Best Camping Gears 2022 – Consumer Reports

Summer is the best season for vacation as well as time for leisure activities. One of the most favorite activities during summer holiday is camping. What makes camping popular is because it is about spending time with the nature and adventure. Nonetheless, it requires some preparations and the right tools. Now we will recommend you the top 10 best camping gears you are going to need for your trip, and these are the best quality one you can rely on.

10. Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife


This is a knife that you can use when you go camping. It is not a normal knife because it is so sharp that it can cut just anything because it is made of full-tang stainless steel blade. What is even more special about this knife is that it can be used as a fire starter with magnesium-alloy fire starter. Furthermore, it has nylon sheath and it is equipped with thick green cord-wrap handle, so it will not hurt your hand during your use. At the same time, it has been priced quite reasonable as a great deal for you. And, a knife is a really important accessory during your camping. You should not miss having one.

9. Supernova Halo 180 Extreme Rechargeable LED Camping and Emergency Lantern


This is a very portable lantern with versatility. First of all, this lantern is 300% brighter than other lanterns, so it will surely brighten up your night during the camping. It can produce 180-lumen light while others have only 60-lumen output. In addition, with just one charge, it can run for over five hours nonstop, which is amazing. Besides this, it is equipped with durable retractable hook for sturdy hanging. Having a great lantern is very necessary during the camping, and i will help a lot with your activities at night.

8. Neolite Single Camping Hammock


Another thing you should get for camping is this hammock. It is one of the best hammock you will have ever own. First of all, it is easy to set up with the special design and it is also extremely compact and very lightweight. Furthermore, it is made of durable breathable and quick drying woven nylon, which make this hammock can support up to 400 pounds. Finally, two solid steel carabiners and two extra tough hang ropes are included to make this even a better hammock for your camping.

7. Etekcity LED Solar Camping Lanterns


This is a very powerful LED lantern and is one of the best camping gears. This lantern comes with 10-year warranty and has solar panels, so you can just simply put it under the sun during day time then you will be able to use it up to 8 hours if it is fully charged. Besides this, you can charge it with 5V DC too. Moreover, it is equipped with bright omni-directional LED illumination to light up your night. In short, this is just another brilliant lantern that is made for those who like to go camping on their holiday.

6. LED Camping Lantern


This is one of the most amazing LED lanterns for camping. Based on customer reviews, this lantern gets rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from users because it is just the best. First of all, it has compact design that will surely fit in your luggage. Besides this, it is equipped with 7 powerful LEDs with just 3 AA batteries then it can light up the night for as long as 5 hours. Finally, it is water resistant, so there is no a worry if there is a rain coming in your camping time.

5. Coleman Camping Coffee Maker


If you want to drink fresh delicious coffee while you are on camping, this is the prefect one for you. It is a coffee maker which is designed for camping. Based on customer reviews, this machine get rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from customers because they are really satisfied with the performance and durability of this coffee machine. It is designed for use with 2 or 3 burner camp stoves and capable of brewing up to 10 cups of drip coffee. If coffee is what you really need any time anywhere, you had better consider getting this one along with your other camping gears. The product as well has a very portable design. It should not bring you a difficulty when bringing this along.

4. Coleman Camping Stove


This is one of the best camping gears you should get when you go camping. This is a very reliable camping stove with 2-burner liquid fuel using Dual FuelTM technology. Besides this, it has 17,000 BTU in two powerful burners. Furthermore, it is equipped with substantial cooking surface which provide room up to two 10” size pots. In addition, it has Windblock system that protect burner from wind for maximum heat.

3. GERBER Bear Grylls Fire Starter


When you go camping, you must have wanted to be adventurous. That’s why you should get this gear. It is a fire starter which you can use to make fire traditionally. Getting rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from customers, this fire starter will not fail to impress you. It is a compact fire starter with ferrocerium rod and metal striker which are kept together with lanyard. Moreover, a whistle is attached to the lanyard.

2. Etekcity E-gear Portable Collapsible Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stove


With rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this is a very powerful camping stove. First of all, this stove has compact design with adjustable folding frame and retracting metal feet. Thus, it is very convenient to use. Furthermore, it has built-in electric-spark ignition system and adjustable fuel flow to control the flame. In addition, this camping stove has water resistant and durable stainless steel construction. This makes it terrific and worth a purchase.

1. SE FS374 Magnesium Fire Starter


This is one of the smallest fire starters and the best seller camping fire starter. You will not regret buying this camping gear. This fire starter is 3” x 1” solid magnesium with flint and it has green serrated striker. In addition, this fire starter comes with a keychain, so you can keep it with the keps. Last but not least, it is made of high quality materials, so it is very durable and sturdy.

In conclusion, with these camping gears, you are guaranteed that your camping vacations will be the most enjoyable and memorable holiday you have ever had. They will give you nothing but fun and satisfaction. And, importantly, you are going to have what it needs to have the best camping holiday.

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