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When going out for camping, showering is one of the things that you need but find it hard to have. Still, though you can not have it like in your bathroom at home, the camping shower can help you to an extent. You will just need to find the big enough one to store enough of the water for your showering. In the below list, we have brought some of the best camping shower reviews for you to see. All of them are carefully selected from its most popular products. Thus, anyone of them is going to work great for you. For next, you can check out the design and portability of these best camping showers before selecting one.

10. Super Solar Shower


The Super Solar Shower from Moon Lence offers the water supply storage of 20 litters. It is made of PVC materials and equipped with one meter long tube, a balance bar, flower fan nozzle, and pendulum switch. Moreover, it is so convenient to use the PVC heat function. The temperature will slowly increase because of its solar feature. You can get the hot and warm water easily with this Super Solar Shower. No worries, you can enjoy camping wherever you want.

9. Rechargeable Battery-Powered Camping Shower


This camping shower from Briton provides an innovative stylish design and the built-in water filter system. Most importantly, it is rechargeable with the battery power that runs up to 45 minutes of continuous shower. The standard water flow per minute is three liters, offering a very powerful spa like shower. There is a hanging hook with the suction cup which are convenient for you to shower anywhere. It comes with the car USB charger.

8. Cartman


Are you going to have a camping over the weekend? Let’s me introduce you to the Cartman Shower. Thus, you now could have a nice shower at the campsite, or wash your dirty hands and feet. This Cartman is made of PVC, offering a long lasting quality. In addition, it is designed for a capacity of five gallons of water. The fill cap is separated with the on/off valve. It also comes with the carrying handle which makes it easy for you to hang or place it anywhere you want.

7. Viking Nature Camping Shower Bag


This Viking Nature Camping shower is equipped with the solar system feature that could generate warm or hot water as you need especially in a place where hot water supply isn’t available. Made from PVC, it is designed with the separate fill cap and on/off valve. This Viking camp shower bag could store water up to five gallons with the strong and durable hanging and carrier.

6. Seattle Sports Shower


The Seattle Sports shower is best for outdoor camping as you could store water supply for cleansing, washing or showering. PVC is used for manufacturing this shower, creating a durable quality. Additionally, it is equipped with the solar system feature, meaning that you could have the warm water just by placing it under the roof or on your car’s hood. It comes with a handle with storage capacity of five gallons of water.

5. Deluxe Camp Shower Shelter


Delux Camp Shower Shelter from TexSport definitely is an all-in-once private room for dressing/changing room and the shower place. It comes with the five gallons of water storage with the mesh shower rack inside. Additionally, it also includes the removable hanging tower bar outside. It is large made with the D-style door. Moreover, it is rust resistant with the two-no-see mesh windows, offering superior ventilation. Stakes and carrying bags are provided.

4. Coghlan’s Camp Shower


Coghlan’s Camp Shower is made from non-toxic PVC material; thus, guaranteed the lasting quality. Moreover, the shower is able to store water which could generate for three to four showers. It is so lightweight that is easier for carrying. Furthermore, it is equipped with cord for hanging and you could have the warm water just by placing it under the sun light as it is featured solar heated system.

3. Summer Shower


The Summer Shower from Advanced Elements offers five gallons of water storage capacity for your outdoor camping. Having a proper shower isn’t hard as you think nowadays with this new-tech shower machine. It is a four-ply construction with insulator and reflector panel. There is an on/off shower head which is so convenient when you are showering. Additionally, it has the side pocket for shampoo and soap with the water temperature gauge.

2. Coleman Solar Shower


This solar shower of Coleman is able to store up to five gallons of water supply. If you have trouble of finding a way to shower while you do camping, this is the best shower. It is made with a lasting plastic material with the strong hanging and carrier. Moreover, there is a handy on/off valve connecting to the shower head. This shower features the solar function which allows you to have warm or heated water anytime you want or during emergencies while hot water isn’t in place.

1. Ivation Portable Shower


This is the battery-powered handheld portable shower which could be used outdoor and indoor. It will turn the water in the bucket into a gentle stream flow of water for shower or cleansing. There is a direct SB charged from the car, home and laptop. Moreover, it is designed with the suction cup and hanging S-hook for mobility and convenience. Additionally, it is a water resistant with the active and built-in water filtration system. If you go camping and want a stream shower like you have at home, go grab this one now.

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