market. The build quality of this keychain is strong and sturdy, while the camera quality is superbly satisfying. It also comes with an operation manual e-book that lets you install and use this keychain very easily and effectively. Regarding the price, this one is a bit more expensive than the rest. Nonetheless, it has the unique and superior quality you may not find in those which are cheaper.

3. Car Keychain Spy Camera Hidden Pinhole Video Recorder Mini Spy Camera


This car keychain with spy camera recorder from SpyCrushers is also the one to look for when shopping for a car safety solution. It is built and designed with very user-friendly interfaces and functions that everyone can master immediately. The camera offers great recording quality with superb sound. It also built with a free 4GB SD card included as well. If you really are finding the right keychain with camera, this should be the perfect option you can have a serious consideration on. And, you will like it to the max.

2. HD Secret Mini Micro Camera Car Remote Key Stealth Motion Detection Feature


This amazing keychain from World Pride is also known as an HD Secret Mini Micro Camera Car Remote Key. In addition to the high-functioning camera recorder built in, there is also a stealth motion detection feature that makes sure no one would ever stay next to your luxury. The look is very simple; yet what this tool is capable of is beyond expectation. Yes, this is really a great product as the car keychain with additional spy camera.

1. Spy Gadgets Mini Keychain Camera-Hidden Camera-Car Remote Pinhole Cam

Car Keychains With Spy Cameras

Ranked as the best of the best car keychain with spy camera is this awesome keychain from Spy Gadgets. Look just like other standard car keychain, this tool is actually built in with a hidden remote camera that records high-definition video and sound. Moreover, it also comes with a large storage capability with up to 8GB micro SD card slot included. With its selling price, this is such a great deal and quality product to serve you.

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